watches from paul frank



Paul Frank, is finally making there watches out of metal, “a whole other level” here are two of our favorites, redeye express, and the freedom of choice. Check out the whole collection at Paul Frank.

collaboration with samsonite



Check out these two pieces for travel by Alexander Mcqueen, for Samsonite’s black label. We do not have to much info on the line, but if you speak German, here you go. Vogue Germany has a bit of info on the line.

t-shirt to wear to the office when you feel unappreciated


Available at the grocerygallery.

integrated skull cap


Nike keeps advancing in ipod nano integration, this time introducing “Performance Hatphones”. Technology that could have been used on my frigid walk to the subway in the morning.

gift to give, or gift to get


Looking for the perfect gift? Give yourself a vintage rolex watch. Check out Here’s the deal, looking for something sentimental, find the year of your birth, the birth of your son, wife, daugher, girlfriend, boyfriend etc… etc…. Rolex has been around a while you pick yourself up a watch from 1914 if you want. It is truly twbe.

Black Hemp Adidas


Caught a glimpse of these over at Mike Giant’s blog. They have no set release date except for soon.

ad campaign image

The fashion house, Forte Forte ‘s spring ad campaign. There’s something about this image I like, its suggestive, provocative, sparks interest. You can check out there site, but there is not much there. I hope the clothes look this good.

rhino cuff links


Created by Emma Franklin, part of her new androgynous that centres on black gold animal heads mixed with dark pearls and rubys. If your in London check out her studio on Central St. Martins.

magazine cover, from WAD


WAD Magazine (we are different)
The Northern Europe Issue

Check out there myspace page to learn more about WAD!

superfine collaboration with ic! berlin


The makers of the “worlds skinniest jeans”,Superfine, have collaborated with ic! Berlin to create a series of twbe eyewear.
Select special editions to view the styles.

Leisure Shirt


“And now for those of you watching in black and white, this one’s in technicolour.”
The Paul Weller Limited Edition Fred Perry shirt. Crafted in a fabric knit not used by the brand for 40 years, with a slimmer fit, wider collar and original colourways. Limited to 1000 individually hand-numbered shirts worldwide. We’ve happily procured #736.

look of the day


Taken by the Sartorialist “On the Street…….Goth Goddess, Antwerp” A great look, not scary going to the “Bat Cave” look. She looks good, Ann Rice good. Check out more images from the street at The Sartorialist

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