“I think cryptocurrencies could be the new buffalo”


In an effort to sidestep the fed, the Lakota Tribe has created their own Bitcoin clone called MazaCoin, and adopted it as their official currency.

Today in Outstanding Mugshots


Gerrine Garrett was arrested in Miami over the weekend for marijuana possession and tampering with evidence.

Morning Dose of Slang 101

But Where Are the Water Wizards?


As California dries up, desperate farmers and vineyard owners are turning to water witches to locate underground water sources. Using only divining rods and their intuition, popular witches can make $500 or more per site visit.



Mastering the Philly-South Jersey patois

illustration by Steve Powers

Way of the (Bamboo) Sword

If two sensei fight in a snowy forest, will they both make it home in time for tea?

For All You Dads Out There…


Having Kids Turns You Into A Complete Fag by Gavin McInnes


A sick trailer for William Strobeck’s upcoming Supreme video

Redesigning the Union Jack


If Scotland declares independence from the UK, what changes will the iconic flag have to go through?

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Just out there turnin’ it up

Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before a Senate Hearing on Alzheimer’s Research

Funny, yet touching.

No, I Dadn’t


Cannot be unseen. The Vests Of Disneyland Social Clubs and this whole accompanying article here

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Morning Dose of Selfie

“A 60 second warning about self obsession” by Andy Martin

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Trail Therapy

The 34,000 Mile Journey of Steve Fugate

A Short Film by Cyrus Sutton

“When I stop breathing is when I’ll stop painting.”


The last living movie billboard painter in Greece



American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga by Alexis C. Madrigal

A $25 billion plan, a small town, and a half-century of wrangling over the most important resource in the biggest state

Photographing Life

Garry Winogrand on the street and in action.

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Big Things Down Under


Australia’s obsession with weird huge objects

Fantastic Man

A Film About William Onyeabor

Directed by Jake Sumner

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