Typecaster for Life

Lewis Mitchell of Arion Press in San Francisco

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Childhood Drive-By


This Girl…


Kendall Jones, a gloating, big game hunting 19-year-old cheerleader from Texas Tech University who’s looking to host a tv show in January 2015.

Morning Dose of The Real Captain America

The Story Of Q-Tip


Tough Cookies

Female wrestlers at the United States Sumo Championships in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If everyone’s busy building a personal brand, who’s building the empire?

Here’s to the backlash against over-the-top self-promotion

Openings & Parties: Born in the Bronx – A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip Hop

Curated by Johan Kugelberg and on display at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Born in the Bronx is a showcase of rare artifacts from the Cornell University Hip Hop Collection that highlights the personal narratives and archives of Afrika Bambaataa, the late Buddy Esquire, Charlie Ahearn, and photographer Joe Conzo. On view through July 26th.

Photographs by Christos Katsiaouni



The World Cup of Dirty Dreams: Inside Brazil’s Most Infamous Brothel by Amos Barshad

Full of beautiful women and XXX behavior, Rio de Janeiro’s Centaurus has enticed celebrities, soccer stars and anyone else willing to pay a fee and go inside. We go behind the doors of a scandalous sin palace

The Man Who Turned Paper Into Pixels

Claude Shannon, the father of information theory

Add This to the List of Summer Plans


Action Park—the world’s most dangerous theme park—is back!

“Longboard Cop”

Maintaining order on the dangerous paths of Green Bay, Wisconsin parks with a specially designed board that “has wider trucks, bigger wheels, and red and blue LED lights.”

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Found Photos (pt. 18)

Dave Schubert found these photos from a 1970′s Oakland photographer inside a photo paper box while looking through stacks of darkroom material.



A Century of American Soccer Anxiety by Ian Crouch

Sportswriters have spent more than a century fretting and fighting about soccer and its place in American culture.

State of the Internet

I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video by College Humor

1 Liu Xiaobo Plaza


An amendment attached to the annual state department budget bill would rename the Washington, D.C. street that the Chinese Embassy is on to Liu Xiaobo Plaza, after noted Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who is serving an 11-year sentence for subversion.

art by Shepard Fairey

What Gangs Are Hanging in Your Neighborhood


Here’s a detail of a bigger map featuring the LAPD’s Citywide Gang Injunctions.

Meet the ‘Pink Helmet Posse’

Three 6-year-old girls who skateboard, and three boys who don’t like princesses.

The Simpsons Made in pure CSS


Smart stuff from Chris Pattle

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