After a hard fought battle, Miss Japan Riyo Mori was crowned Miss Universe 2007 by a panel of distinguished judges that included Dave Navarro and Tony Romo. While she was beautiful, my vote went to runner-up Miss Brazil who was by far Miss Universe caliber. She will always be a winnner to me

animal olympics


Confirming my belief that China will take over the world I bring to you the Animal Olympics. These photos are from the fourth annual Animal Olympics in Shanghai which was held in 2006. So ahead of their time, but I cannot figure out what kind of cool monkey that is in this picture. A nice slideshow from the event is here

love story


Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuco are at it again. The best love is that laced with violence. Let’s see how this one plays out. via, ny post

what the frills?


I am kind of jealous and totally appalled that there is a course in graffiti at Parsons. The true beef is that it is called “geek graffiti”, which I guess in a way is what street art is. But seriously.

“The main goal of this course is to learn to look upon our surroundings in a new way. It is my aim that by the end of this course you will walk around the city differently than when it started. You will know you are getting there when you start to annoy your friends by interrupting conversations to stop and take a photo of what looks to them to be a mess of ink.

In GEEK GRAFFITI we will also be making things designed to exist within the city. Succesful projects will use the urban environment as a unique medium and answer the follow questions:

“Why is it important that this is outdoors? Would this be any good if it weren’t? Why does it matter that this is done where and how it was? How is this new and, most importantly, why should I care?”

link here, via gawker
photo of swoon in action in bangkok

all nintendo all the time


Nintendo8, brings back the 8-bit games of my youth. Kung-fu is always great, however I was more than excited to play my all-time favorite, Ice Climber. via fecal-face



A chance to see both Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk reading together is not to be missed tonight. Both have new books (one with limited edition packaging, boo) to drift you through nice spring days. Union Square Barnes and Noble, NYC 7pm

rap dictionary


So this morning I was looking for what “brush the dirt off your shoulders” really meant and I was directed to the rap dictionary. And I plug to you the rap dictionary for all of your rap/slang queries. Enjoy

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