kid nation with gene parmesean


Aloha Kid Nation nation! This week

tattoo’s for the blind


Body modification, with meaning. Instead of horns, lumps, why not brail. Modify your skin to be touched and read. Designed by Klara Jirkova (a student at the University of the Arts Berlin).

street world


I had the chance to peruse this book when I was out in LA a couple weeks ago. Street World: Urban Culture and Art from Five Continents is co-authored by Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon, and Anthony Smyrski and in the publisher’s words “is the first book to record the whole phenomenon” of global street culture. There is one photo of the DMS (Doc Marten Skins) that is incredible.

graffiti on hot chicks, shriiimp


I am glad I found out about Shriiimp, it combines two of my favorite things, graffiti and women. I spent about an hour on this site when I first discovered it, I recommend you do the same.

shepard fairey at stolen space


Big brother is back. NIGHTEENEIGHTYFOURIA at Stolen Space in London, England.

who needs action figures


Who needs to buy action figures when you can create them out of paper. Check out this amazing origami Yoda. Will Lucas sue?

Biggie Smalls was the illest


You may or may not have heard that Hollywood is doing a movie on Biggie Smalls. But, who will play the part of the famous dead rapper? Over the weekend there was a casting call for the main part in NYC. Around 100 people showed up, which to be honest does not sound like that much. Anyway, NyTimes has a slideshow of some of the candidates. My pick is above. (Thanks Hallie!)

blast from graffiti past


Sifting through some stuff over the weekend, I came across a series of envelopes from one of my old graff mentors, Sope (RIP). This is from 1994 when him, Jase, Neon, and Zombie hit some trains from the Golden Gate Railroad Museum. If you would like a full scan of the article, email me. More after the jump.

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pharrell has good taste with kaws


I remember seeing these paintings in the background of a post on kaws’ blog on honeyee. It turns out that the Peyo-tribute Smurf paintings were commissioned by none other than Pharrell Williams of Neptunes fame for his Miami apartment. It is nice to see that smart rap stars invest in, and appreciate quality art (Kanye too). More pics after the jump. via, highsnobiety from BBC

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pete doherty the books of albion


Being that it is Kate Moss Thursday, I felt it appropriate to bring Pete Doherty into the mix. The Books of Albion is a collection of Doherty’s writings, musings, and collage from 1999 until the present. You can buy it at Colette, or read it scanned,.

bast closing party


If you’re in LA tonight…

richard colman interview


Nylon Magazine has a nice little interview with twbe favorite Richard Colman. Read it here.

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