California, Naturally Defiant

Governor Jerry Brown, and the anti-Trump environmental movement.

Stonehenge in the Jungle

Seems that early Amazonian culture was not as nomadic as previously thought.

Most Advanced Yet Acceptable

Raymond Loewy, modern culture’s grand architect.

So Long, Doctors and Nurses, and Schoolgirls

The state of pornography in America.

High Above the Earth

Eight ways that magic mushrooms explain the story of Santa and his reindeer.

Livestreaming Sperm-O-Vision


YO is a do-it-yourself at home on your smartphone sperm testing thingamajig. As added entertainment post-ejaculation, you get to watch your swimmers swim (or not, depending) while you wait for the results.

The Messiest Show on Earth


An oral history of the Double Dare obstacle course.

“I Want to Have Lunch With Your Mother at the Algonquin”

Norman Mailer punches with words and fists.

Cultural Vampirism


The Japanese Backpack by Pharrell Williams and adidas Originals.

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Two Slept Together

Leonard Cohen, a musical Poet.

Man Mound


Dating back to the late Woodland period of North American pre-Columbian culture, Man Mound is a “prehistoric humanoid earthwork” measuring 214 feet by 48 feet. Located in Wisconsin, the giant effigy is one of 10 new National Historic Landmarks.

A Smokin’ Comeback

Dave Chappelle x SNL

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