J Dilla “Still Shinning”

Directed by Brian ‘B. Kyle’ Atkins

“Its rebellious energies are focused largely on restaurants, retail and real estate.”


Looking at cultural change in the greatest borough on earth.



The Marijuana industry is getting its own crypto-currency.

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Morning Dose of Evolution Always Wins

A supercut about constant technological change.

The ‘Dear Leader Haircut’


Men in North Korea used to be able to style their hair in 10 different ways, now they can choose only one, that of their leader Kim Jong-Un. Formerly known as the “Chinese smuggler haircut,” the sharp fade with a floppy top has also been worn stateside by Brad Pitt, and is sure to be a staple on the street for ironic trendsetters this summer. Follow the leader.

This Is a Generic Brand Video



Pixel And Dimed: On (Not) Getting By In The Gig Economy by Sarah Kessler

For one month, I became the “micro-entrepreneur” touted by companies like TaskRabbit, Postmates, and Airbnb. Instead of the labor revolution I had been promised, all I found was hard work, low pay, and a system that puts workers at a disadvantage.

Photo by Andrew B. Myers

Mister Dial-Up Email Himself

Elwood Edwards, the voice behind AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail” notification

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Internal Engagement


Twenty years after swarming into mainstream culture, the story of The Wu-Tang Clan and where they’re at now.

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Monosodium Glutamate with Eddie Huang & Elena Bergeron


Two of our favorite people talking shit about pop culture and sports for over a half hour. Listen in here

The Legend of Swee’ Pea

Support this documentary about the quixotic life of NYC playground legend and basketball savant Lloyd “Swee’ Pea” Daniels.

“Lloyd Daniels’s unlikely rise to the NBA is the stuff that myths are made of: the most sought-after college basketball recruit of his generation, he got busted buying cocaine in a police sting operation. Two years later was almost killed after getting shot three times in the chest while negotiating an $8 crack deal. Yet somehow managed to make it to the NBA without having played a single college game, with remnants of bullets still in his body, and with years of crack addiction behind him.”



Dropped by Jason Fagone

Why did Anthony Gatto, the greatest juggler alive — and perhaps of all time — back away from his art to open a construction business?


From Videograf 1

Charles Manzine

Published by The Wormholes

“Snitches End Up in Ditches”

The terrible effects of some illegal marijuana grows on the environment. This Is Your Wilderness on Drugs.


A short documentary by Riley Hooper about NYC street photographer Flo Fox, who amongst having other ailments was born blind in one eye. To this she says “it was perfect for photography, you never had to close an eye to take a photograph.”

“It was on my first exploration that I realized I had, unwittingly, bought an illegal cocaine plantation.”


Sometimes saving the rainforest means saving the people too.  Wildlife presenter Charlie Hamilton James bought a slice of land high up in the Andes in an effort to close off an illegal logging route, what he found was an impoverished community willing to do anything to survive.

“Bill Clinton, Eat Your Heart Out”


Glenn O’Brien muses on The Mistress (France’s Secret Weapon)

Gentlemen of Letters

A Dublin Sign Painting Film

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