For All the Fast Food Vegetarians Out There

Amy’s Drive Thru, coming somewhat soon to an interstate near you.


Springfield Logos

New tee from Boss Très Bien.


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Insulting the Meat

On hunting and gathering, and the case against civilization.


Vices on Display

Weed and Hash canisters by Jonathan Adler.


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Graphic Warmth

Large Mascot Tribute Blanket by ALBUM.


Be the Landlord

19th century economist and cigar brand ambassador, Henry George’s theories hold true for the theoretical titans of today.


In a Gymnasium Far, Far Away

The Star Wars x Onnit personal fitness collection.


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Guidebooks to 21st Century Living


Published by Solar-Vision.

Psychedelic Brain Expansion

A Critique of Terence McKenna’s ‘Stoned Ape Theory.’


Secret Hitler

The timely board game that pits the liberals vs. the fascists in a hunt to find out who the real asshole is.


Bromancing the Multiverse to Save us from Ourselves.

Barry & Joe – The Animated Series


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Wave Watch

A 1986 interview with Rick Griffin on this obscure Public Access cable surf show.


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