“I can’t see a way to have moshing that’s completely respectful of everyone there”

Fuck-You-Culture is trying to replace mosh pits with ‘safe zones.’


Captain Ed’s

Inside America’s oldest operating Head Shop.



Alan Watts explains.


Rest In Pepe

Matt Furie laid his misappropriated character to rest this past Saturday in Fantagraphics’ World’s Greatest Cartoonists issue for Free Comic Book day.


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Cornell ’77

On May 8th, Grateful Dead tunes will chime from the clock tower at Cornell University, as the school proclaims it ‘Grateful Dead Day’ in celebration of the 40th anniversary of one of the band’s most famed shows.


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Live the Brand

The 50-year saga of National Lampoon.



Borrow Your Face, Steal Your Shirt

Kostas Seremetis x FTL


Big Trouble in the Yamaguchi-gumi gang

Dissatisfied with money collection tactics, the Yakuza in Kobe have allegedly split into rival factions.


Inventor’s Helpline

On display at the Museum of Failure, a curated selection from the “garbage heap of product history.”



The amount of money it will take to make your life poetic, and float the days away on Shel Silverstein’s former houseboat.


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This Digital Life

Giving up on apologizing for a not-so-prompt email reply.


See Me, Hear Me, Like Me

How social media made popularity boring.


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