Preparing for the Worst

Alain de Botton and The Wisdom of Pessimism.

Living a Good Life, Making People Happy

Jeremy Fish and his van “Big Mike” on The Creative Lives


Put on some new clothes and look nice for once!

An Armless Guitarist

Mark Goffeney makes music with his feet.

The Skateboarder

Gonz opens up in this candid interview with Monster Children.

Smoke Dog


The Booze Bull ceramic incense chamber by Neighborhood.

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Larry Sanders


Great at debate.

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Playboy, Rest In PG


Playboy, feeling the pinch of the ad man, will no longer publish nudes.

Keep Reading On and On into the Break of Dawn


The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano

Out steps the 25-karat, blonde transvestite with a $2 wristwatch

Inside the mind of Tom Waits.

Smokin’ Good Times at the Sweetheart

Selections from Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink, Bill Yates’ photographic journey into roller skating rink culture in the backwoods of Florida in 1972.

“Like the Disneyland of sex”


Inside Brazil’s over-the-top love motels.

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