Don’t red laces in Docs mean that the wearer has shed blood for his skinhead brethren?

Right?. I guess we can be glad that the ‘white pack’ hasn’t come out yet.

Finally, Your own robot Clone

For a New Years promotion, Japanese Department Store Sogo & Seibu will be offering two robots designed to look like their owners.  The price tag?  A cool $225,000.

Read more on it here

Blackberry Vision

New York through Julia Chesky‘s Blackberry

Morning Dose of Awesome

I was able to catch up on a whole lot of TVTV last night, this one being shot in Miami a couple weeks ago.

Cocaine: It must have something going for it

So this is what that’s like


Martin Machado writes on living and working on a container ship

A look through Glenn O’Brien’s Art Basel Notebook


What happens when your camera battery dies?  You improvise.  In the case of Glenn O’brien, uni-ball pen sketches trump photographs everyday.

Click here for an entertaining read

(I think we gotta get this guy to do a Sound Advice)

The Definitive Guide to White Rappers


Or as Complex calls it: The White Rapper Encyclopedia

Some Things make a lot more sense now…

Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1992

Minor Threat’s Out of Step Test Pressing Sells for $6000 on ebay


Washington’s City Paper reports:

“Early last October, Jeff ­Nelson—co-founder of Dischord Records and drummer for Minor Threat, the mother of all hardcore bands—placed an autographed test pressing of his old band’s 1983 EP, Out of Step, up for sale on eBay. It was part of a long-term effort to whittle his punk rock archives, which Nelson describes as both “way too big” and “insane.””

More here

(Thanks Rog!)

Space 1026 Art Auction


Our friends down in Philadelphia at Space 1026 are holding their Annual Art Auction tonight.  Great pieces and great people, if your near Philly head over there tonight and pump some money into the Auction which goes to keep the lights on and the Artists shining. OPENING BIDS ARE $5!!!!

More info here

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BNE profiled in the NY Times


Read it here.

Oh, and he’s got a show in Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow night.

10 From The Urban Dictionary (pt. 6)

Got a nice word or phrase we should feature? Leave it in the comments.

You should buy this t-shirt today and wear it whenever it arrives


LOLA comes correct and hilarious with the transcribed text of an “Off-duty police officer’s 911 call after making and eating pot brownies.”  Remember that one? (After the jump)

Buy it here

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F’n 9-Year Olds

Morning Dose of Awesome

The Year in Autotune



We’re not sure why you don’t have one of these yet?

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Charred Monkeys?



10 celebirdies who get irie.  Kristin Stewart above…

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