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It’s called time, and people choose to do with it what they wish…


“a profound study on Friends’ sex life” aka the Calculated Number of Sex Partners the Characters on Friends Had.


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Weekend Watching: Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London

Peter Whitehead’s 1967 film exploring the explosion of English pop culture in the days of “Swinging London.” Syd Barrett takes care of the soundtrack and the film features Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Julie Christie, Lee Marvin, David Hockney, and Vanessa Redgrave amongst others.

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How to Talk to Girls

You gotta wonder what this kid is like now, four year later at the age of 13.

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Street Cops

Between 1978 – 1981 photographer Jill Freedman traveled with the police of the Ninth and Midtown South Precincts in cruisers and on foot patrol documenting their daily operations. A resulting series of photos and quotes were made into a book in 1982. If you can find a copy, it’s worth picking up.

Les Ballets de Faile


The New York City Ballet has collaborated with FAILE for the inaugural year of their NYCB Art Series. Tickets are only $29 and the exhibition of Les Ballets de Faile will be on view during the performances on Friday, February 1st, and Wednesday, May 29th.

“On these special performance evenings, every audience member will receive a limited-edition work made specifically for this event.”

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A Day with New York City’s Pothole Repair Crew

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Continuing On The David Lynch Tip


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Printables: Is documentary-style photography dead?


Nan Goldin writes in the afterword of the rerelease of The Ballad of Sexual Dependency:

“I am terrified that everything I believe about photography, about this work, is over because of the computer and easy manipulation of images it facilitates. This work was always about reality, the hard truth, and there was never any artifice. I have always believed that my photographs capture a moment that is real, without setting anything up.”

Kate Wolf dissects “photography’s ability to factually represent a certain version of the truth” in the LA Review of Books

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Public drunken-ness, sequins measured by the ton and puddles of urine are the hallmarks of New Years Day in Philadelphia. The Mummers Parade lasts for over twelve hours on January 1st with elaborately dressed revelers marching up Broad Street starting at 9 am and eventually stumbling down Two Street in the dark. Short of hitting a cop, you’d need to try pretty hard to get arrested at this annual event. Accusations and half-hearted denials of racism and homophobia are a routine part of the parade tradition, which has been a staple occurrence in the city since the early 1800’s (but only banned black face in 1964).

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Ganja Advancements in the Hills of Galilee


Science and spirituality join forces in Israel as they push for using various strains of cannabis as “personalized medicine.”

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