The Father of Video Games

Ralph Baer gets profiled in this interesting series of inventor portraits by David Friedman.

Seeking Asian Female

A documentary looking at an older white guy and his chinese mail order bride.

Openings & Parties: The End is Here

Billy’s Antiques & Props will be missed.

Photos by Christos Katsiaouni

Weekend Watching: Japan’s Children of the Tsunami

A BBC documentary using interviews with children to describe the March 2011 Tsunami/Nuclear Radiation disaster in Japan.


Dirty Old Town

Billy’s Antiques & Props is shutting down and there’s a nice party to accompany it.

Above is the movie Dirty Old Town, which is available on iTunes. The description is as follows:

“The Bowery becomes a nexus of shattered dreams when a merchant has 72 hours to pay his rent. Facing extinction, his ramshackle tent of antiquities lures a troop of misfits, freaks and renegades who form a tableaux vivant full of carnival pageantry, white lies and victimless crime in a fleeting glimpse of Downtown New York.”

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Morning Dose of One Second Every Day

Some Tough Match-Ups

Smacketology: A tournament on Grantland to determine The Wire’s greatest character

Morning Dose of Keep Calm and Carry On

The story behind the poster.

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Godzilla Candelabra

A nice idea from Johan Bruninx

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Portraits of Insurgents

Faces of the Taliban

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Best of New York

Steve Powers and ICY Signs get the cover of NY Mag’s special double issue which features the Best of Everything in NYC.

The Slow Cargo Movement

New Dawn Traders move goods via a 1907 West Country Trading Ketch named Irene:

“Departing from Plymouth on Valentines day with a cargo of organic beer from Exeter brewery destined for Brest in Brittany. We will then head to Vigo in Spain to fill our hold with fine Olive oil before skirting the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands destined for Rio de Janeiro. We will then travel the coast of Brazil collecting, Cachaca, Cocoa, Coffee, essential oils and super foods from the Amazon.

Finally we will catch the trade wind through the Caribbean collecting rum before setting our sails for Bristol. Hopefully home and dry with our low carbon cargo and a ship full of stories.”

Read more and follow the crew on the blog

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