The Rise of The Beta Male

Why women prefer weaker men… 

Here is the Bridge From the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Under the Bridge’

After some intrepid research, Mark Haskell Smith found it in Macarthur Park in Los Angeles.

That Earthquake In Italy Was In Some Way Related To a UFO and The Solar Eclipse.

What else can explain the appearance of a crop circle in Bracciano, Italy, 50 miles outside of Bologna?

(Thanks Shane Jessup!)

That’s The Man Right There

Bill Clinton comfortably squashed between two porn stars at a benefit he co-hosted with Prince Albert of Monaco.

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“C.C., not D.C.”

Jeff Chang reminisces, and tells the story of Chuck Brown

“a good mix of the weird”

We’re pretty psyched that Workaholics new season begins May 29th on Comedy Central. In anticipation, High Times caught up with the crew for a brief Q&A, in which you’ll find out that there are many different ways to skin a cat.

Bret Easton Ellis is really getting crazy with this Kickstarter thing

Now, if you help fund his already funded project The Canyons, you have the opportunity to drop 3 g’s and train with the author himself. Could this be the real American Psycho workout? At $1000 per, let’s hope so… all for a good cause though.

TRAIN WITH BRET: Train alongside Bret Easton Ellis and his personal celebrity trainer Christian Graham for a week. Package includes three hour long workouts, access to supplements and consultation. 

More info here

The Power of Networks

The challenges of mapping an increasingly complex world. RSA Animates does such a cool job with this.

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One of The Greatest Card Collectors of All Times

The NYTimes looks at the life of Jefferson R. Burdick, whose card collection is housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Morning Dose of Lazy Sunday 2

Have You Ever Seen A Blunt Rolled With No Hands?

No? Well this man with no hands shows you how it’s done.

Weekend Watching: The Man Who Souled The World

The story of Steve Rocco.

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