It’s All About Delivery

Many women view compliments as “back handed.”

Morning Dose of Sweet Brown

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

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Weekend Watching: The Vice Guide to Congo

Who Said It, James Joyce or Kool Keith?


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Dungeons & Dragons, 1985

60 Minutes attempts to strike fear into American parents.

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Oak Ridge

The U.S. Government’s secret town in Tennessee.

“This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.”

Matt Groening enlightens the world in a nice interview with Smithsonian Magazine that The Simpsons hometown of Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon.

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The Zion Coptic Mansion on Star Island

Rosie O’Donnell just put this house up for sale.

From Square Grouper:

“In 1975, the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church purchased a mansion on the exclusive Star Island to serve as their Miami headquarters. They soon fell into conflict with their neighbors, who didn’t appreciate Coptics arriving and leaving all day and night or the thick cloud of marijuana smoke that blanketed the property like a fog.”

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Celebrity For The Day

Nice work.

“Last Saturday we went to a popular mall in Virginia and conducted a bit of a social experiment. Using his real first and middle name, and with the help of just a few staged people, tons of people believed Thomas was a famous actor, including mall security.”

Caine’s Arcade

An all-cardboard arcade… this kid’s got to get up with Tom Sachs. Beautiful story about the power of imagination out of East L.A..


This Guy.

Cobra Cobra.

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Pedro Sez There Needs To Be Order on the Border

Surveyors are establishing a new border line between North and South Carolina.

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