Ancient New York

Ghetto Fish Market, 1903

Big ups Thomas Edison

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Wooden Toy Gun Kit


For reasons unbeknownst to me, this looks very comforting.  Ratata, designed by Tomm Velthuis

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The Orphans: Brooklyn’s own Moped gang


Bryan Derballa investigates for Wired

KOKA, a coca leaf beverage


While in Peru, I fell in love with Coca Tea.  I brought back a box of it but, over time, it all disappeared.  While grabbing a bagel the other morning, I found a stock of these Koka drinks in the shop.  They’re pretty good, and will hold me over until I return to that wonderful country.  Feel the Andes.

Steve Powers’ Love Letters are shaping up perfectly


You gotta give it to the man for creating such an awesome gift for his hometown.  As previously noted, Steve Powers A Love Letter For You is currently under production and you can follow the progress as well as read great small bits on the projects’ blog.  Since I really enjoyed the personal history of Steve Powers, I’ve re-published it below

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Bi-Coastal living became a lot cheaper (for a month)


We were pretty psyched to hear about this new special from Jet Blue where you can fly unlimited to-and-from any destination for the price of $599.  Then we found out the promotion is only from September 8th to October 8th. Why not just do it permanently with a subscription fee or something?  Oh well, you have until August 21st (this Friday) to get in on the deal.


Thank you Richard Linklater, now direct me to the moontower.

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United BMX bike “Recruit” is sick. You cannot go wrong with a white and black bike. Although if white is not your flavor, they have many others to choose from. For more info, check out their site and shop

This week at the Jelly Pool Party: Del The Funky Homosapien and a Prince Paul (Dj Set)


Also DD/MM/YYYY, Gravy Train!!!!, Kenan Bell

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The new issue of Vice


Pick it up, or read it online

Won Park’s Origami is soooo Money


Won Park has got some nimble fingers.

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Pictures from Pablo Escobar’s Personal Paparazzo


Vice dug deep and visited the home of Pablo Escobar’s personal paparazzo, El Chino.  They were able to go through his archives and pluck some epic moments of Drug Lord history.  Man, what I would give to have an hacienda with a zoo.

A couple more after the jump and a full spread at Vice.

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A final look at Dash Snow: A Community Memorial

You have until this Saturday to go down to Deitch Projects, pay your respects and say goodbye.
Dash Snow, Rest in Peace (1981 – 2009)

Looking at Don Draper through Years


Material Interest does just that.

Random YouTube Search

Searched the term ‘Pine Needles’ today.  No clue how that got into my head.

The Humanthesizer

Technology x Bikinis – dude talking too much = Great Video

Really, I could just watch those two girls hi-five for at least 3 minutes.  Big ups to Bare Conductive for their genius creation of conductive body ink.  When is it going to make its way into porn?  $$$$$$$$

Ooooooooh, this looks good


Espo’s Mural project in Philadelphia is full steam ahead.

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The History of the XMEN Crew


Tatu, the founder of the crew breaks it down on Art Crimes.  Read about it here

Morning Dose of Awesome

But, you know, they have email in Europe and everything…so uh yeah, that’s kind of sick to watch your girl go crazy like that. Humans…

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