Peter Saville On The Design + Effect of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures”


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Punk: An Aesthetic

For the most part, if you’re reading this website, you get it. So it is a no-brainer that you will appreciate this new title published through Rizzoli that’s edited by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage. Heavily illustrated and featuring rare artifacts from the origins of the punk movement, Punk: An Aesthetic is a necessary addition to that already top notch bookshelf of yours.

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The Inspiration for Nike’s “Just Do It”

A man’s final words in front of a firing squad in Utah.

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“Don’t Toss Frogs Unless You Know They’re Going To Hit The Pool”

Tony Alva shares a story for Jay and Jim’s Classic Tales series.


The final episode of the first season of Carson Mell’s Tarantula

“These are children who came here and died, for one reason or another, and have just been lost in the woods”

Unearthing the mystery graves at a now defunct reform school for boys in Marianna, Florida.

Morning Dose of the Stratos Jump

Lego Style

Respect The Collector

Here’s Nigo’s collection of things in 2008, and below in 2012.

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Caribbean Fashion Week Internationale

Skin bleaching, Elephant Man, chicken feed booty pills, and a fly host named Charlet.


This guy in Australia got thrown out of a bar for having a mullet.

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This Is Fascinating

The India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony


“Phyllis” and “Sharon”

Rod Stewart and Elton John’s names for each other when they used party together in the early ’70s.

Rod also had this to say about Elton:

“I also had to be in awe of the fact that, whether it was drink or cocaine, he could see me right under the table every time.”

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