Haitian Zombies


Print this out and read it.


Really Ron Artest? I didn’t know you had it in you

Ron Artest’s Afghan Women

An English Church on the 21st Floor


The Japanese are always one step ahead.  A Japanese developer has recreated a church from England on the 21st and 22nd stories of a tower in Osaka, Japan.  Apparently it’s pretty popular for Japanese couples to get married in English Style Churches,

More at BBC

Crazy Cat Ladies

In response to one lady, I don’t think you’ll be able to have a husband and kids to take care of with all of those cats.  duh

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Facebook Fail


Come on Facebook, can’t you let homie catch a break?

In other news, an ebay auction benefiting Historic Rock Hill preservation featuring a really nice, large original by Shepard Fairey ends tomorrow afternoon.  The price is still low, so somebody should swoop in and get some.  see that piece after the jump, and the auction here

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10 from the Urban Dictionary (pt. 3)

This week’s 10 were put together by our homie at The Whoa!

Kenny Scharf’s Bong/Sculpture Edition


My friend Joseph was telling me about these earlier in the month, so it is nice to actually see it instead of visualize.  Available through Cereal Art, the ceramic Object To Enjoy comes in 4 different colors, each in an edition of 200 and measures 9 x 5 x 15.5 inches.

Buy it here

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Monrovia’s Analog Blogger

Hint: He uses a board

Robert Crumb’s History of Women


For their Annual Art & Design issue, W magazine commisioned Robert Crumb to illustrate his take on the History of Women.  See the full spread here, and a couple examples after the jump.

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How to be Kenny Powers for Halloween


I was once Pootie Tang, kind of similar. Complex breaks it down.

Getting Creative with Pumpkins


I would have never thought of this one.

See more here

Dear Danko

Nice gig.  Watch an interview with Danko and Kid Cudi while they get lifted after the jump.  Did I mention, what a job?

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I realize I’m late on this but…


Damn.  Amy Winehouse got some big ol’ fake titties!

A late afternoon dose of Subways, Trannies, & Mace

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No, this isn’t Liz Lemon’s book.  This Dealbreaker is a nice, well read tumblr from both sexes about those pet peeves that turn yes’s into no’s with the quickness.

The Number 1 Dealbreaker in The Enablist’s book?  If the lady is wearing or has ever worn Skechers.

Peep the site here

McDonald’s Halloween Pails


Totally forgot about these!  Wasn’t 1980’s waste amazing?

TeePee time with Steven Harrington


We’re totally feeling these limited edition teepees by Steven Harrington

  • 4 color screenprint on 200lb stock
  • 1 color printed inside, diecut & scored
  • Includes 6 sticks with twine
  • Edition of 100
  • Assembly required
  • Signed floor mat by the artist *

Available at Arkitip

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This Saw is apparently Amazing


The Jointmaker Pro R2

We’re not too hip on hardware, so we asked our resident expert to explain.

“First, it requires no power at all.  Second the cuts are as accurate as you can get, and the kerf is less than 2mm.. You can’t cut off your fingers, and it makes virtually no noise.  You could literally build an entire dining set in your apartment without anyone ever hearing you, with minimal sawdust to boot.  ZAP”

Now if he can only figure out how to do it with cotton

A couple days ago we saw Japanese schoolgirls underwear flying through the air, the only problem is that it was animated.  One Japanese man is trying to make fantasy reality.  Peep the video above, that little model is pretty awesome regardless of the fact that it’s not really underwear.

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