McDonald’s Big American Burgers

You have to love the vision of Japanese McDonalds.  They have a new series of burgers rolling out under the Big America moniker.  Above is the Texas, and damn does it look good.  After the jump you’ll see the New York, California, and Hawaiian.  I wonder if US McDonald’s realizes how much money they’d be printing if they brought these over stateside?

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Wi-Fi for the Passive Agressive

These are great!

A lot of things we could wear and a couple we couldn’t from the Men’s Fashion Shows in Milan

In no way are we arbiters of Fashion but, while trolling through the countless runway images from the Fall 2010 shows in Milan we couldn’t help ourselves from picking out some looks that could feasibly make it into everyday life.  And then, just for fun, we have decided to show you some that definitely won’t.  Enjoy.


Congratulations to all parties involved.

See the magic here and watch the first installment of the Vice Guide to Liberia after the jump

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Next level dancehall freakiness.  Peep the dude with one leg all elevated.  RESPECT!

For Philly Lovebirds, SEPTA’S Moving’ Love Stories Contest

Tying Steve Powers’ A Love Letter for You project in with Valentine’s Day is a no brainer.

“SEPTA wants to know if you have a moving love story. If so, tell us about it and you could win an invitation for you and your significant other to ride the Mural Arts Program’s special Valentine’s Day decorated “Love Train.” From the El you’ll view the Love Letter project and afterwards, attend a champagne reception where our winning couples will be celebrated and toasted.”

More on the contest here

Remembering Canal Street

This is only part of a great infographic created for a NY Times Op-Ed (Op-Art) reminiscing about that great counterfeit strip of Manhattan.

See it large here


Daniel Buren

While reading this great article on Postgraffiti, french artist Daniel Buren’s minimal striped work from the late 1960’s got my attention.

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The Vice Guide To Liberia

I had a chance to see a screening of the entire feature last night, wild shit for sure.

This is Funny, you should read it

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

all of the effort paid off, polaroid film is back

A while back we told you about the impossible project to save Polaroid, and its film. Well, something worked.

“The brand is back with plans to re-release the old instant film cameras and the iconic Color 600 instant film. Here’s a look at the new Polaroid PIC 1000, which is scheduled to be released later this year. The new camera should cost less than USD $100.”


100 things you didn’t know from 2009

The most interesting things emerge from daily news stories… BBC has a weekly feature called 10 things we didn’t know last week. They put together a recap of the best items from 2009.

-The brain chemical serotonin causes locusts to swarm.

-Holding your hands up on a rollercoaster stretches the torso, enhancing the physical sensations.

-Parts of cremated bodies are recycled.

For the full list of 100 things you didn’t know from 2009 click here.

how to spot a hidden handgun

Nice infographic

Click for full size


Akiyoshi KITAOKA

Akiyoshi KITAOKA, Professor, Department of Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan studying visual perception, visual illusion, optical illusion, trompe l’oeil AIC2009

pages of good fun here

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nerd your kid out before they know it

Use your child to let everyone know how nerdy you really are. Pick up this Zelda outfit pattern to knit your kid into all-star geekdom.

This is a Portrait of John Lennon

Seriously.  You have to look at it on an angle, but he’s there and it’s awesome.


The Caveman Diet

We reported on this diet in 2008 (Paleolithic Diet), and it seems to be gaining steam again with this article in the NY Times.

artwork by Banksy

Know your endo

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