Evander Berry Wall, a New York Dude, King of the Dudes


Sounds like a Dandy to me.  Regardless, King of the Dudes is a great title.

From Wikipedia:

“He is credited for having been the first person in the United States to have worn during a ball, at a time when the tailcoat was still the rule, a white dinner jacket, sent to him by the London tailor Henry Poole & Co “to be worn for a quiet dinner at home or at an evening’s entertainment at a summer resort”. He was immediately ordered off the floor.”

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Don’t Become The Things You Hate


Our friend Marial is putting on this show this weekend in Williamsburg, and we’re a part of it so you should stop by.  Saturday and Sunday.

All of the information is here.

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From the Plate of Roger Gastman


Ghetto Baby Stroller

I followed this lady around the block.. she had her shopping bags in there too. I think the baby is dead.

Crappy Taxidermy we like

Stuffed Animals, who doesn’t love them?  You were brought up with fake ones when you were a child, so it makes sense to progress to the real thing when you’re grown up.  Here’s a look at some of our favorites from the site, Crappy Taxidermy.

Lunchtime Laughter

From the people that brought you hot chicks picking up dog shit


comes, Hot Chicks with Dogs With Boners. meh

via, gorilla mask

You know, this makes total sense


Study Finds Purchasing Green Products Increases Your Likelihood to Lie, Cheat

Rest Better on Pills


You can really find anything on Etsy.  These pillows are “Lovingly made of super soft polar-fleece with poly-fiber stuffing. Letters are felt.”  For $19.95 each you really can’t go wrong.

Words for the Blazed


And did you read this NY Mag article?  You should.

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the awesome book

Check out this video from Dallas Clayton, he created a book for his son, “An Awesome Book“,then self published it, sold it on line, again and again, worldwide. It lead to establishing a foundation, the Awesome World Foundation, Now his goal is to give away a copy for each copy sold… watch the video to learn more about this awesome project, and be inspired to do something!

clean up font heads


Typography soap. Every font lover might like to clean themselves up with this soap.

buy now.

KFC ran a t-shirt competition, and this is the best America could come up with


Really America?  The awesome design possibilities with the Colonel and his ‘grilled’ chicken chain are endless.  Even second and third place are boring.  The year free of Grilled chicken should have been enough of a motivator.  Popeye’s, Bojangles, need some help in future marketing?  Get at me.

See the designs and buy the T-shirts (for charity) here

comic books covered


Covered is a blog that has artist and illustrators takes on classic comic book covers. Some are good, some are ok, and some are absolute gems.

Above is Brian McDonald’s reworking of Mickey Mouse 39 (right), the original cover by Paul Murry; Dell 1954.

Barry McGee at The Armory Center for the Arts


Opening as part of the Armory Center For Arts Installations Inside/Out 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Barry McGee has created an off-site installation in the city of Pasadena.

Barry McGee, untitled
2 E. Holly Street, Pasadena
Installation: September 19 – December 31, 2009
Space is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays noon – 5 p.m.

Given his sources in street art, Barry McGee’s temporary work for the exhibition is unusual compared to the normal site of an outdoor painting. The artist chose an unused storefront near the Armory. McGee’s work, covering almost all the walls of the store, is made up of a large number of his complex geometric paintings on thin pieces of wood on which he has done additional painting.

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Pioneers of Change


This weekend and next, the Dutch invade Governers Island and NYC.

More info here

I Did it For Science


If you have mad hours to kill and want to lightly engage your mind, Nerve.Com’s feature I Did it For Science will do the trick.  They should probably make this into a bathroom reader for efficiencies sake.  May I suggest you read this one first.

Polaroids of Strip Club Candidates

Be warned: your mother might be in here

Surf Zombies Must Chill

Big Ups to our man Douglas Haddow for putting this amazing video together.  Watch it!  You may also want to check out his latest piece Zamunda to Queens, which you can peep after the jump.  Do it!

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My New Hero


An Arizona man donning a monkey mask has gotten 37 speeding tickets.  He “also occasionally dons a giraffe or gazelle mask.”

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