When a magazine folds, this is what it looks like


Gawker gets some inside photos of Gourmet’s recently shuttered offices. Ghostown.

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Nothing says ‘wedding slideshow’ like a little Barry Obama

Ben and Joanna’s Wedding Slideshow from Olde English Comedy on Vimeo.

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Booooooom’s Where The Wild Things Are Forts Contest


Just the other day, a couple of us were talking about converting a loft space into a series of forts.  Who knew others would be thinking along the same lines?  Booooooom’s contest is simple and ends really soon (October 12th):

“Where The Wild Things Are is filled with references to building a world out of things from your everyday life and that’s exactly what we want you to do!

We want you to create a fort! Use garbage bags, tree branches, tablecloths, prosthetic limbs, wood, gold, whatever you got!”

So you have the weekend to get lifted and make something fun.  Doesn’t sound that bad, right?  More info on submission and all of that jang, here.

Food gets weirder every day


I got this puppy roll from one of those crazy Food Trucks you see all over Manhattan these days.  I should really cut my fingernails, huh?

Everybody is a curator these days


The NY Times had a nice little article about the rise in use of the word ‘curate.’  Hell, we even use the word in our ‘about’ section, meaning we’re pretentious suckers just like everyone else.  Sorry guys.

Read the Article here, and if you’re interested in that shirt above, it’s available at Zazzle.

Fritz the Cat Slip-Ons? Oh yes please.


Robert Crumb’s genius Cat x Vans authenticity means great things for feet everywhere.  Find them at Colette right now.

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The Drop: Urban Art Infill

Poster 1_19.75x33.75_cyan

Tomorrow, exciting things will be happening in Chelsea.

THE DROP: URBAN ART INFILL is proud to present a day-long festival of public interactive art, music, and fashion projects in Chelsea on 25th Street between 10th & 11th avenues happening Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009 in New York City.

Chris Mendoza will be doing some live painting, and VOOS furniture in Williamsburg will be curating the VIP Lounge featuring friend of TWBE Charles Constantine.

More info on it all here

if 8 million women are doing it, it must be ok!

Stiletto Stoners. Professional women smoking weed, featured on NBC’s Today Show. I love the decorated papers, very stylish. The piece is a great argument about legalization.

A.J. Fosik’s Beer Sweaters

I did a little Q&A in March with Artist/Sculptor A.J. Fosik about his awesome Beer Sweater Collection. Now that we’re in Sweater weather, I felt it was the appropriate time to unleash it.
“It’s true, my beer sweater collection has reared it’s ugly head.” ~ A.J. Fosik
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Lunchtime Laughter

Memorial for Dash Snow



Look at this F%#king Juggalo


Sometimes the internet just gives you gifts

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Morning Dose of Mid-Career Mike Tyson

Oh Iron Mike, what weirdness happened to you when you were young, that makes you say these things?

Well, you know that Joke about old people and cobwebs


The Pope shared the podium with an eight-legged friend over the weekend. We’re unsure if this has anything to do with signs of the oncoming apocalypse but, we’ll let you know if it does.  2012 you wild card, you always keep it interesting.  Video evidence after the jump.

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Watch out! Wheelchair in a mosh pit

1000% respect

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Big Ups Matzu!


Our friend Tomokazu Matzuyama created some sick one-off Nike’s for Lebron James.  See them after the jump.

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It’s not a cigarette, it’s a marker. I mean…


An interesting way to inconspicuously catch tags, or take notes, or whatever.

Wallpaper*s Artist’s Palate


Recipe’s from Artists.  Above is Cai Guo-Qiang’s Beijing Chicken.

Find the recipe here

Large Men, Little Women

Oh, NBA Players.  Such large, cuddly human beings.

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