Kenzo Digital x Kenzo Paris

Our boy Kenzo Digital killed it with this digital jungle projection at the recent Kenzo fashion show in Paris.

Couple Jam

Photographer Hal’s series of  photos of Tokyo club kids squished into bathtubs.

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Alina Takes The D

Definitely one of the weirder things you’ll watch today.

Produced and Written by Maya Margolina.

“No candy or treats at this residence.”

Five sex offenders in California are suing for the right to be able to give out candy at Halloween.

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Nomadic Mongolian Cashmere Herders

A Cashmere Story by Pearly Jacob

The 50 Biggest White Girl Rap Moments

Well done.

photo by Charlie Ahearn

Morning Dose of Neeson Season

Liam Neeson: The Musical

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“Not My Law, Not My Order”

Julius: The Nasty is a documentary about T-Kid 170’s life.

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A Hitch in Time

A 1955 propaganda short for the U.S. Air Force directed by Chuck Jones. That dream civilian life seems pretty sweet.

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Chris Johanson Does A Lot of Things

But here he talks about New Wave Theater by Peter Ivers.

Mystic Experiences

A lot of you reading this are now positively different: Magic Mushrooms Can Bring About Lasting Personality Changes

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Diggin’ Deep and Leavin’ No Stack Unsifted

Chicago-based reissue label The Numero Group are modern day (musical) treasure hunters.

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