Little Known Black History Facts

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Little Known Black History Facts

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Lady Gaga dollas

By Craig Gleason


Old Krylon & Rusto ads

Most of you won’t care about this but, whatever they’re awesome.  From the newly fresh site Cap Matches Color

Now everybody can wear Pee-Wee’s Abstinence ring

you lost me on this one Paul…

“hand-cast in lead-free pewter and hand polished to a satin finish. The inset Swarovski crystal provides a glamorous glint. The four-sided design allows the owner to choose what side shows. Of course, the inside of the ring features the promise of PURITY.”

More info here

Tough Guys

Yeah Right, it’s just an adult obstacle course. video after the jump

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From Seasick Mama:

“a modern card that expresses some comic vulgarity, a loose cannon, but the best part is the intention behind the card is completely yours.”

Best part is that the cards can be customized for you and mailed as well.  Seamless.

Buy some here

“Billy Ray, that’s not what she meant when she asked for a teddy”

That was a brilliant comment on Film Drunk in response to the news that Miley Cyrus’s nine year old sister was tapped to design an actual lingerie line for kids.

Read more here

The Abortion-Themed Super Bowl Party


Thank You Peggy Wang!

Unhappy Hipsters

I’ve been trying to figure out for days another title for the tumblr Unhappy Hipsters, and have been quite unsuccessful. I’m just really over the ‘Hipster’ thing. The images are culled from the pages of Dwell and the short, biting copy is magnificent. If only Joyless Yuppies had the same ring to it.

Nuke It!

This is a fun way to kill some time.

(Thanks Chaz!)

Ice House Detroit

“Ice House Detroit is an architectural installation and social change project currently taking place in Detroit. Photographer Gregory Holm and architect, Matthew Radune will use one of 20,000 abandoned houses and freeze it in solid ice to reference the contemporary urban conditions in the city and beyond.”

See the project here


This reminds me of Steve Powers’s Superfeen character.

Skinny Legs and All

Vanity Fair takes a look at a new generation of Hollywood Starlets.  Emma Stone, gimmee a holler

Can this trend die already?

The Urban Woodsman aka The Lumberjoke

All Gone: The Finest of Street Culture

A great photograph from a book that we look forward to every year.

See a preview here

photo: Geoffroy de Boismenu

Weekend Viewing: D.I.Y. America

Aaron Rose has been working with Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment on a couple internet video series, one of which is D.I.Y. America.  In the same vein as Beautiful Losers, the videos are meant to inspire creativity.  Above and after the jump you will see the Skate + Create episodes but, if you go to the website here, you can view excellent pieces with SWOON and Os Gemeos.  Enjoy.

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Wind Turbines by Philippe Starck

Power to the People, literally, as these are designed for residential use.

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Makiko Takehara interperets 20 vintages of Perrier-Jouët

To celebrate the release of Perrier-Jouët‘s Belle Epoque 2002, Japanese art photographer Makiko Takehara has interpreted 20 legendary Perrier-Jouët vintages, from the oldest in Champagne, the PJ 1825, to the first of the new millennium. Her compositions provide a uniquely artistic perspective of each vintage, turning champagne into a work of art.

Here are 10 of them.

Fabulously unForeign

Great idea, not so great pictures.

Fabulously unForeign is an attempt to eat world cuisine from 153 countries without leaving NYC. Some camera company should sponsor this.


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