A quick flip through Larry Clark’s new 184 page softcover book with Japanese label Wacko Maria.

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A Quest for the Secret Origins of Lost Video-Game Levels by Heidi Kemps

How one writer returned a pirated Sonic the Hedgehog game cartridge to its original architect

Design has Been Driven by Technology Since the Stone Age

Stefan Sagmeister is profiled in WeTransfer’s series The Creative Class

Nardwuar vs. The Wu-Tang Clan

Dave Chapelle on San Francisco: “I have never seen crack smoked so casually”

Comedian Marcus Tisdale puts that observation to the test with his video asking the question “Can You Smoke Crack In Front of SF Cops and Not Get Caught?”

Lunchtime Laughter

Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine



Embedded With Adidas’ Social Media Team at the World Cup in Rio by Julie Ruvolo

Striving to Be the Most Talked-About Brand At the Tournament

How to Draw a Phish Song, Man

Mike Hamad’s “Setlist Schematics”

Drawings Made Absentmindedly

The higher purpose of doodling… it’s all about learning through visual communication

“Skateboarding is a way to redefine the world around you”

Keep on Pushin’

The Wide World of Weed


Pot news for those who partake

“I’ll just smoke my way onto the 40-man.” There’s a loophole in Minor League Basbeball’s drug policy

Achieving such high aspirations, these new Major Leaguers can definitely afford the best handheld vaporizers

In news about other things on cards, we’d love to get our hands on some of these scratch and sniff cannabis cards

With legal pot shops to open as soon as July 8th, Washington State is facing a shortage of product

But no stress, the future is green. After just six months of legalization, Colorado has had over $200 million in pot sales

And while global cannabis use has declined, consumption is obviously on the up and up in the U.S.A.

Just like the HIGH Kite, which is flying over everybody.

If staying on the ground is your thing, you can kick it with The Weed Ball by Andrew Sutherland (above)

It’s Circulation, Baby

What gives a dollar bill its value?

Independent Women on Their Steeds of Steel


How the Bicycle Paved the Way for Women’s Rights


Also known as “Discovering things for white people.”

Typecaster for Life

Lewis Mitchell of Arion Press in San Francisco

via, doobybrain

Childhood Drive-By


This Girl…


Kendall Jones, a gloating, big game hunting 19-year-old cheerleader from Texas Tech University who’s looking to host a tv show in January 2015.

Morning Dose of The Real Captain America

The Story Of Q-Tip


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