What It Feels Like to Be Buried Alive


From Antony Britton via NPR:

“To start off with, it’s painful. There’s no coffin there, there’s no casket — nothing there to protect your body. I remember the first bucket of soil hit me — it was a bit of a shock. But then it was a case of, “Right, we’re here, we’re doing it.” And then when the second one hit me, it was more like a foot on your body, and you could feel the soil compressing around you.

You know, you just got to clear your mind and just completely forget that that’s happening if you can. Each bucket that went on to you — obviously the crushing that is coming from the front, you know, underneath you. It’s coming from the sides of you, it’s going on top of you.

But yeah, it’s not a good one.”


Finally Able to Watch This Now

Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix, remastered into one, single HD video.

A Muggsy Full of Bogues


When the only press is French.

Prisoner On The Roof


For the past 48 hours and counting, convicted murderer Stuart Horner has been hanging out on the roof of the Strangeways prison in Manchester, England protesting jailhouse conditions. It’s actually nice to see how casually the British police are taking this. In the US, he’d probably be dead by now.



Hamburger Eyes No. 19 is hot off the press and in a new format with 8 photographers having 11 pages each. This issue features work by Susanne Otterberg, Martin Cartagena, Ted Pushinsky, Jerry Hsu, Jason Jaworski, Eric Kim, Ricky Adam, and Daniel Arnold.

Pick it up here

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Smoke & Flame

North America’s only premium, handcrafted firewood company.

5 feet tall with a brain the size of an orange


Introducing Homo Naledi, the newest member to humanity’s family tree.

“We practice sun-gazing as a substitute for eating.”


A new diet craze—replete with pinhole glasses—is allegedly emerging on the beaches of Hong Kong. It’s all about absorbing the Sun’s calories or something.

Video Meditation for Computer Driven Humans

Pop the headphones on, hit the full screen button and breathe.

Binary breathing exercises by Sasha Gransjean.

Exploring the Boundaries of Perception


Moon Collective’s Corduroy Camp Patch Hat will help you keep your head—and give you some funny textures to touch—as you journey into the unknown.

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When The Public Wants a Piece of That “Friends & Family” Action


The petition to get the official Big Boys Vans made.

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“It’s a scam”


Convicted “psychics” tell all.

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