(Nigerian) Message in a Bottle


Scammers are always innovating…

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Porn Star John Snavely Murders Millionaire by Michael E. Miller

Illustration by Liam Peters

“A Porn Star, a Tortured Beauty Queen, a Dead Millionaire, and a Half-Smoked Joint”

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Peace, Love & Monument Vandalism


The male half of a folk singing duo was arrested in Montana after carving his love into Pompeys Pillar, a rock formation featuring the last remaining physical evidence of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Weekend Watching: American Outlaw – The True Story of a Marijuana Millionaire

Anthony Haden Guest did a nice interview with Richard Stratton for Standard Culture. That got me digging, and as a result you’ve got something fun to watch.

“A documentary chronicling the life of author Richard Stratton, from his early experiments with marijuana in suburban Massachusetts to his ultimate entry into the world of high volume, international hashish and marijuana trade. His involvement in the drug market, including the shipment of 7 tons of hashish from war-riddled Beirut into New York Harbor, led to his arrest and conviction to 25 years in maximum-security prison. This video, through re-enactments, stock footage, score and interview, tells the unbelievable story.”

Suspicious Bread


Three “unidentified” loaves of bread that were found in the back of a students car at Casper College in Wyoming on Monday were initially reported by the Casper Police Dept. to be laced with LSD. Sadly, after more tests were conducted on Tuesday, the loaves were found to contain no drugs at all.

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Did Banksy Get Arrested?


Who knows? But anything is possible in a city full of cops. We’ll let ANIMAL do the digging on that one. If you want some Banksy-related entertainment today, listen to Opie & Anthony after the jump

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My Life As a Young Thug by Mike Tyson

How Mike Tyson Became Mike Tyson

Cartel Life


Over the weekend, a gunman dressed up as a clown shot and killed Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, the eldest member of the Tijuana Cartel.

image by Banksy

Wife or Warden?


A Texas man was recently arrested for faking his own kidnapping so that he could go out and party with friends. Andaverde’s wife called police after “masked men entered the house and took her husband at gunpoint.” He returned home the following morning after the kidnappers “released” him.

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Why Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel Loves Selling Drugs in Chicago by Jason McGahan

Chicago is key to a business moving tons of drugs for billions of dollars. Here’s how the whole operation works.

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CHOPPER, Rest in Peace


“Australia’s best-known crime figure turned author, turned legend” has passed away.

The Smoking Narco-Saint


Fuct x Charles Krafft Jesús Malverde Incense Chamber

Another Good Read on the Fall of Silk Road


How the feds took down the Dread Pirate Roberts

EL PATRON – The Pablo Escobar Story

A fun animated film created and produced by William Child

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“El Winnie Pooh”


One of the many silly nicknames of Mexican Drug Lords



Say Hello to Rick Ross by Mike Sager

1980: Crack was just turning up in the United States. The contras were seeking funds to support their civil war in Nicaragua. And an L. A. kid was looking for an opportunity. The combination would change America.



Public Enemies: Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago by Ben Austen



A Palestinian man tortured a mouse that ate his money.

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Ray’s Pizza and its Mob History

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