Eccentric Teenage Lesbian Cat Burglars Thwarted By A Lion

Or something like that. Just another day in Upper Darby, PA.

Street Cops: 1978 – 1981

Photographs by Jill Freedman on display at Higher Pictures

Picture of the Day

Mugshots of eight Amish men who were “jailed for refusing to attach orange safety triangles to their buggies.”

“Gun control means using both hands in my land…”

48 People Shot In Brooklyn and the Bronx Over Labor Day Weekend. Crazy. There were 24 shot in 24 hours.

quote from De La Sou “Stakes is High” / photo: (Todd Maisel/News)

The More You Know: Narco Subs

Smuggling under the sea.

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Art Scams & Heists

Mental Floss recalls 6 of the great(er) ones, and no, Marc Ecko is not mentioned…


More here

We’ve Got a Thief!

The dude on the left stole the KAWS piece on the right from Marc Ecko. The estimated value of the piece, which was an ad disruption featuring Kate Moss is $100,000. Wild.

More at NBCNY

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iPad Cases Made From Bernie Madoff’s Clothing

Smart Idea.

Available through Frederick James

via, @donetodeath / dailymail

Riot Fires in Hackney

Photos by Mehdi Lacoste

Picture of the Day

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D.B. Cooper: “one of the great unsolved mysteries”

The FBI is still investigating (with new leads) a 40-year old case involving hijacking, extortion, and getaway by parachute.

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