“A broken toy of cyberspace”

A 17-year old social-media-type was shot dead with at least 15 bullet wounds after insulting a Mexican drug lord in an online video.


Psycho Killer

Charles Manson is dead at 83.


Lab Coat Criminals

How Big Pharma and Congress manhandled the DEA.


Bad Drugs

A large shipment of carrot-colored ecstasy pills was seized in Germany.


People Having A Tough Time Being Fair and Impartial

Highlights from the jury selection process for the trial of Martin Shkreli.


Designed Withhold Reach

The fake “designer” chair market is booming.


White Boy Rick

From kindergarten to kilos, a former teenage FBI informant finally gets parole.


Ancient Trees, Modern Timber

The thirst for the wood of thousand-year-old trees has created a new surge of crimes against nature.


Cut Off The Pills, Import the Drugs, Fill Up The Prisons

The heroin business is booming once again in America.


White Collar Crime Risk Zones

A map that utilizes machine learning to predict where financial crimes will happen across the U.S.


Big Trouble in the Yamaguchi-gumi gang

Dissatisfied with money collection tactics, the Yakuza in Kobe have allegedly split into rival factions.


Drug Ship USA

“With this ship, we’re capable of owning the night” —Captain Mark Fedor

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter James recently returned to port carrying 16 tons of excellent cocaine from 17 different busts while in international waters. The narcotic crusaders estimate the value at a brotherly $420 million.


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