oh my coke another dollar made on the moss name


Is this legal? As you know we are a fan of Kate Moss, this seems like a legal issue so if you like, buy them up quick. This Kate Moss inspired unisex t-shirt designed by Elena Gallen entitled, “Oh My Coke” comes complete with a bleeding nose! Via:here

Guess the Lego Movie Star


Here at TWBE, we have a soft spot in our heart for Legos. Check out this slideshow of Lego Movie stars, created by Tyler Clites over at the Telegraph. I hope Lego is watching, because I really want the Delorean.

dunny uk ok!


The newest series of Dunny was released on 01/22. The UK inspired series hand picked some of the UK’s best designers and artists to create the series.  Collaborators include Clutter, Doktor A, Frames, HiCalorie x Julie West, ilovedust, Jon Burgerman, Keanan Duffty, McFaul, Mimic, Peskimo, Shok 1, Tado, Triclops and UAMOU.

Check them out here.

hipster finger fixed gear bikes


A Japanese company PedalMafia has gone to the extreme and created miniature fixed gear bikes. First it was the skateboards now it’s bikes. I predict all our fixed gear friends will be out there wearing these things from their necklaces and hanging out at the fixed gear bar on Grand st, practicing their Quicksilver moves.

The Obama Hope Action Figure


It was only a matter of time…Isn’t there something about the oncoming apocalypse in regards to the worship of false idols and the rise of the antichrist?

“Going on sale January 12th at JailbreakToys.com, the 3,000 limited edition figures will undoubtedly sell out quickly.  The 6” figures have eight points of articulation and are numbered and packaged in an illustrated window box.”

Jailbreak Toys

plush meat


There’s nothing like stuffed meats! Check out Sweet Meats : The Whole Shebang by Lauren Venell

Set of 6 include one each of plush steak, pork chop and ham in both sizes.

The Whole Shebang Contains:
Family Size Hambone Ham Hock
Individual Size Hambone Ham Hock
Family Size Stuff Boeuf T-Bone Steak
Individual Size Stuff Boeuf T-Bone Steak
Family Size Porky Chop Pork Chop
Individual Size Porky Chop Pork Chop

O% organic. Plush toys are a  limited edition of 300. 100% recycled fleece with dark brown top-stitching and plastic “bone” button. Fiberfill stuffing. Safe for ages 3+. Not safe for pets. Pick up these little morsels for 199.00 for the set, you can also buy individual pieces as well at MyPlasticHeart

Floris hovers mnml toys


Check out Florish Hovers, a Dutch designer who has come up with one of my new favorite looking toys.  Arche Toys are awesome. Floris, recently featured in I.D Magazine for his design work is also being recognized for his toy work. Here’s an old article on dezeen from last year about the toys. You can  Buy now (sortof) here, but I think it involves a phone call.


gift guide

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Better late than never The World’s Best Ever Gift Guide. Check out our guide of gear, gadgets, travel, art and fashion.

wood is all the craze

Ever since China had the toy scandal, wooden toys have become the go-to toy. Check out these little gems from Noferin. The Pecanpals are hand crafted and limited to a 200 piece run. What more can you ask for? You can also get a print for your “kids” room as well. Available December10th, Just in time for Christmas. Will they ship in time?

Cheetos pet

Spin on the Chia Pet. Last minute gift.

spacey sprocket

Fixed gear dreams, designer bikes seem to be all the rage these days even outside of the Brooklyn. Designer Georg Jensen has created the money shot. The wheels features hammer marks that pays tribute to the hammered surfaces of Jensen’s Silver hollowware pieces that Jensen himself designed a century ago. The bike also features a handmade sterling silver plated bell and leather grips and saddle by Brooks of England. Via:here

just reading material

Penthouse is now celebrating its 40th anniversary with a limited edition book collecting over four decades of the magazine’s most famous photographs. Designed by Assouline. Buy now: $500

via:Material Interest

secret base the rebel ink

This is a must have for all vinyl collectors from secret base. Rebel Ink.

Philatelists and design nerds rejoice

On 13 January 2009, Royal Mail will release a series of stamps dedicated to British Design Classics. Included in the series of ten are the Mini, the K2 telephone kiosk, the London Underground Map, the Routemaster bus, and our favorites—the Concorde and mini skirt. See them all at CR Blog.

paper troops

How good are you with paper? Check out these paper craft storm trooper helmets. Pepakura is a site all about paper craft models, from iron man to transformers to …just about everthing, they even have how to’s for creating 3d pop-up cards. Very cool site. the only problem is finding what your looking for.


“Adriean Koleric is putting together an exhibition called Herd: rat-ATAT-touille, based on a group of refurbished AT-AT toys from 1981. The herd also stars in related graphic depictions. The artist wants to bring out how pop culture influences art and design today, as he was more inclined to look at these pieces as art rather than mass-produced consumer objects when he was growing up. The exhibition is a salute to the nameless, faceless product designers who unknowingly inspired many artists to come.”

Via:Moco Loco

slash Christie’s

So we just received the Christie‘s catalog for the New York Pop Culture Punk Rock Auction. Its a great catalog, and I wish I never hung all those flyers in my locker. The Auction features work ranging from Kaws, to Metallica’s Master of Puppets orginal art, to Black Flag flyers, and Jim Morrison Poetry. So much all for sale…. more after the jump. Did I mention how cool the catalog is? The Auction starts November 24th.

[Read more]

kicking off art basel

On December 4th Ron English signs his freakishly rare 8-inch Dunny at Kidrobot Miami to kick off Art Basel.

The picture above, courtesy of SpankyStokes.com, is of said Ron English 8” Dunny. No information on run size or price has been released.

Via:The Blot Says

Russian Vogue celebrates 10 years

Russian Vogue celebrates 10 years with one of a kind Matrioshka dolls fashioned after famous designers. For more info check out Russian Vogue. I am into the Hellraiser looking doll.

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