Kozik’s Dead Che

16-inch Dead Che Bust by Frank Kozik is available at Kidrobot, in this exclusive hot pink edition.

Only 50 available. $200.00

A whole lot of new Dunnies

The 2010 Dunny series is now available now.  You can pick them up at Kidrobot for $7.95

Click to see the full collection after the jump

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Mr. Spray becomes a vinyl toy

This should sell out fast.

Mr. Spray is an original character created by tShepard Fairey in 2004 as a street-art appropriation of an advertising character design of the 1950s. Mr. Spray is the first original vinyl figure design by the artist in eleven years and will be released in mid-July 2010.

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Ren & Stimpy are heating up

We’re seeing some new 400% Be@rbricks, and a tight Stüssy t-shirt.  And now we’re wondering when there’ll be some all-over print JAM!-type shorts and Vans to complete the look?

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Diversify Your Collection: Fossils and Meteorites

Because what’s cooler than owning shit from Millions of years ago and/or outer space?  The Bonham’s Natural History Auction takes place tomorrow (5/27).

This demon will light up your bedroom

The Demon Lamp! was created by Gorillaz animator James Coore, and based off of one of Jamie Hewlett‘s characters. It’s eco-friendly to boot!

Purchase it here


Stoked On Spring

Stoked Mentoring runs programs to get at-risk youth in NYC to spend their idle time involved in board sports – getting them on decks year round in the city, snowboards in the mountains in wintertime, and surfboards out at the beaches in the summertime. Their annual benefit auction takes place on Wednesday, May 19th at Milk Gallery. Artwork up for grabs: Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Spencer Tunick, Art brewer, Wilfredo Chiesa, Billi Kid, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Hubert Waldroup, Jeremy Dean, Jayson Atienza, Sofia Maldonado, Josh Cheuse, and loads more.

contribute, one way or another

Society6 and Club Mumble are working together in support of Contributor – an initiative that aims to give skateboards to disadvantaged youth. This is a very cool deal to get involved with.

Brief details after the jump, for the full deal go here.

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ceramic people

Robert Bronwasser’s ceramic people.

digital rangefinder Goodness

Epson’s beautiful R-D1S is so old school, it features include analog dial and readouts, and to advance to the next frame you have to wind the arm. The camera also features a six megapixel APS-C size sensor and supports Leica M and L mount lenses. For more details check out Dpreivew


Man, it would be amazing if they actually made Ramen bowls like this.  Ramenhead is a vinyl figure that will be part of Vinylmore III

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The Sparrow series featuring Pushead

PUSHEAD will be featured in the 15th edition of the SPARROW series available March 24th.  The book will be split between color and black & white, and published by IDW.


you will never oversleep again

Designer Chris Dimino created this one-of-a-kind cuckoo clock inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning. It’s a one off so don’t get your hopes up.


98 bucks for a tote bag

The Ari Marcopoulos/Tommy Hilfiger 2010 Biennial Tote


limited edition Pushead deck for conspiracy

Pushead has a new limited edition deck for Conspiracy. There are 50 decks available now. While your at it, pick up a set a Alien shot wheels for even more Pus.

vinyl, lacquered mother of pearl goodness

Mother-of-pearl inlaid and lacquered collectible toy from Ducobi. They will only set you back $829 each (limited edition).

Check them out.


Lego minifigures

I don’t get it, are they even smaller than regular Lego figures?

more here

consollection collection

Check out Consollections, a history of the game console.

Inspected Gadget: Back to the Future DeLorean Replica

This replica of the 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future is mighty large gadget. It’s up on ebay right now.

Painstakingly built by Gary Weaver over the course of 2006-2008. Check out some videos of how he makes his parts.

Via Gizmodo

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