Too F#%kin’ Cool


Kool Keith’s Black Elvis Head Ornament

Picture of the Day


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This is entertaining


15 Career Options For Noah Cyrus (Miley’s Sis)

Right Up to Your Face and Dissed You

Bruno gives Eminem a taste of the glory

I’m Just Saying…


**on a side note.  Why is a dude trying to get Steven Tyler to autograph a baseball?  Is there a market for that?

Levi Johnston is Alaska’s most famous baby daddy


GQ investigates

Paul, Rodney, & David


For Reals!

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Jessica Biel is like a young white J Lo


P POW! LUMP LUMP!  For real

Soulja Boy Got the Munchies

Look at this Giant Beast


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Joan Collins and Banksy


The dumbest news I have heard for some time. (Which is the reason I’m telling you about it) Click below to read

When Joan Collins THOUGHT she’d met Banksy: The elaborate plot to impersonate graffiti artist and how the MoS foiled it

Hasselhof got drunk again

This clip above is old but, this news is new

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