Richard Prince’s Gumball Rally Car

A “murdered out” 2012 Dodge Challenger. Peep in it Times Square May 24th before the cross country race gets started on the 25th.

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Ayrton Senna’s 1984 Brazil Grand Prix Steering Wheel

If you’ve never seen the documentary Senna, you should. Then you’ll understand why this steering wheel up for auction is amazing, and expected to sell for over $20,000.

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Morning Dose of Rubberman

Bouncin’ off buses

Gondry-fied Cars

Spotted on the set of his new film The Foam of the Days in Paris.

See more angles at the Blenheim Gang

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How it was invented

The Akira Bike

So fresh.

(thanks Kiji!)

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Fanboy Van

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When The Hummer Is Not Enough

Introducing the Conquest Knight XV

Auto Showzen

A look through the 2012 New York International Auto Show.


A 1955 Mercedes 300 SL 1:1 replica made of solid teak.

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The Happiest Person on the Planet Should Drive This Car

Kevin Lyons x Colette customized Fiat Panda

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Handicapped Cars

A series from 2008/2009 by Beni Bischof.

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The MELVAN Can Be Yours

The 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van was once the MELVINS tour vehicle, and features a KISS Mural on its side that was hand drawn by Kurt Cobain with a stolen sharpie.

The MELVAN is on ebay right now.

(Thanks Rog!)

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Of Course The New Bentley SUV Concept Has A Dining Area

And yes, it’s covered by an awning.

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The Flying Pinto Did Not Fly

It actually killed.

Wes Anderson, Jeff Bridges, & Hyundai

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Joy Ride

Some of the possibilities with the Nikon D800.

Morning Dose of Reinventions

Shout-out creativity on this spot.

Cars Catching Air

Photographs by Matthew Porter

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