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The Snoopy Plate

“Some guys look at boobs and bums on beautiful women. I look at the front and rear on beautiful cars”


Edward Smith is a “mechaphile” who has had sex with over 1000 cars and a helicopter.

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Bigfoot VS Jet Car in a drag race.

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Russian Pedestrians…

A supercut.

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The Future Is Now


NY State Highways now have “Texting Zones.”


Lunchtime Laughter

The “Blazedest”

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Donny Benét – Sophisticated Lover

Directed by Luci Schroder

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“shocked revellers had seen him simulate sex with the counter of the kebab shop.”


But it wasn’t until “Daniel Hotcock Cooper” had stripped down and simulated sex with a Land Rover that he was arrested for indecent exposure. His friends had this to say, “He is not a pretty sight when naked. We all felt sorry for the Land Rover and hope it wasn’t offended.”

Dune Raider


The Audi Nanuk Quattro concept supercar.

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Future Vehicle


The Volvo Concept Coupé

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The new record time for the “Fastest Lap Around Manhattan.” (watch after the jump)

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The Homemade World…of the Knight Rider.

This guy made the best replica of KITT we’ve ever seen.



The name licensed by a Chinese automaker for an upcoming electric vehicle

Hangin’ With The Homies


Keeping your car smell fresh for when your cruising down the street.

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Transforming a seventies Esprit into an “E-Spirit,” an electric sportscar for art’s sake.

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“Drivers will have to follow a clearly marked route along which up to 40 prostitutes will be stationed.”


After three years of debate, Switzerland’s “Sex Boxes” are set to open August 26th.

Impressive Automobiles

A selection of lots from the ‘Motorcars’ session of Bonham’s Quail Lodge Auction.

The Incredible Exploding Truck

On and on and on…

The Car Poolers

Documenting day laborers from above in Monterrey, Mexico. Photographs by Alejandro Cartagena.

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