The Testarossa Presence


Petrolicious puts that rad Ferrari on an internet pedestal.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Chris Farley as Tortoise Man.

“I’m not a motor vehicle, I’m a human being.”



Back when BMW’s had the illest lines.

Watch a great video from Petrolicious after the jump.

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This Is Not A Toy


Chris Burden Custom Metropolis II Car, 2012

Metropolis II will be coming to the New Museum in NYC in Fall 2013

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Private Moments in Personal Vehicular Space

The Vector Portraits series by Andrew Bush

This Guy…

Gettin’ it.

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Apple Maps is Dangerous in Australia

It’s stranding drivers in the Outback

The Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway

For when you get rich enough to embrace your inner child again 

The Future Looks Less Scary

Here are the entrants in the LA Design Challenge’s Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025 contest.

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Respect The Chinese Duck Farmer Who Wouldn’t Move

The Chinese government went ahead and built a highway around his home anyway.

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Random SF Rides

Some eye-catching automobiles from the streets of San Francisco.

Peter Brant’s Life Ain’t Too Bad.

Why is that? Well… dude has a supermodel wife, an ill publishing company, and a stellar art foundation in Greenwich, CT. Oh, and he’s also the owner (?) of OJ’s infamous White Ford Bronco. Respect.

Peep a couple photos of Nate Lowman’s new show I wanted to be an artist but all I got was this lousy career at The Brant Foundation after the jump.

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