The Motorized Monocycle

The Wheelsurf. (not sure if the soundtrack is included)

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Lapo Luxury

Fiat heir Lapo Elkann owns a camoflauged Ferrari 458 Italia.

O.J.’s 1994 Car Chase

Still don’t understand why he was running…

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Pink Piano Muscle Car

Thom Lessner made this bad boy. It’s playable, and on view in Drexel Park in West Philly from June 7th to the 17th.

If Batman Got His Hands On a 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I

It would look something like the re-bodied 1930s Jonckheere Round Door Coupé.


So this is what it looks like when things go terribly wrong while drifting cars in Saudi. (Don’t watch unless you can deal with death and dismemberment.)

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Fire Pon Di Party Lawn

The World’s Smallest Firetruck

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A Great Complement To Your Million Dollar Lake House

The Flying Hovercraft.

British Road Rage


Each of the last 25 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1’s to roll off the factory floor in Goodwood (the last, this month) receive this sterling silver commemorative plaque signed by chief designer Ian Cameron.

“The plaque bears several hallmarks which attest to its quality. These include the Rolls-Roycw hallmark, the lion face issued by the London Assay Office, and the ‘925’ and lion body hallmarks—both of which guarantee the minimum 92.5% purity required for Sterling Silver. The final two refer to the year; ‘N’ is the date mark for 2012, while the crowned head is the queen’s diamond jubilee commemorative mark.”

The Fastest Car On Land That Can Go In Water

The Sea Lion goes 125mph on land and 60mph in water.

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Richard Prince’s Gumball Rally Car

A “murdered out” 2012 Dodge Challenger. Peep in it Times Square May 24th before the cross country race gets started on the 25th.

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Ayrton Senna’s 1984 Brazil Grand Prix Steering Wheel

If you’ve never seen the documentary Senna, you should. Then you’ll understand why this steering wheel up for auction is amazing, and expected to sell for over $20,000.

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Morning Dose of Rubberman

Bouncin’ off buses

Gondry-fied Cars

Spotted on the set of his new film The Foam of the Days in Paris.

See more angles at the Blenheim Gang

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How it was invented

The Akira Bike

So fresh.

(thanks Kiji!)

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Fanboy Van

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When The Hummer Is Not Enough

Introducing the Conquest Knight XV

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