Sony’s HD 3D Handycam

It looks like an Omnibot. Need this.

Sony HDR-TD10 Handycam® camcorder

“3D in Double Full HD, 3D viewing directly on 3.5″ LCD—no need for 3D glasses, Full HD 2D playback from 3D recordings, 1920×1080 Full HD 60p/24p recording, 10x optical zoom in 3D”

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Inspected Gadget: Fujifilm’s Finepix XP30 with GPS

Now we’re getting somewhere: The Fujifilm Finepix XP30 is water/shock/dust/freeze proof (waterproof to 5 meters), has built in GPS photo tagging, image stabilization, and 720p HD video with a 14 megapixel sensor.

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Inspected Gadget: Sony Bloggie 3D Camcorder

There are lots of smaller 3D cameras coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and mostly it’s a race to the bottom in quality and prices. Sony’s entry will likely offer slicker build quality – along with 1080P full HD. Available for preorder now: the 3D Bloggie Touch MHS-FS3.

Polaroid Grey Label

Oversized sunglasses that both take and display pictures. A camera that fuses polaroid technology with the digital age. A handheld printer. These are the results of Polaroid’s collaboration with the Haus of Gaga.

The GL30 camera is definitely the highlight here coming with the ability to choose which pictures you want printed, a swivel LCD display, and just a solid overall design. The camera is due out towards the end of the year.  Details after the jump.

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GoPro HD Hero Cameras

I’ve been watching these videos all morning long, and am definitely feeling the need to add some activity to my life again. The GoPro HD Hero Camera is as first person as you can really get with a video camera, and the quality is unbelievable.

More info and availability here

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Inspected Gadget: The Glif for iPhone

The Glif for iPhone 4 is a handy tripod mount for your device, originally conceived on kickstarter (hence the promo video, since it’s now actually for sale). It makes for easy mounting when you want to capture photos or video without any shakiness, and doubles as a stand for video or facetime use.

Inspected gadget: Canon Powershot S95

What if Canon made a camera using the exact same tech specs as their recently updated G12, but it was smaller and you could actually slide it into your pocket? It would be called the Canon Powershot S95. You’ll give up some buttons and knobs and the optical viewfinder. But you get the G12’s 10MP sensor, RAW file format ability, 720p HD stereo video, and DIGIC 4 image processing. And you also get a nifty user-programmable manual ring control around the zoom lens, a larger display screen, and you get to keep an extra hundred bucks.

Inspected Gadget: Fuji Finepix X100

Coming soon: the Fuji Finepix X100. Classic styling contains a nice assortment of features: 23mm (35mm equivalent) lens with an aperture of f2, an APS-C sized 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor for stills and 720p HD video recording, and a switchable optical and electronic “hybrid viewfinder.”

Inspected Gadget: Viewsonic 3D HD Camcorder

Viewsonic’s 3DV5 is their entry into the game of flipcam-sized 3D camcorders – it even looks an awful lot like one we already told you about (maybe it’s the same device, rebranded?). Specs are much the same: SDHC card compatible, shoots 3D video in 720p HD and has the ability to take 5 megapixel stills, all viewable without the need for special glasses on its 2.4″ 3D paralax display. Includes software to convert videos and images for 3D televisions and 2D display.

Via OhGizmo!

Inspected Gadget: Wanderlust Digital Pinhole Lens

Wanderlust has created a very affordable, easy-to-use Micro 4:3 pinhole lens/cap. The pinhole is recessed inside the camera, and is relatively wide since the precision-cut hole is extremely close to the camera sensor. This allows the lens to deliver an 11mm (22mm equivalent) experience. For more examples and to preorder go here (also cool since it’s being made via kickstarter).

Inspected Gadget: Nikon Coolpix P7000

Nikon’s answer to Canon’s G11 (G9 and G10 before that) is the Nikon Coolpix P7000. The industrial design is so absolutely similar that at first glance it’s hard to tell the two apart. The real differences lie in the target user. These ‘higher end’ point and shoot models offer the same interfaces and software setup as their much larger professional DSLR siblings, which make them a great lightweight alternative for photographers who don’t want to lug a big expensive unit around, but want familiarity with the interface, and want to stick within Nikon’s camera system. Alternate use: a cheaper way to figure out which pro brand interface and software flavor you prefer, before you invest in a larger DSLR. Pics of top and back after the jump.

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Yahoo’s message

Yahoo just released an update to their messenger app that now allows you to make video calls and stream live one-to-one video over 3G or Wi-Fi. It also lets you call between Android and the iPhone as long as the Android has a front facing camera. Download it here for free

Inspected Gadget: Aiptek 3D-HD Camcorder

The Aiptek 3D-HD 3D Camcorder is getting some decent reviews even though it’s the first-gen item of its kind. Think about it- for a price similar to the newest flip cams you get the ability to shoot actual 3D video and still photos… and review them through a small built-in 3D parallax display (which means you don’t have to use special glasses). Outputs to 2D for regular viewing and 3D formats for viewing on larger screens that have the capability, and they’re even readying an 8-inch diagonal 3D photo/video viewing frame. Worth experimenting with for sure.

The Ari Marcopoulos Incase Camera Bag

Dang, that grey is perfect.  Available for pre-order from incase, The Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag is “a low-profile bag with optimal weather resistance, long-wearing comfort, excellent protection and functional features that allow Ari to access his equipment as quickly as possible, never missing a shot.”

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Inspected Gadget: Nikon D7000

Engadget has a sweet hands-on video of the forthcoming Nikon D7000. DPreview has one on hand as well, and has a pretty good writeup of their experience so far.

Inspected Gadget: Panasonic 3D Camcorder

Check out this monster: Panasonic’s 3D camcorder (a.k.a. the HDC-SDT750K). It claims to be the “world’s first consumer 3D camcorder.” Attach that crazy lens unit in the front and live the glory of 3D for your home movies.

The Olympus all-black E-P2 micro four thirds camera

The Olympus Special Edition E-P2 Black Kit with that sick lens cap is where it’s at (available in October).

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Inspected Gadget: Sanyo PD2 pocketcam

Though most smartphones incorporate the same features, sometimes I still prefer to carry a separate, small video device that can be passed around and isn’t filled with all kinds of personal info. If you’re looking for something flipcam-like, the Sanyo PD2 (preorder) looks pretty nice. Full HD at 1080p, and the ability to take 10-megapixel photos with flash through a decent sized lens. Stereo mic, mini-HDMI out, built-in USB connector, and removable SD storage.

Via Crunchgear.

Inspected Gadget: Waterproof Canon Powershot D10

Capture your Wet Water Week memories with the Canon Powershot D10. While it claims to be “waterproof” we all know that is quite a big thing to say – so reading deeper in the specs it’s actually waterproof down to 10 meters. A nice touch- it’s also dust resistant, which might work out in a carpentry or sculpture environment… or maybe if you’re Indiana Jones. OK, back to the camera specs – it’s got lots of goodies you expect from a Canon point-n-shoot these days: 12.1 megapixels running through Digic 4 image processing, face detection, high ISO (3200), image stabilization, 16:9 widescreen photo mode, and two video modes (though not HD). Get it.

Back of the camera and controls view after the jump – buttons look big and bumpy enough to handle underwater.

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