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Take your iPhone photography to the next level.

Nikon Coolpix A


You’ll have to pay a lil’ bit for this powerful compact camera.

LomoChrome Purple


A regular color negative film that produces infrared results.

Available for preorder now

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For The Lonely Vain Surfer, Your Own Automatic Cameraman



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Really Surprised This Thing Doesn’t Play MP3s


Canon’s tiny new Powershot N

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Make Your Own Pinhole CCTV Camera


Capture a days movements.

Purchase the plans here

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ILFORD Black and White Disposable Cameras

A temporary toy for the creative set.

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Canon Powershot S110

Our favorite point-and-shoot just got even more advanced with a touch panel LCD, and built-in Wi-Fi.

Canon EOS M

This camera is the obvious next step, if you ever decide to graduate from the S100.

The Sony NEX-F3

Gizmodo gets hands-on with Sony’s latest camera offering.

The More You Know: How to use an Afghan Box Camera “kamra-e-faoree”

Surprised these haven’t made it to Brooklyn yet… Anyway, more at the Afghan Box Camera Project.

Gorilla Cam

How to take better pictures of monkeys at the zoo.

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