Go Buy Now: Pose’s Rumble Print

This is a no-brainer.

Limited edition of 100.
Signed, numbered and embossed by artist.

$75.00 (one per customer)

Available exclusively at Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Go Buy Now: Seen on Plexiglass

Coinciding with his upcoming solo show at Magda Danysz, Seen and the gallery have released a special limited edition of his tag in plexiglass.
Edition limited to 100.
10″ x 17″
50 euros

Buy it here


Go Buy Now: Tomoo Gokita Prints

Available in 3 sizes through ArtWeLove

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The Official Art Poster Edition of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa


Artists in this 17 work portfolio include William Kentridge (above), Marlene Dumas, and Julie Mehretu.

“Limited Edition of 2010 high-quality inkjet prints of each of the 17 works on Watercolor Radiant White Art Paper, approx. 67 x 97cm (39 x 27.5“). Each print comes with a 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM Certificate of Authenticity, numbered from 1/2010 to 2010/2010, signed by the artist (replica), with FIFA Hologram.”

Buy’em up here

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Go Buy Now: David Ellis’ Saints Flow

Two styles of this print from David Ellis.

27.5″ x 27.5″
two colors screenprint on 4 color process
signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 25

Buy now

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The World’s Best Editions: Dave Schubert

Dave Schubert
Maria’s Trick
14″ x 20″
Signed and Numbered
Edition of 10 (with 2 AP’s)
The print is an archival pigment print.
Printed on premiere hot press paper

(shown in a black frame)

Buy now for $200

Go Buy Now: Spanish Passion by Escif

A fantastic new print by Escif is available at Pictures on Walls.

Love is a Blanket that Protects & Projects

This is solid.

Mark Warren Jacques
Love is a Blanket that Protects & Projects

Print Edition – 4 Color Screen Print on Strathmore 260 GSM Acid Free Bristol
Edition of 40, Signed and Numbered by the Artist

available at White Walls

Go Buy Now: Robert Longo

Robert Longo Untitled (Caddy), 2009

Archival inkjet print of a charcoal drawing
20×40 inches
Edition of 30, signed and numbered

buy it here

Los Angeles Projected Birth Rates by William Buzzell

From WWA Gallery’s L.A. 3010 show.

house paint on wood
10 x 10 inches

Only $200, so get to it

Go Buy Now: David Shrigley’s Don’t make wild promises which you can’t keep

David Shrigley
Don’t make wild promises which you can’t keep, 2004
Offset print on archival paper
22.8 x 15.7 inches
Edition of 100
Dated and signed by the artist

Buy it here

This piece speaks to me

Erik Foss & Todd James
Paint & Collage on Paper, 20×24″
available at White Walls

Endzone Dancer by Steve Powers

This is an epic piece.

“Endzone Dancer is a 2004 work from Stephen Powers that was both his contribution to the Beautiful Losers traveling exhibition, and the penultimate chapter of his collection of graphic short stories, First And Fifteenth. The work is comprised of twelve 61cm square panels pained in enamel on aluminum, that together form the suicide note of a desperate caped crusader named Superfeen. While the work is darker than anything in Powers’  canon, the color and line are so life affirming that one can’t feel anything but bliss that superfeen is drowning before our eyes. The wisp of smoke that rises in the last panel is not a wayward soul heading skyward, but the smoke from a new fire born in the heart of our hero. He will rise again from his grave, a bench on the lower deck, and renew the battle with evil at happy hour.”

–David Mogen-David, Fortified Wine Spectator

See more here, it is available for your purchase and installation.

lookforstevepowers (at) gmail.com

Go Buy Now: El Tono’s Cuadrimetria Chicha Print

Edition of 25
28″ x 40″
50 euros

“These prints are very unique for many reasons.  The “Chicha” posters are traditionally used to announce Cumbia concerts that occur on a weekly basis.  They must be designed and printed quickly to be distributed all over the city as rapidly as possible.  A thin low-quality paper is used to facilitate the ease in which the posters are put up.   Because of this technique there is a notable difference between a silkscreen print produced in the “Chicha” workshop and other  prints produced in a conventional silkscreen workshop used by artists.  These prints, like all silkscreens, are one of a kind,  but the “defects” in the Chicha posters are exceptionally captivating.  There are discrepancies in color, letter form and registry.  This technique used on high quality paper make these imperfections even more interesting.”

Go Buy Now: Steve Powers for Love

Give this one to your boo, and tell her you had it shipped all the way from London.  Romance right there.

Available here

Go Buy Now: Delta

Delta’s got nice new print available for purchase

20″ x 28″
Edition of 47
200 Euros


Go Buy Now: Cleon Peterson x Poster Child Prints

Cleon Peterson
15″ x 22″
Edition of 42
One-Color Hand Pulled Screen Print on Heavy White Cotton Paper


Go Buy Now: Victor Reyes’ Empire Print

These prints are beautiful in both white (above) and black (below).  Nice signature too. $40

The Prints Measure 14.3″ x 22.3″ The Black Print on White Watercolor paper is a run of 15. The Gold Print on Black Matte Paper is an Edition of 35, both series are Hand numbered and signed.

Buy them here

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Go Buy Now: Mike Ballard’s Galaxy Rays

On top of The All of Everything being an amazing show, there are some works by Mike Ballard available to purchase—including this print, Galaxy Rays, in an edition of 5.

Contact m.cohan@arts.ac.uk for availability

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