You’ve Been Trumped

A documentary about “a group of proud Scottish homeowners take on celebrity tycoon Donald Trump as he buys up one of Scotland’s last wilderness areas to build a golf resort.”

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The Boardroom

Improv Everywhere goes to Staples.

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The business card of the future.

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“Mr Perkins poses an extreme risk to the market when drunk.”

Back in 2009: “Between the hours of 1:22 a.m. and 3:41 a.m., Senior broker Steve Perkins gradually bought 69 percent of the global oil market… driving prices up from $71.40 to $73.05.”

He was blackout drunk.

The Vimeo Tip Jar

Classy incentives.

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Horween Leather MacBook Air Sleeve


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While You’re Typing and Staring, He’s Cutting and Counting

How to Sell Drugs in NYC, an in-depth look from Vice.

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How much an artist gets paid per stream on Spotify.

Weekend Watching: American Pimp

A fantastic documentary from 1999 directed by the Hughes Bros.

A Modern-Day Willy Wonka

The wildly secretive world of the Tootsie Roll empire.

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Perfect For Nailing That Client Meeting

The Supreme / Porter iPad Case. (a briefcase would  be effective as well)

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Dr. Seuss, Ad Man

Every artist has to pay the bills somehow.

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