Atari’s U.S. Operations File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in a move to become independent from their French parent company.

“the next big American industry”



BYCO, The First Micro-Financing Site Exclusively for Fashion Design


Makes sense.

“I could paint the most crass, commercial sign, but if I do it with a brush and I do it with a little bit of passion, it will transcend that crassness. It does every time.”


The Wall Street Journal visits ESPO’s Creative Outlet aka the ICY Signs Shop

The fiscal cliff, in graphs and GIFs

The viral intentions of this are annoying, but it is very successful in its simple explanation.

Lunchtime Laughter

The Power Of Selling Out: Your Customers As Political Capital

Rich Guys Talking

Peter M. Brant interviews Larry Gagosian

Lunchtime Laughter

Mr. Burns explains the Fiscal Cliff.

A Minimum Tax for the Wealthy

Warren Buffett stops by the NY Times Opinion Pages

Give Pot A Chance

Legalize it, tax it, and then use that money to create a functional public healthcare system. This opinion article should have added in that idea.

via, gawker

Mr. Thanksgiving Parade

The Wall Street Journal profiles KAWS.

How to invest in legalized marijuana

Market Watch

(note: legal pot is not brown)

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