A Modern-Day Willy Wonka

The wildly secretive world of the Tootsie Roll empire.

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Perfect For Nailing That Client Meeting

The Supreme / Porter iPad Case. (a briefcase would  be effective as well)

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Dr. Seuss, Ad Man

Every artist has to pay the bills somehow.

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Hedgefund Swim Shorts

LimoLand makes a lot of fun clothing.

The Last Mile Startup Accelerator

Making inmates into entrepreneurs at San Quentin

‘Perv Insurance’

$15,000 a year

Weekend Watching: The One Percent

Directed by Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune.

Weekend Watching: Tupac Exposed – Breaking the Illuminati Oath

Conspiracy theories are always quality entertainment.

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Electronica, Rothschild, and The Illuminati

Some fun reading over at Grantland

This Is What It Looks Like When An Oil Pipeline Bursts

Similar to the scene from Friday’s oil spill in Alberta. There was also an oil spill in Alberta.

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A Little Bit Of Fashionable Puke In The Mouth

To Pay or Not to Pay: A Closer Look at the Business of Blogging

A History of Banks Runs

You know, with Europe and everything…

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