Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged for the iPad

Get deep into objectivism with this versatile app.

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Nerdin’ Out in 1983

The Star Wars Question & Answer Book About Computers

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Fall Preview 2011

Over a week late but, still relevant enough. Our recommendations of movies to see, books to read and look through, TV shows to DVR, and music to listen to.

Frankies Trio

One 6 oz jar of orange blossom honey from bees in Sicily, one 1 liter tin of organic DOP Sicilian olive oil from an old place called Trapani, and Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual from Brooklyn.

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Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Five

Last week, Hot Knives gave Zio the recipe for their Manhattan pop-tart—the fourth of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the fifth and final installment: rarebit on toast.

“One of our earliest drunk cooking experiments was poaching an egg in Pabst,” Hot Knives explains. “This is a much more refined take on that notion—one that makes for a killer egg-and-cheese sandwich with a rarebit sauce spiked with beer. We use a malty German brew and a white cheddar, but feel free to play around with the ingredients. We think you’ll never touch cream cheese again.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Four

Last week, Hot Knives gave Zio the recipe for their gin holes—the second of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the fourth installment: Manhattan pop-tarts.

“While we greatly admire the Biotic Baking Brigade—the vegan activists who managed to smear Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Anne Coulter and multiple mayors of San Francisco with various animal-free pastry creams—when there’s booze in your pie, it’s best that it’s encased,” explains Hot Knives. “The pop-tart may in fact be the perfect vehicle for scuzzing around in public as a hidden wino; none of the other train passengers are any the wiser. Keeping it classy, we cook the cherries down in whiskey and top it with bitters for a Manhattan-flavored confection worth slamming in your pie-hole.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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Phlegm’s Illuminated Alphabet Book

I apologize for not telling you about this handprinted zine before it sold out. Really impressive.

Peep Phlegm’s blog right here

Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Three

Last week, Hot Knives gave  Zio the recipe for their pumpkin beer muffins—the second of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the third installment: gin holes.

“Named for their shape as well as what it feels like when you eat too many, booze holes fall somewhere in between liqueur truffles and donut holes,” explains Hot Knives. “We first learned to love eating booze when we made a vegan adaptation to the Southern classic, bourbon balls. The first bite tastes like granny’s baking cupboard, but as soon as you breathe out, the unmistakable sting of bourbon whistles on your throat. This recipe, at its core, is just cookie crumbs, roasted nuts and powdered sugar all made wet and sticky by a mixture of booze and syrup. This allows you to play baker and bartender at the same time so you can stumble (literally, you will fall) upon combinations limited only by the span of your wet bar, and your spice rack. Gin is our favorite.”

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Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week Two

Last week, Hot Knives gave Zio the recipe for their beer-onion soup sandwich—the first of their top-five booze-based recipes—and now it’s time for the second installment: pumpkin beer muffins.

“We have zero reservations about drinking beer for breakfast,” says Hot Knives. “Why should we? Taken before noon it’s more like medicine than anything. Still, if you’re not as liberal with your a.m. libations as we are, there is a way to consume without feeling like a scumbag: just replace the milk or water in your favorite muffin or pancake recipe with beer and you’ll be eating your alcohol! Yeasty, wheaty and a little effervescent, beer can actually make great baked goods even better. There’s also something undeniably sick and satisfying about making a beer smoothie at sunrise and pouring it into a batter. Now, the only question you should be asking is ‘which beer?’ Listen up, because this may be the only time we’ll ever utter these two words in the same breath: Pumpkin. Beer. We usually mutter curses under our breath when we pass piles of this October trick in the shopping aisles. But bright orange and warmed with baking spices, we can’t begrudge a pumpkin beer muffin.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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Paris Graffiti in the ’90s

Photos by Mat Jacob featured in the book Descente interdite: graffiti dans le métro parisien

Jay Howell: Pages From Books

Jay Howell is killing it. Without a doubt the most enjoyable artwork you will see in an internet slideshow today (8/17).

The drawings above are available in zine format through Needles & Pens, get one.

The Construction of Secret Hiding Places

An imagination inducing, informative read for those who like to hide things.

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Art in The Streets, The Book

Published by Rizzoli and packed full of insightful contributions, this 320 page book by Jeffrey Deitch, Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose is a great way to relive the Art In The Streets exhibition.

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Hot Knives’ Booze Cruise: Week One

Evan George and Alex Brown are Hot Knives, the Los Angeles-based cooking duo that shares recipes and beer reviews on their ever-popular blog.

On September 6, Mark Batty Publisher will release the Hot Knives vegetarian cookbook Salad Daze, which covers a wide array of veggie recipes—from basic soup stock and cock sauce to psychedelic rice and Portobello poutine—as well as kitchen tips and tricks. Far from your typical cookbook, Salad Daze also features beer and song pairings with every recipe—such as Green Flash Le Freak and Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”—plus ample cuss words and drug references.

Over the next few weeks, Hot Knives will share their top-five booze-based recipes with The World’s Best Ever. The first recipe in this series is a beer-onion soup sandwich that Zio swears is the best grilled cheese ever.

“Of the five trophies we’ve taken at the Grilled Cheese Invitational over the years, our favorite winner is the only one with booze in it—no surprise there,” explains Hot Knives. “We take a beer-infused Belgian onion soup and turn it into a sandwich. The Trappist beer onions mimic a deeply beefy soup, while the crisp cheese-toast and oozy cheese emulate the gooey crouton on top. There’s one way to eat this sammich: we call it the ‘crunch-slurp’ method. And it’s probably as close as you will ever come to sipping a beer as a sandwich.”

Continue reading for the recipe.

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Fashion Cats

Buy this book for your mom, sister, or girlfriend.


David Choe by David Choe

Published by Chronicle Books last year, this book is nearly 300 pages of the art and life of David Choe. Entertainment on a bookshelf.

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The Walls Notebook by the..

Walls Notebook is a notebook / sketchbook that features 80 pictures of “clean” NYC walls instead of blank pages. Write, draw, paste, or doodle on these inspirational backdrops. You’ll be one step closer to being the street artist you’ve always wanted to be … minus the jail time.

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Street Market

A look through the year 2000 book featuring Barry McGee, Stephen Powers, and Todd James.

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Tonight at The Taschen Store in NY

“Days Of The Cougar” Launch with Liz Earls and Dian Hanson

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