How to Survive 436 Days Lost At Sea


The crazy story of Salvador Alvarenga, the 36-year-old fisherman who went out for the day’s catch and ended up 6,700 miles from home.



Sun Surf’s “Duke Kahanamoku” collection features this incredible beach parka.

All Aboard the Snack Raft


Proving that there’s a lot of air in potato chip packages, two South Korean college students constructed a boat out of 160 unopened bags of chips and paddled it almost a mile across Seoul’s Han River. No word on if any snacks were eaten after the stunt was complete.

Another Addition to The Seemingly Endless Fodder of Wes Anderson Films


Models* on Jet Skis

A quick survey

*full-time or have modeled before

Always Dreaming of Vacation


This sailboat print linen buttondown shirt from Ralph Lauren is just what the summer ordered.

Protection From Sea Spray and Electromagnetic Waves


The Paul & Shark Printed Yachting Bomber is equipped with a pretty serious interior iPhone pocket that’s lined with stainless steel.

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For the Wealthy Villain on a Docked Yacht


Engineered Garments Dayton Shirt Jacket

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Be Captain of the Party Boat


RVCA’s ESPO Crash snapback

Drone ships


Rolls-Royce is developing designs for unmanned cargo ships that would be controlled remotely by a captain on dry land.

How About Some Yacht Rock to Help You Cruise Through the Morning?


“Yachty By Nature” by Sweatson Klank & Mr. Goldman

Oceans, Forever


SeaOrbiter is a futuristic, semi-submersible aquatic research vessel designed by “sea architect” Jacques Rougerie. With construction set to begin this spring, the SeaOrbiter will feature 12 separate decks, containing a mixture of pressurized and un-pressurized labs and living quarters. With a goal to be actively exploring 24/7, the crew of 18 will definitely be living with the currents in this, the first “nomadic international oceanic station.”

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