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Zhao Huasen

Triumph in the Face of Absurdity

Paul Smith and Charming Baker talk about the polished aluminum bike sculpture they collaborated on.

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Tacks on the Tour De France

Surprised this hasn’t happened before

The Motorized Monocycle

The Wheelsurf. (not sure if the soundtrack is included)

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Putting Leonardo da Vinci’s Sketches to Work

The Novara Gotham Bike uses a NuVinci N360 hub, which contains a continually variable transmission developed by Fallbrook Technologies, meaning it has infinite gears.

1988 Hutch HPV Superbike

Designed by Dan Hanebrink.

There is one of these on ebay right now

pics via BMX Museum

The D.I.Y. Bike Hanger


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Rapha Continental: Assynt

Another beautiful film from Rapha, this documenting the first Rapha Continental UK ride.

British Road Rage

Top Speed

With this homemade bike, a former world champion cyclist hopes to reach the speed of 100 mph.


A bicycle modified to be able to ride on the rails of abandoned railroads.

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The Akira Bike

So fresh.

(thanks Kiji!)

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