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The team at Playdate Bike Club makes products as aesthetically dope as they are functionally impressive.  Founded in 2008, Playdate turns out top-quality, high-performance bicycles with a throwback feel.  The unique High-Riders boast cro-moly steel frames, chrome chopper handlebars, a spacer stack design and retro banana seats.  Standard and step-through variations on their four basic models are available exclusively through their website.  Apparently, further customization of saddles, grips, and cranks is also possible through a scheduled consultation with a bike expert. Playdate bikes start at $650 and ship internationally.




Pibal, the Phillipe Staarck designed scooter / bicycle hybrid for Peugeot.

Waffle Bike

“a fully weaponized waffle making device complete with call to prayer public address system.”

Film by Tom Sachs & Neistat Brothers.

For the 21st Century Velocipedist


YikeBike: The Folding Electric Mini-Farthing

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The Lance Armstrong Edit

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You Can’t Get This At Chuck’s Bikeorama


The Pee-wee Herman Inspired Cycling Skinsuit

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Shred Time

Photos culled from the Internet K-Hole



The 30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler + Fork Set

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Zany Handlebars

From the July 1969 issue of Popular Mechanics

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Swifty makes scooters for adults.

Morning Dose of Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC

“For sale, racing bike, no longer required”

A 30 ft. tall effigy of Lance Armstrong is to be burned this weekend in England.

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