Pibal, the Phillipe Staarck designed scooter / bicycle hybrid for Peugeot.

Waffle Bike

“a fully weaponized waffle making device complete with call to prayer public address system.”

Film by Tom Sachs & Neistat Brothers.

For the 21st Century Velocipedist


YikeBike: The Folding Electric Mini-Farthing

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The Lance Armstrong Edit

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You Can’t Get This At Chuck’s Bikeorama


The Pee-wee Herman Inspired Cycling Skinsuit

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Shred Time

Photos culled from the Internet K-Hole



The 30th Anniversary Haro Freestyler + Fork Set

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Zany Handlebars

From the July 1969 issue of Popular Mechanics

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Swifty makes scooters for adults.

Morning Dose of Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC

“For sale, racing bike, no longer required”

A 30 ft. tall effigy of Lance Armstrong is to be burned this weekend in England.

Craftsmen on Wheels

Jonathan Leder made this new film featuring Britany Nola and Louis Vuitton’s luxury Bike Polo.

Paul Smith Cycle Eyes Chronograph Watch

One helluva face on that.

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“It is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him. Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in any manner.”

Nike cuts its ties with Lance Armstrong.

A Funky Little Thing

Budnitz Bicycles No.4

Morning Dose of Girls on Bikes, Rejoice!

directed by Tim Barber


Ok. There’s also a frame protectant, a foam wash, and a degreaser.

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Morning Dose of Terence Koh Rides a Bike

Directed by Tim Barber and made in conjunction with the first annual Opening Ceremony Annual.

See the accompanying photographs here

The Almanzo 100

A 100 mile gravel road race with no outside support or assistance.

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