Babes of Yore: Naked in Nature

Culled from the pages of Playboy, and lifted from PlayboyMansion here are 30 inspiring photographs meant to get you thinking about leaving the city behind this summer. (There’s boobs and bush, so be aware of that wherever you’re viewing)

Babes of Yore: Susan Lynn Kiger

Susan Lynn Kiger is an American Actress and Model

Babes of Yore: Mireille Darc

Mireille Darc is a French Model and Actress.


Babes of Yore: Marie Helvin

Marie Helvin is a former model who was married to David Bailey in the Seventies.


Babes of Yore: 2011 So Far

Kristin has the week off, so here is a round-up of all the Babes of Yore we’ve featured in 2011.

Babes of Yore: Alexandra Bastedo

Alexandra Bastedo is a British Actress.


Babes of Yore: Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was an American Actress.


Babes of Yore: Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild is an American Actress who graced TV screens like mad in the 70s and 80s.


Babes of Yore: Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall is an American model and actress, who was married to Mick Jagger.


Babes of Yore: Pamela Tiffin

Pamela Tiffin is a retired American actress


Babes of Yore: Tina Louise

Tina Louise is an American actress who you might best know as Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.


Babes of Yore: Victoria Vetri

Victoria Vetri is an American model and actress.


Babes of Yore: Janet Agren

Janet Agren is a Swedish actress who starred in a bunch of Italian exploitation films.


Babes of Yore: Edy Williams

Edy Williams is an American actress.

Babes of Yore: Vikki Dougan

Vikki Dougan was known as “The Back”


Babes of Yore: Nadia Cassini

Nadia Cassini was an actress, showgirl, and all around sexy lady.


Babes of Yore: Florinda Bolkan

Florinda Bolkan is a Brazilian actress


Babes of Yore: Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg is an Italian born actress and model. She appeared as The Great Tyrant in Roger Vadim’s cult-classic sci-fi film Barbarella, and managed to date two members of the Rolling Stones.


Babes of Yore: Yvette Mimieux

Yvette Mimieux is a retired movie actress.


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