Babes of Yore: Sydne Rome

Sydne Rome is an American actress who gained success in and eventually moved to Italy. She was an icon of the 80s aerobics craze and hung out with David Bowie a bunch.

Babes of Yore: Christiane Schmidtmer

Christiane Schmidtmer was a German actress who earned the nickname “Love Bomb” with 42 1/2-26-38 curves and a successful career in the 1960s.

Babes of Yore: Debra Paget

Debra Paget is an American actress who called it quits in 1964 after marrying a Chinese-American oil industry executive.

Babes of Yore: Alexandra Hay

Alexandra Hay was an actress in the 1960s and 1970s.

{note: boobs}

Babes of Yore: Joan Severance

Joan Severance is an American actress, former fashion model and was queen of skinemax in the 90s.

{note: boobs}

Babes of Yore: Françoise Pascal

Françoise Pascal is French Mauritian actress/model.

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Babes of Yore: Beba Lončar

Beba Lončar is a Serbian-Italian film actress who ended her career at the age of 39.

Babes of Yore: Aki Mizusawa

Aki Mizusawa is a Japanese model/actress who’s most famous for having an affair with Jackie Chan back in the 1980s.

Babes of Yore: Joanne Latham

Joanne Latham is a former English glamour model.

{note: boobs}

Babes of Yore: Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani is a French actress and model, as well as Daniel Day Lewis’ baby mama.

Babes of Yore: Yūko Asano

Yūko Asano is a Japanese actress and singer.

Babes of Yore: Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder played Lois Lane in the first four Superman movies.

{note: boobs}

Babes of Yore: Laurette Luez

Laurette Luez was a Hawaiian-born actress and model in the 1940s and 1950s.

Babes of Yore: Candice Bergen

Long before she was Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen was just a normal fashion model from Beverly Hills.

Babes of Yore: Audrey Landers

Audrey Landers is an American actress and singer, best known for her role in Dallas.

Babes of Yore: Pascale Petit

Pascale Petit is a former French actress who gave Brigitte Bardot a run for French Cinema’s “Most Sexy” title.

{note: boobs}

Babes of Yore: Donna Marlowe

Donna Marlowe modeled in the UK and the Netherlands in the 1960s. That’s about it.

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Babes of Yore: Valérie Kaprisky

Valérie Kaprisky is a french actress who made the jump from softcore erotica to the lap of Richard Gere in Breathless.

{note: boobs}

Babes of Yore: Pat Sheehan

Patricia Sheehan was an American actress and model, who after having a heated relationship with Bing Crosby, married his son Dennis in 1958.

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