Morning Dose of Awesome

Killer lampshades.  Respect

Morning Dose of Awesome

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Aurel Schmidt at the Whitney biennial

Damn this thing is a beast.

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The 7 Hottest Women in the World at this moment (pt. 2)

We did some more analytical research to find this out.

See the last 7 here

Revok’s Vandal Vacation T-Shirt

When I saw this I laughed.  The T-shirt is awesome.

Get yours at Karmaloop

Morning Dose of Awesome

This stop-motion is amazing, over 400 wood blocks in one room.

If Garry Shandling was Hollywood

The Garry Shandling Show was it.  I got sent this link to the Garry Shandling Movie Poster Project the other day and laughed.  This link to Letters to Jeff Goldblum made me laugh too.

Sexy CPR

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morning dose of awesome

The Head, created by Matias Vigliano, animated by Dante Zaballa, and sound design Ariel Gandolfo.

Omar as Terry Richardson

The actor formally known as Michael K. Williams.


Angie Sanselmente Valencia, a former lingerie model, is believed to be heading one of the world’s largest drug gangs

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Holy Fuck

Eric Beltz‘s new masterpiece will be displayed at this years Pulse Fair.

I asked Eric what is what about, and this is what he said…

“It’s a witch’s sabbath/rape-sacrifice in a woodlot. Medicinal and the typical witch’s herbs grow around the tree stumps. Fertility, perversion, humor, horror. The text behind the witches refers to the weedy habit of medicinal and psychoactive plants growing where no one is paying attention and how those spaces where weeds grow are also a place for all kinds of anti-social behavior: Where Every Heresy Sprouts & Is Green. The title at the top is written backwards as a simple obfuscation to create a coded language that isn’t all that coded. Hands between the witches are shadow puppets. Monsters hiding in the floating black trees are different depictions of the mouth to hell which might also be seen here at the vagina dentata as their throats are turned into a vagina/cervix.”

Eric will be showing with Morgan Lehman at Pulse, you have to see this beauty in person. Details after the jump

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