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Afternoon Dose of Awesome

Believe it or not, this is NYC in 2009. These kids color and styles go so well with Os Gemeos’ new mural.

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Black Wii


Say What? Japan has go it going on.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

This video is so fresh, it reminds me of Cannery Row. Viernes “Liquid Tunnel” from Charles Bergquist.

The Triceracopter needs a home


Well isn’t this bad ass…


In 1977 Patricia Renick mounted an extraordinary solo exhibition at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. The exhibit comprised one exceptional sculpture crafted of fiberglass and built on the frame of a Vietnam era U.S. Army OH6A/Cayuse helicopter.

Triceracopter: Hope for the Obsolescence of War is now available for acquisition by a qualified museum, institution or individual.

Direct inquiries to:

flickr set here

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New York Paper Airplane Flight

Watching this is about as close to meditation as I can get

Cool “Disco” Dan and Oatmeal I.Q.

The Preggo Shuffle

Exactly how it sounds

Morning Dose of Awesome

These kids take fun in the pool to the max

Banksy was in Africa

And he painted some great graffiti including this young African with Peaches Geldof.  Some nice shots via the Banksy Flickr Group and Unurth.

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Shepard Fairey creates the cover of Woodstock Experience


This is a pretty dope box set produced by Genesis Publications that even features an original ticket to Woodstock.  Limited to 1000.

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The creation of Eric Beltz’s Deep Shit

Probably my favorite artist working in Pencil, California-based Eric Beltz has a new drawing in the group show Superfine at Morgan Lehman which opens tonight.  The piece, Deep Shit, took 2 months and 22 days to create and is “A tender scene of murder and dismemberment…”  Here, we created an animation of its creation.  So dope.


Oh Glorious Food Gods


Pizza in a cone! Thank You

Surf School

Just wanted to give a shout out to this underappreciated, straight-to-dvd movie from 2005

the Dopest Detail: The Porsche Panamera’s key


When you buy a Porsche, expect the complete package.  A key in the shape of the car?  Ridiculous.  The 4-door ride is not too shabby looking either.

Ironlak Team Usa

Augor, Enue, Ewok, Jaes, and Pose.

Writers sponsored by a spraypaint company, it doesn’t get much better than that.

video by We Are Supervision

Belmullet is my kind of place


Isn’t it awesome when headlines take a turn for the better?

Happy Gum for your crappy Life


Cheer up

I glove MJ


If you’re still looking for that right Michael Jackson shirt, Alex Aranovich has got you covered in four different colorways.

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