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Souther Salazar’s Hot Air Balloon installation

Saturday night we stopped by Souther Salazar’s new show at Jonathan Levine and were immediately drawn to a back room where these Hot Air Balloons created out of lightbulbs, wiffle balls, glass jars, and plastic bottles were installed amongst small watercolors and drawings. They are about the coolest/cutest art pieces I have seen for some time and some are still available here

Opening shot courtesy of TypeFiend the rest courtesy of Jonathan Levine Gallery

Mr. caterpillar be Smokin’ on that dro

Afternoon Dose of Awesome

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Last Day Dream, directed by Chris Milk.

It would have to be a daydream if Pauly Shore’s gonna knock you out.

A whole lot of Sexy People

aw yeah.  Sexy People for days

Little Japanese Bad-Ass Playing Crazy Train

Maybe a little Jeff Beck after the jump too…

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Customized Knock-off


A piece of art as much as a shoe, the Canal Street Air Force 1 created by Solebox

via, Animal

The Adult Friend Finder Experiment


Holy Taco is putting together one entertaining piece of investigative journalism

Super Dope Album Cover of the Day


Lissy Trullie‘s Self Taught Learner

Via, Evil Monito

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Our favorite awkward family photos

Awkward Family Photos is the latest site to tumble onto the internet with a simple concept and funny results.  We picked a couple of our favorites for you to get a taste of what the site is about.   Enjoy.

Pierced Nipples




File this under Trends We Would Like to Continue and Celebrity Nudity We Care About

What’s up with European Architects Bringing Skateboarding into the Home and office?


A couple months ago we saw the Ramp House, now this.  The offices of Comvert S.r.l. in Milan, Italy, complete with the very skateable Bastard Bowl suspended at over 18 feet off the ground.

more at ArchDaily

via, notcot

Kids are still afraid of Monsters

Testing out a mask from Where The Wild Things Are

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peter lloyd

Holy freakin’ awesome, where has Peter Lloyd been all my life?  These airbrush works are simply amazing, even better that some of them were illustrations for Oui. All the works above are for sale at PictureBox Gallery

“Peter Lloyd is an Oregon-based artist who has illustrated record covers for the likes of Rod Stewart (Atlantic Crossing) and Jefferson Starship (Dragon Fly), contributed design work to films including Tron, and illustrations for publications including New York Magazine and Oui. His work is featured in Overspray: Riding High With the Kings of California Airbrush Art, by Norman Hathaway”



Makes sense

Brought to you by Mother NY

(Thanks Morgan!)

Peelin’ off bills takes on a new level

Lincoln handles his business

(Thanks Tim!)

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Paul Smith’s Model Train Set in a briefcase


It would be awesome to come to an interview, lay this briefcase on the desk and…POW!  Fun times with the conductor.

“Noch aluminium brief case with “Blumenau” model train set with a high-quality ready assembled summer landscape and pictured background. The ready-to-run route passes over the mountain and winds under the mountain tunnel system. The set includes one locomotive with two carriages supplied (colours may vary).

The “Blumenau” utilizes an integrated 9 volt battery holder and throttle controller. The high quality throttle allows you to control the trains at scale speeds and it is very efficient 37 cm, A Pre-installed adapter socket is included.”

Buy it here

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The Forest City Rockers: Pizza, Tits and Korea

This episode is super tight.

“This new episode not only features pizza, Rocky Tits, music by Crash Normal, Barack Obama action figures and a Korean War Vet down on this luck but it’s a guarantee that you’ll explode your face upon first viewing.”

Morning Dose of Awesome

How to say “12 Months” in Estonian

via, ignored prayers

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