breakdancing in the street is great and all but…

That kid is better!


Morning Dose of Awesome

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Doctor Says I need A Backiatomy

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I Lego N.Y.

Morning Dose of Awesome

Killer lampshades.  Respect

Morning Dose of Awesome

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Aurel Schmidt at the Whitney biennial

Damn this thing is a beast.

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The 7 Hottest Women in the World at this moment (pt. 2)

We did some more analytical research to find this out.

See the last 7 here

Revok’s Vandal Vacation T-Shirt

When I saw this I laughed.  The T-shirt is awesome.

Get yours at Karmaloop

Morning Dose of Awesome

This stop-motion is amazing, over 400 wood blocks in one room.

If Garry Shandling was Hollywood

The Garry Shandling Show was it.  I got sent this link to the Garry Shandling Movie Poster Project the other day and laughed.  This link to Letters to Jeff Goldblum made me laugh too.

Sexy CPR

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