r2d2 taxidermy


Take one dead mouse and one r2d2 toy, combine them together and……Pow!  Science.  This set is still really cheap on ebay

F%#K Cancer


The good people at Poketo Studio are putting this benefit on tonight to help raise money for Justin Van Hoy’s medical expenses.  If you’re out in LA, show some support and love!

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Pick the Perp


This is a highly addictive game on the internet.

(Thanks Hallie!)

Morning Dose of Awesome

Lucy McLauchlan

This is entertaining


15 Career Options For Noah Cyrus (Miley’s Sis)

Morning Dose of Awesome

Will Ferrell Sunscreen


This is totally real and comes in Sunstroke, Sexy Hot Tan, and Forbidden Fruit.  All proceeds go to Cancer for College, buy the sunscreen here.

via, the whoa

Dude is 29 and he has fathered 21 kids

That’s a pretty expensive habit.

(Thanks Rog!)

MEN vs Wild

Will Ferrell + Bear Grylls + Arctic Tundra = Men vs Wild

tonight at 10 pm on Discovery

Right Up to Your Face and Dissed You

Bruno gives Eminem a taste of the glory

I’m Just Saying…


**on a side note.  Why is a dude trying to get Steven Tyler to autograph a baseball?  Is there a market for that?

Morning Dose of Awesome

Sorry I’m Late, by Tomas Mankovsky.

If you have the chance, you should watch this while eating cereal. Saturday morning cartoon style.

afternoon awesome: Dude pulls over doughboy cop

and doughboy cop got a taste of his own medicine, this made my day.

via, buzzfeed

The biggest ass (butt) in Brazil

Quite a feat in a country blessed with great Assets (sorry). The Watermelon Woman has a 48 inch badumpadump.  Parts 2 & 3 after the jump.  Nice job VBS!


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I want the Real suitcase, full of the real drugs


One of a kind, Fear and Loathing: The Board Game


Explosions and Boobs


A website that contains two things very dear to my heart.


Paul, Rodney, & David


For Reals!

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Friday’s Vault

The Search For Animal Chin in it’s entirety.

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Jessica Biel is like a young white J Lo


P POW! LUMP LUMP!  For real

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