Morning Dose of The Swirl

Morning Dose of NINJAs

Jaguar Skills & Eclectic Method

The Record Breaker

A film about Ashrita Furman, the man with the most Guinness World Records of all time.

Directed by Brian McGinn

Morning Dose of Red Lightning

The Florida State Seminoles’ ball boy’s highlight reel

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When I Die, Bury Me With Girls in Uniform


Taiwan’s got the all-girl funeral marching band game on lock.

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Morning Dose of Tear Ducts

I Will Always Love You (Crying Knowshon Moreno Edition)

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Morning Dose of Here Comes The Night Time

The @Seinfeld2000 cut

Morning Dose of Doo-Doo

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six

The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course

Street-Legal With The Afterburner Effect


The Authentic 1966 Batmobile

The Rituals of Kumar Pallana

Sad to hear he passed away last week.

The Kellz Sticker Pack


Featuring the greatest quotes from the Pied Piper of R&B

Make A Wish


I want a lap dance from a Juggalo Jugalette. What a foundation!

Morning Dose of Ninja Powers

Ninja Brand Headbands

Morning Dose of Filipino Predator

The Director’s cut.

The JET Bicycle


“The most dangerous unsafe bike EVER” made by Colin Furze

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Morning Dose of Hackers

by Eclectic Method

Shall we play a game?

On Tea Tree Oil Toothpicks: “It can look cool, but it can also make you look like a huge herb.”


Josh Peskowitz’s 10 Essentials over at GQ.

Morning Dose of Dancing to the Drummer’s Beat

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