Morning Dose of FOOOOOOOOOOOD!

by Siqi Song

Morning Dose of Wolverine

The Eclectic Method remix

Morning Dose of Rodents on Turntables

Created by Division of Labor

Morning Dose of Headspace

A new animation by Jake Fried made with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee. Speaking with Jake earlier today, he told us he spends between 4 and 5 months on each film. That’s roughly .8 seconds per day of animation.

Morning Dose of The Trip

by Antonio Vicentini

“Don’t drive under influence of psychedelic substances.”

Glorious Leader!


That Kim Jong Un VS America retro style run ‘n’ gun PC game that you’ve never been waiting for, but will play once it arrives.

“Battle through 7 unique levels as you defeat waves of imperialists, combat over-the-top bosses, and ride unicorns!”

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8-bit Forrest Gump

Morning Dose of an Important Message From KRS-One

Fresh Off The Boat

Shout-out to our boy Eddie Huang on turning his life story into an ABC sitcom!!!

Morning Dose of Plasticine Rhythm

by Andy Martin

Wonder If They’re Taking Consignments???

dumb-domains is a website generating very stupid domain names for sale

via, laughingsquid

Morning Dose of Cattlerap

Just add a beat to auctioneer Rhett Parks’ cadence and you got something special.


A fantastic narrative thread in this film by Daniel Britt

Ads from The Source magazine, circa 1990-1993

The real happiness in the internet is the endless archives. More here

via, @SheckyGreen

Morning Dose of Slowmotion Tattoo

Morning Dose of Japanese Spiderman

Morning Dose of Fantastic Man

David Byrne & co. on Fallon last night playing the tunes of William Onyeabor

Best Donut Receipt Ever


Because do you really need a receipt for a donut?

Morning Dose of The Wes Anderson Mixtape

by Eclectic Method

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