Animal Collective’s Bluish Video

I once somewhat proclaimed that this song would find its way into haircare advertisers hearts. Luckily, it hasn’t.  The new video however, is the most beautiful piece of art I’ve seen today. Kudos to the band, director Jason Oliver Goodman, and bubble artist ChelseaTran of Gazillion Bubble Show.

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David Choe’s Thumbs Up! Season 3

I had no clue this season was finally out! Thumbs Up! is sure to keep you entertained, as you watch David Choe and Harry Kim hitchhike across China.
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Morning Dose of Awesome

Paris Hilton gets the Taiwanese CGI Treatment

And it couldn’t be more brilliant.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

This needed explanation. “Get the tongue twister wrong and get smashed in the balls.”

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Static Wizard

“Guy’s body charged with static electricity powers a ridiculous light show.”

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Morning Dose of Awesome

7D 1000 fps

Two Tired, ha.

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Johanne Friis @ Supreme is…

Wednesday’s Muse

This 5′ 10″ Norwegian beauty is wearing our new ‘Nasty’ tank top in a size medium…as a dress. You can find that here

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The Only good thing from last nights Jets Game

This sack.


Fiverr is a website where people hawk their services for the low price of $5. You can get voiceover work done, have audio transcribed, enjoy a texting ‘buddy’ for an hour, really just about anything. I’ve been using Fiverr for an assortment of odd jobs I’ve needed done, and the results have been great.

This Truck Beat Me Up and Stole My Girlfriend

The Hennessey VelociRaptor APV (Armed Performance Vehicle)

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Morning Dose of Awesome

Google Instant

Rules of Attraction, 8 Years Later

INSPIRED BY BRET EASTON ELLIS” is a short video by Matthew Ross, starring Kip Pardue, Tara Summers, and Lorien Haynes…with a special appearance by James Van Der Beek.

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(Thanks Nick!)

Thank You Ray Lewis

And thank you to whichever ad agency is doing these Old Spice ads.

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