Trained Monkey Guards

I’m putting these on the list of needs when that stream of infinite wealth comes flowing into my life.

From the Telegraph:

“Trained langur monkeys are being deployed by organisers of the Commonwealth Games to prevent wild animals infesting sporting venues in Delhi. “

Morning Dose of Awesome

Felt like a little “Do The Bartman” this morning

PeterPan’s Fashion Pages

Winner at the 2001 Webby Awards.

Michael Jackson said The Darndest Things

Like in this clip faintly, “Look at her titties.”

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Morning Dose of Awesome

A little animated booty clap.

Morning Dose of Awesome

This is for all of the folks who were living in DC, or its surrounding suburbs in the 1980s.

The Most Fun You’ll Have on the Internet Today

Just click through this epic, 59 picture slideshow devoted to Blake Lively’s breasts. Thank you NY Mag.

Morning Dose of Awesome

“I introduce him to grindage buddy, and teach him to do the weasel and stuff.” Totally, Pauly.

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Absolute Brilliance

The Clapper rigged up to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Got Your Money’

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Animal Collective’s Bluish Video

I once somewhat proclaimed that this song would find its way into haircare advertisers hearts. Luckily, it hasn’t.  The new video however, is the most beautiful piece of art I’ve seen today. Kudos to the band, director Jason Oliver Goodman, and bubble artist ChelseaTran of Gazillion Bubble Show.

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David Choe’s Thumbs Up! Season 3

I had no clue this season was finally out! Thumbs Up! is sure to keep you entertained, as you watch David Choe and Harry Kim hitchhike across China.
Watch on VBS

Morning Dose of Awesome

Paris Hilton gets the Taiwanese CGI Treatment

And it couldn’t be more brilliant.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

This needed explanation. “Get the tongue twister wrong and get smashed in the balls.”

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Static Wizard

“Guy’s body charged with static electricity powers a ridiculous light show.”

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Morning Dose of Awesome

7D 1000 fps

Two Tired, ha.

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Morning Dose of Awesome


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