Too Much Fun


This gigantic airplane slide in the Ukraine.

Morning Dose of Terrible Karate

Morning Dose of Bagpipe Soul!

Honey Blo on Chicago public access show Chic-a-Go-Go.

Morning Dose of Weekends

But really for the 7 seconds between :30 and :37 in this video

Morning Dose of Sensitive Language

The Time Hunter S. Thompson Was On Conan

Morning Dose of Sybil Danning’s Adventure Video

Your mind is still your best weapon… along with your bazooka.

via, ihc

The Awesome Button

We pretty much deaded the word ‘awesome’ on this website at the end of 2010… a couple usages still have trickled through.

“Hack an Easy Button into an AWESOME Button! This USB button types in a random synonym for the word awesome when it’s pressed. It works with any computer and in any application. Learn how to make your own custom USB devices using the Teensy USB microcontroller.”

via, laughing squid

Morning Dose of Extreme Martial Arts

Picture of the Day

Cheryl Dunn

Morning Dose of Yello

These guys were so advanced, and by advanced I mean weird.

Home Alone with Zombies

Home Alone x I Am Legend is just what’s necessary for the internet tonight.

via, topless robot

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