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Morning Dose of Awesome

A Lego Antikythera Mechanism

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The Cup Size Choir

You are guaranteed to spend some time today on this interactive website.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Chore Damaris directed by Justin Anderson

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Love Magazine’s Advent Calendar

Today’s gift is from Kelly Brook and especially plentiful.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

I really wish they had showed more of that alcoholic subterranean level.  Anyway, cheers for teaching adults to use condoms.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

World’s Best Cheetah

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Morning Dose of Japanese Innovation

Lighting a christmas tree by using the 800 volt surges from an electric eel. Seriously, you keep on it Japan…please.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

A first person view of a remote controlled plane flying over Manhattan.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Morning Dose of Awesome, every scream from Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Morning Dose of Awesome

The Unskinning Dipper by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Morning Dose of Reznor

An interview from 198s with Trent Reznor of Exotic Birds fame

Now if Only They Could Design One for a Bed…

We might be able to get all Bedknobs and Broomsticks up in this bitch.

A see-through glass doorknob designed by Hideyuki Nakayama in conjunction with Union that enables you to see a reflection of the room behind the door.  Dreamy.

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Morning Dose of Mongo Man

More great work by Corey Adams

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Morning Dose of Hustler

Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Miley Cyrus’ 18th Birthday…LULZ


Black Ninja Assassin

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Geoff McFetridge & Chris Johanson Pendleton Blankets for The Standard

These are pretty awesome and for sale in limited editions of 40 for each size. The blankets come standard in guest rooms at the hotel’s Downtown LA (Johanson design) and Hollywood (McFetridge design) locations.

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Not Your Father’s Harley

The Harley Davidson Topper was the only scooter that the brand ever produced.  It’s production life was very short-lived, only lasting 5 years from 1960 – 1965. They should bring these back for the 21st century but, in the meantime if you’re interested, there is a nice one on ebay right now.

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Style Master General

Dondi White

This flickr set should easily take you through the afternoon.

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