Morning Dose of Awesome

This video directed by Hype Williams and Busta Rhymes was crazy.

A Brilliant Scarf

From our friends at Self Made Co. in Montreal, comes a set of scarves inspired by sweatshirt sleeves.  Seriously rad.

Available here

Checking in with Fancy Fast Food

It’s been a while since I looked at the website Fancy Fast Food, as the internet has a tendency to forget things.  I am glad to note that they are doing just fine and still creating culinary magic out of normal fast food.  Case in point, Chicken Pizza Masala using ingredients from Pizza Hut.

  • 1 medium Hand-Tossed Style Pizza with chicken, onions, and tomatoes; extra sauce, but easy on the cheese (unsliced)
  • 1 order of buffalo wings (6) with blue cheese dressing (2)
  • 3 orders of mariana sauce
  • 1 bottle of water
  • organic coriander (for garnish and an extra touch of irony)

Learn how to make it here

Morning Dose of Awesome

El Mac’s Chelsea Jewel, shot by K.Ann Hagey.

No Guitar Lessons Needed

I’d say she’s doing just fine…a little crazy but, fine.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

The oldest rocker in town

The More You Know: YR Girlfriend Kits

See them big at SBTVC

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When you look down, you got satan on your feet. 666.


Morning Dose of Aggressive Humvee Tactics


Thank You Taiwan

Teen star Miley Cyrus and her latest hit


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Morning Dose of Awesome

A Lego Antikythera Mechanism

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The Cup Size Choir

You are guaranteed to spend some time today on this interactive website.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Chore Damaris directed by Justin Anderson

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Love Magazine’s Advent Calendar

Today’s gift is from Kelly Brook and especially plentiful.

Visit the site here

Morning Dose of Awesome

I really wish they had showed more of that alcoholic subterranean level.  Anyway, cheers for teaching adults to use condoms.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

World’s Best Cheetah

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Morning Dose of Japanese Innovation

Lighting a christmas tree by using the 800 volt surges from an electric eel. Seriously, you keep on it Japan…please.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

A first person view of a remote controlled plane flying over Manhattan.

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