Evil Boy

A vinyl sculpture thoughtfully hand-painted by Die Antwoord’s Ninja.

Available through Upper Playground.

Tiny Magic

Takanori Aiba creates some beautiful fantasy worlds.

via, mmm

20ft tall Inflatable Murakami


KAWS Partners Statue

Referencing Walt Disney World’s Partners Statue, KAWS releases his first sculpture of 2012.

Available through ToyQube

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Poopin’ In The Nativity Scene

Inspired by this gigantic Santa “Caganer” in Barcelona, we take a look at more of these Catalonian Nativity Scene statues.

Vinyl toymakers: Can we collaborate on a set of these for Xmas 2012? Also Kaws, apparently you were on the right path to this with Companion Passing Through.

You can purchase a bunch of what you see above here

Todd James – The Contractor

A shiny black glazed porcelain scultpure in an edition of 25.

Available through Toykyo

Aj Fosik – Time Kills All Gods

AJ really nailed it with this show.

on view at Jonathan Levine Gallery until November 19th

Le Baron London Has A Banksy Sculpture In It

As evidenced by Olivier Zahm posing next to it.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Re-imagined as a poster by Tom Whalen.

Vote For Your Favorite KAWS Companion Photo From The Ones We Picked On The Standard’s Facebook Page and You Automatically Have The Chance To Win a $200 Gift Shop Certificate

Easy Enough?

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Michael Leavitt’s The Art Army Royalty

These small polymer clay sculptures of popular artists are rad.

Currently on view at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Morning Dose of Mastodon

AJ Fosik gets the metal treatment in this ‘making-of-the-cover’ video for Mastodon‘s upcoming album The Hunter.

83-Year Old Andy Warhol

Interesting sculpture by English artist Edgar Askelovic. On view at MCDERMOTTgalleries.

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Big Boy Toys

Bas-relief sculptures made out of salvaged wood by Ron van der Ende

Evol’s Ground Installation at MSDOCKVILLE Festival in Germany

Upon arriving at his spot for the piece, Evol found “an endless meadow.”  So instead of building up in the environment, he went down.

“I decided to cut open the idyll, and pretend there is no endless meadow, but only rooftop-gardens of the disgust underneath …”

The 9×9 meter, 1.5m deep piece is beautifully executed.

For more photos of both the process and final art, click here

In Celebration of A Companion

18 floors above the newly installed Companion (Passing Through) by KAWS, a happy crowd of artists, musicians, and entertainers got down to the seamless tunes played by Samantha Ronson and ?uestlove in the luxurious Boom Boom Room. Having never seen the piece in person before, it is a reality that the sculpture is an outstanding piece of art. Though strangely enough, nobody was in agreement with my interpretation of the whole thing being about food shame. That might have been the Hennessy acting up on my part…

Check out an interesting twitterfed gallery of the sculpture here, and peep it in person at the Standard NY through October 2011.

photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

Helter Shelter

An installation by Pablo Cots at Station VasteMonde in Saint-Brieuc, France, 2011.

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Morning Dose of Who Gives a Shit About Art?

A film by Joshua Sandler

Eric Elms at Galerie Lazarew

These sculptures are my favorite, the stair paintings are on point too.

See all the works here

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