Behold The First Public Monument to Atheism in The United States


A five-foot-long, 1500-lb granite bench and pillar in Starke, Florida.

Let’s Get The Rock and Brendan Fraser On This…


A 10-inch tall statue found in a mummy’s tomb dating back to 1800 BC has been spinning around in its case at the Manchester Museum.

Watch it in action after the jump

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Humanizing Technology

Nam June Paik’s Robot sculptures



New sculptures by KAWS at his latest show in Giswil, Switzerland at More Gallery.

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“a voluminous belly” for respectful rubs


The Kim Kardashian statue aka “L.A. Fertility” by Daniel Edwards

Love Thy Weird

The art of Patricia Piccinini

Kaws Companion (Passing Through) Keychains


Also known as ‘Tiny Desk Accessories.’

Detroit’s Crowdfunded RoboCop Statue


A huge reality.

In other Detroit news: Looks like China is establishing roots in the American Auto Industry.

Big Pile of Plop Is A Real Flop


Paul McCarthy’s aptly titled Complex Pile fell victim to bad weather in Hong Kong, and deflated due to holes in the slick, brown surface.

via, artinfo

Art Bongs

Stoner craft.

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Shadow Dancing


A shadow sculpture of Michael Jackson made by Diet Wiegman.

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Doll Faces

Toy sculptures by Freya Jobbins

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