Knittaplease for Insight Clothing

“Knitted Motorcycle With Side Cart & Helmet” (video after jump)
On top of nice threads, Insight does some pretty cool projects. You should check out more here
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Mickey Duck

A new sculpture by HuskMitNavn made in collaboration with Toykyo

Mechanical creatures

The Singing Robot Cricket by Reinhard Gupfinger explores the relationship between Japanese culture and the fascination with the tiny little creature.  The robot uses light to control and navigate it. Check out the video after jump.

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One Hundred and Eight by Nils Völker

One Hundred and Eight is an interactive installation created by Nils Völker where garbage bags are selectively inflated and deflated by two cooling fans.

“One program is running on an Arduino mounted to the lower side taking control of a set of shift registers that trigger the relays individually. A camera is mounted to the ceiling above and connected to a computer on which a second program (Processing) is running. The program registers and tracks movement via the camera and sends the necessary information via a serial connection to the microcontroller.”

Learn more about the project here

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A totem to Mondrian

Patrick Tuttofuoco is an Italian artist.

Art By Night

Martin Basher’s Minimal Consumption/Reflective Sublime/Aspirational Sunset Art, 2010
Plexiglas, mirror film, aluminum, various commercial objects, paint, light
3 vitrines: 1 vitrine @ 96″x 96″x 72″; 2 vitrines @ 48″x 48″x 48″

On view at the MetroTech Center in Brooklyn as part of Total Recall presented by the Public Art Fund

Gabriel Dawe’s Rainbow installations with thread

Gabriel Dawe’s gütermann thread, wood and nails installations at the Dallas Contemporary are beautiful. For more photos and work from Gabriel, click here.

The Silent Evolution by Jason deCaires Taylor

Artist Jason deCaires Taylor just recently completed an incredible piece of art, The Silent Evolution. Situated 9 meters under water off the coast of Isla de Mujeres in Mexico, the piece consists of 400 life-size figures.  This was no quick or cheap task, the work took “18 months, 120 tons of cement, sand, and gravel; 3,800m of fiberglass; 400kg of silicone; 8,000 miles of red tape; 120 hours working underwater; and $250,000.” You may remember his Grenada work we told you about back in 2007.

For more details, photos, and information visit his website

World’s Biggest Jesus

Portion control

Jessica Hlavac uses clay, pastels and varnish to create tiny meals able to fit on objects such as the face of a penny, or the tip of a knife. It’s pretty crazy, and the details alone are remarkable.  Watch a pretty rad video of the making of one such meal after the jump.

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Fluid Sculpture

Nice work by Charlie Bucket

Cardboard Jordans

These and much more are on sale in Mike Leavitt’s online studio.

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