Damien Ortega


Damien Ortega (b. 1967) has a survey of his work opening at Boston’s ICA September 18th.  Sick stuff.

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Space Invaders, Neo Camouflage


Space Invaders group show opening July 17 at Aicon Gallery, featuring Vibha Galhotra, (NEO CAMOUFLAGE, work pictured above) Mayyur Gupta, Dan Holdsworth, Caroline McCarthy, Alan Michael, Muzzumil Ruheel, Sanatan Saha and Mahendar Soni.

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F@ck You and the Horse You Rode in On


I just saw this over at Dezeen. A stuffed Victorian african grey crowned crane, decorated with a saddle, gold-plated silver and pearls. It looks really cool. So, if you’re in London be sure to check out Kelly McCall ‘s “Fuck You and the Horse You Rode in On” a new exhibition at Sotheby’s this week.

big Bambú The Starns at their Beacon Studio


We just recieved a update from the Starn studio regarding a schedule change see below…..

Next weekend you need to head up to Beacon Ny. Doug and Mike Starn, will open there studio to allow access to their most recent work Big Bambú. Doug Starn writes…

Big Bambú is connotative of an autonomous, spontaneous, self-governing, disorganized network responding to itself to better navigate the environment. “It represents me- in that I am who I was, and, I am completely different than I was when I was a little boy.”

To truly have an understanding of its scale and meaning check out their site and watch the 3d rendering video linked below. It looks like there is limited access so plan wisely.

Starn‘s Beacon studio, former Tallix foundry, Beacon, NY
Big Bambú will be open to visitors  2nd and 4th Saturday of July and August between 11AM and 4PM.

Check out the 3d rendering of the installation.

Should you plan to visit, kindly E-mail us at: bb@starnstudio.com

Superego Editions


Debuting at Milan Design Week, SUPEREGO Design has corralled some great artists to do ceramic editions with them.  We are very partial to this Jeremy Fish bottle (above) and the super slick work of BO130 and Microbo (below).  All of these works can be purchased through DesignDesign

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How big do we want our breasts to be?

Great sculpture, good music, fun times

Chocolate Waterboarding Figurines


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Pow, something like this comes out of the blue.

Eat Me Daily writes..

“Waterboarding” by Stephen J Shanabrook is “the peaceful song of a pair of choir boys turned into a silent scream.” In this piece, Shanabrook has figuratively chocolate-waterboarded choir boy Christmas statues”

On view at Daneyal Mahmood

recycled wood by Michael Ferris Jr.


We just recently discovered Michael Ferris Jr., a sculptor who works in recycled materials, mainly recylced wood. The work is really beautiful, and at first glance we thought the subjects were real. He recently had his first solo show at George Adams Gallery in NYC, and he has a second solo show on the books there for 2010. Well done.

New Prints by Faile


Falling For Faile
Varied-Edition Print of 20
Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink
Lenox 100 Paper
25 x 38 Inches
Signed, Stamped and Numbered. 2009

As always, these prints are super fresh and ultra-limited.  $2800 $2300 a piece and sure to keep your eyes happy.  There are originals and bronze works as well.

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Roman Signer


An interesting piece for sure, seen by Swiss Miss at Art Basel.

flynn talbot’s horizon



Australian designer Flynn Talbot designed ‘Horizon’ (an interactive light wall installation)
as part of the smart light sydney festival.

“‘horizon’ is a mix of sky based patterns and contemporary lighting effects. instead
of purely programmed effects, visitors are invited to interact and modify the patterns
of light. the installation is double sided so it affects both the street scene and the whole
interior of the gallery. it explores light vs. space and the effect that colour has on people
and their surroundings.”


Andrew Krasnow’s skin


In the name of art, Andrew Krasnow is making sculptures and lampshades out of human skin. He is constantly being compared to serial killers and Nazi’s, either way he has gotten a lot of attention for making art out of human skin. You may be asking yourself, how does he obtain the skin?….

“Using skins from white men who donated their bodies to medical science, he has created freak versions of mundane items including flags, boots and maps of America – in effect using skin like leather. His work, he says, is a commentary on human cruelty and America’s ethics and morality.”

He has a new show that will be opening in July in London, so book your ticket now.

Souther Salazar’s Hot Air Balloon installation

Saturday night we stopped by Souther Salazar’s new show at Jonathan Levine and were immediately drawn to a back room where these Hot Air Balloons created out of lightbulbs, wiffle balls, glass jars, and plastic bottles were installed amongst small watercolors and drawings. They are about the coolest/cutest art pieces I have seen for some time and some are still available here

Opening shot courtesy of TypeFiend the rest courtesy of Jonathan Levine Gallery

New Revs sculpture on the Street in Dumbo


Apparently this iron beast was installed the during last week of April by Revs.  Jake Dobkin caught a couple pics.

video of him from Bomb It after the jump

via, Animal

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Beijing Sculptor Xiang Jing


Xiang Jing creates these amazing life size sexual figures that are both disturbingly beautiful and uncomfortable at the same time.  She currently has work on exhibit in London.

For more information and work by Xiang click here.

Mark Ryden’s new toy looked a lot cooler when I thought it was this big size


Seriously, as a large, vinyl sculpture it would have been dope.  Scale it down to apartment living material, meh.

more at Hi-Fructose

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Applause Machine


I could use one of these in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen…basically everywhere.  Designed by Martin Smith and manufactured by Lakingland, the Applause machine comes in Black, White, Green, Red, and Orange.  Each color is in an edition of 250.

See more here

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William Buzzell at Paul Bright


Thumbnails and Fingertips

William Buzzell opened a new solo show at Paul Bright Gallery in Toronto last week. Titled Contact High: Study Aids and Other Drawings, the show features 20 works that use a combination of found wood and latex house paint with the classic wit we have come to know through Buzzell’s work.  All pieces are affordably priced, so click on over to the gallery’s website and have a look for yourself.  A couple favorites after the jump.

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David Ellis in New Zealand


David Ellis just finished up a month-long residency in New Zealand that culminated in a show of new works at Webb’s.  While the show did just close this past Friday, there are still some pieces available.  With the Dollar at the US’s advantage, a piece like Record & Tapes (above) will only run you $1857.00 US, instead of the 3500 $NZ that it was pegged for.  Absolute steals are to be had. See more of the work here, and more information after the jump.

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