The Andy Monument

Today at 6pm sharp in the NW corner of Union Square, Artist and D.C. boy Rob Pruitt, with support of the Public Art Fund will unveil The Andy Monument.

“The Andy Monument, by Rob Pruitt, is a figurative sculpture of Andy Warhol in the neo-classical style.  Situated in Union Squared Park, it stands across from the building where Andy Warhol moved his Factory to in 1968.  Just around the corner from Max’s Kansas City, this was the location where Valerie Salonas’ assassination attempt occurred and where Interview magazine was launched. The statue sits on a classical style pediment, which instead of being carved from marble, is cast in concrete. The figure, at 7 feet tall, is slightly larger then life and chrome-plated, to reflect the changing world around it.”

Below is a letter from Rob Pruitt stating the intent and reasoning behind the sculpture:

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A nice new sculpture in an edition of 12 by HuskMitNavn.

Available through Toykyo

A Closer Look at American Culture as Seen in this Falla

The Internet Explorer logo kind of threw me off but, it’d be cool to see Ron English do one of these.

David Ellis Kinetic Sound Installation at PULSE NY

David Ellis Kinetic Sound Installation from The World's Best Ever on Vimeo.

Go see this immediately, it’s worth the price of admission alone.

TR & ASH – Talkin’ Rubbish cuz All Suckaz Hate – (David Ellis and Roberto Lange)
“True Value (Paint Fukket)”
Kinetic sound installation
Dimensions variable

The work is being displayed by Joshua Liner Gallery in the ‘IMPULSE’ section of the PULSE Art Fair.


Morning Dose of The Clock Clock

Created by Humans since 1982

A Delicious Looking Skull

Christopher Chiappa’s sculpture of a skull made out of McDonalds French Fries Skull is just one part of a diptych titled, McMiracles. You can find out more about Chris at Kate Werble Gallery.

via, Boooooom

Hans Hemmert photowork

Hans Hemmert sculpture, for more images of Hans’s work go here.

Conan Made Out of Legos

Once again this week, we look at the work of Nathan Sawaya. This time it’s a commissioned sculpture of Conan, and it’s big.

KAWS Companion (Robert Lazzarini Versions)

Damn, I’m really into seeing what the profile of these collabs looks like.  If anybody wants to line this guy writing here up with a grey version (above), much appreciated. Brown and black colorways after the jump.

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Knittaplease for Insight Clothing

“Knitted Motorcycle With Side Cart & Helmet” (video after jump)
On top of nice threads, Insight does some pretty cool projects. You should check out more here
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Mickey Duck

A new sculpture by HuskMitNavn made in collaboration with Toykyo

Mechanical creatures

The Singing Robot Cricket by Reinhard Gupfinger explores the relationship between Japanese culture and the fascination with the tiny little creature.  The robot uses light to control and navigate it. Check out the video after jump.

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