Amanda Visell’s Posters for Girls

These are nice and very giftable

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New Work from Faile Available today

Wow. We couldn’t be more excited about the art that Faile is releasing at Noon (est) today.  Unique blocks and prints.

Each box contains 8 – 2 x 2 x 2 inch wooden blocks. Each block six-sided painted, printed and hand-finished. These are all random assortments of the blocks. They come in a custom letterpress box with the edition number and stamp. Block Sets are

Faile Bedtime Stories Blocks
Edition of 150
Acrylic and Silkscreen Ink
Eight, 2 x 2 x 2 inch Wooden Blocks
Custom Stamped Box, Faile 2010

Available here

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Buy an Os Gemeos Poster for $.01 + Shipping

Of course you want this.

Os Gemeos
Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape, 2010
Offset printed poster
24 x 18 inches

Published on the occasion of the exhibit “Viva La Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape“, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, California, July 18, 2010 – January 2, 2011

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Shepard Fairey Goes Pop! for PAPER Mag

Dang, really liking this print a lot.  POW(ER) will be available as a print tomorrow (11/4) at a random time.

Here is a brief explanation of the POW(ER) print. I was asked by my longtime friends at PAPER magazine to guest edit their art issue. I gladly  accepted, and the issue should be out later in Nov. In the issue my friend and PAPER editor Carlo McCormick, who wrote an essay for my book “Supply And Demand”, wrote a fantastic essay about the evolution of visual culture from Pop Art to street art, and the impact of the internet and media saturation. To illustrate Carlo’s essay I created the POW(ER) image. The image is an homage to influential Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein, who appropriated and re-painted comic frames often transforming them in meaning and context. I have often described my art as a fusion of Pop Art, street art, and political art. I utilize the platform created by Pop Art, but I try to take my work even more directly to the people. Like Pop artists before me, I utilize a vocabulary of familiar cultural visual references. In fact, after I conceived of the POW(ER) image and did some further research on Lichtenstein, I discovered an image he had made of a woman holding a can of spray paint or hairspray. The image looked familiar to me, because a few years ago I re-illustrated the same piece of clip art that Lichtenstein referenced for his spray paint/hair spray painting. The connection was was too serendipitous to ignore and I proceeded to create the POW(ER) image. For me, street art has always been about populism and emPOWERment. The recent embrace of street art in the art world as a legitimate genre demonstrates the power of accessible, relatable imagery, and in many ways builds upon the triumphs of Pop Art. Check out the PAPER issue when it comes out to read Carlo’s excellent essay.

Go Buy Now: Matt Goldman – Muertos Couple 2

9″ x 12″
Edition of 100
3-Color Silk Screen on 100% Cotton Archival Paper


Musician Style

The website EveryGuyed recently released a print series called Ensemble: The Style of Music. Featuring get-ups from 20 male musicians throughout history, the idea is fresh although, I have to admit that some of the artists chosen for this would not be on my list.

Designed by Glenn Michael of Moxy Creative House, and illustrated by James Alexander, the prints are available here

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‘Drive-Thru Skeleton’ print by VCJ

Printed on fullbleed metallic silver, this is a nice opportunity town a little piece of art by legendary Powell Peralta artist VCJ. Part of the Volume 2 of the Pop-Sub Print Set.

“This second set in the series features 3 7″ mini-prints- 2 from Aye Jay and 1 from skate legend VCJ. Packaged in a custom screen printed 7″ chipboard jacket (like a 45rpm record) and plastic outer sleeve.”

Buy the set here

Roots of War in Popular Song (forest of no return) by David Byrne

Released through 20 x 200,  proceeds from this print by David Byrne benefit Creative Time.

Buy it here

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Ideas Meeting from Modern Toss

This gem is available as a print here

Cory Arcangel’s Whitney Studio Party Print

HP Photosmart C3180 All-In-One Test (Forward and Back Again)
8 ½ x 11”
Signed and Numbered Edition of 50

Available to the first fifty Artist Sponsor ticket purchasers for The Whitney’s Annual Studio Party

This is a win-win situation, great art, and a great party.

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Ryan McGinness, Art History Is Not Linear (VMFA)

Free. All you have to do is pay for shipping.

Ryan McGinness
Art History Is Not Linear (VMFA), 2010
Offset printed poster
39 x 27 inches

Available here

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Mike Perry’s Space Sandwich #2

Available through Paper Monster

Go Buy Now: Stanley Donwood’s Forgot Was Sorry Print

Besides turning email spam into great art, Stanley Donwood has been creating the cover art for Radiohead since OK Computer.

Edition of 40
6-color screen print, unframed
Measures 25-1/2×26″
Signed and numbered by the artist

Available at Fifty24SF

Oh Yoko!

John Lennon lookin’ real whiskery and catlike in this new print from Shepard Fairey.

Available tomorrow (8/26) at a random time. [Read more]

Chris Stain, Fist Stick Knife Gun

We’re definitely into this print by Chris Stain.

stencil print/woodstain
19″ x 25″
signed/numbered/archival paper edition of 23


Steve Nazar

Steve Nazar is the man behind some of the greatest T-shirt Graphics and characters of all-time for T&C Surf Designs. Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, Primal Pete, and the Pray For Surf Guys, all classic. I am super-psyched that Steve has made available some original drawings and prints of these graphics that were previously archived. They are affordable as well, so you should jump on over to his site to own a piece of surf history.
Buy now.

Go Buy Now: Todd James’ ice cream girl

Lookin’ delicious for summer.

Edition of 50
75 cm x 52 cm
13 Colour Hand-Pulled Silkscreen print on Arches 88 300gsm paper
Signed and numbered

Invader’s new prints

Embossed and available through Pictures On Walls.

“Invader continues to overrun cities with his mosaic creations at an astonishing rate (most recently San Diego, above) and these prints are a brave effort at capturing the charm of his craft. The artstock paper is embossed with a relief tile pattern and then printed with foil inks for a reflective quality so ceramic-like you’ll be tempted to eat your dinner off them.

Our returns policy does not cover this.”

Shepard Fairey’s Moon Over Biloxi

Available Tuesday, July 27th  at a random time.  A portion of the proceeds go to the NRDC.

The title of this print “Moon Over Biloxi” is a tribute to the  Dead Kennedy’s song “Moon Over Marin”. In 1984 I picked up maybe my 4th punk record which was the 2nd Dead Kennedy’s album “Plastic Surgery Disasters”. The album is a great listen all the way through and includes some blistering tunes like “Riot” and “Bleed For Me” laced with social commentary. The surprise song though is “Moon Over Marin”… detractors have called it the Dead Kennedy’s “U2″ song, but I disagree. “Moon Over Marin” is more melodic than most DK, but juxtaposed with the darkness of the lyrics, the song evokes a powerful sense of existential melancholy. I think the concept that struck me, and stuck with me, is that our disrespect of each other and the planet may doom us , but things will continue without us. I think it is healthy to recognize impermanence, but also to appreciate the value of the ephemeral. Moonlight, real or electric, will probably be around, but what it will be casting light on is the real question. There will always be a moon over Biloxi.

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