Matthew Craven

We recently came upon the work of Matthew Craven in the form of an installation in the back of Marvelli Gallery.  Outstanding work and very affordable.  Have a look above. More information over this way.

artist alex Mcleod in his own words


Check out the work of Alex Mcleod. We saw his work and thought we should reach out and learn more. We selected 3 works from his portfolio and asked him to tell us a little bit more about them. On top of it all, Alex has a new show opening June 11th at Switch Contemporary in Toronto.  Learn more after the jump [Read more]

Isabel Samaras’ Nutz Plate


This limited edition plate of a little squirrel rocking a thick gold dookie chain with acorn pendant is pretty awesome.  As a matter of fact, all of the work Isabel Samaras created for her latest show at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco is awesome.  Check out some more after the jump, where you will see a pimpin’ porcupine, a wize owl, and even some ghetto blastin’ birds.

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Hannah Stouffer watercolors


Check out the watercolor work by artist illustrator Hannah Stouffer. Make sure to check out the live recreated works on here site. Example after the jump.

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phone in a masterpiece by Hockney


Check out this article about David Hockney, one of Britians most celebrated artists embracing the iphone. The 71-year-old has taken to using the touchscreen of his iPhone to create mini-masterpieces, and he even has a little easel to display his work. He is not new to technology when it comes to making art, in the past he has incorporated fax machines, polaroids, and other early painting programs for computers. To read more about Hockney click here.

clark goolsby


Skull IV, 2009
Mixed media on canvas
48 x 36 inches

Totally digging the work of this Los Angeles based painter.

Audrey Kawasaki’s first solo show in Japan


Audrey Kawasaki’s first solo show in Japan is opening this weekend at Space Yui Gallery in Tokyo. Check out a preview interview with Audrey on arrested motion and all of the work from the show here

Charles Glaubitz in the tree’s


Charles Glaubitz currently has a show at Dirty Pilot. This piece is my favorite, check out the link to see the making of it.

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David Lyle @ George Billis Gallery


Planning your Thursday night gallery jaunt? Check out David Lyle’s new show at George Billis Gallery this Thursday, April 30th. He works in oil, and pulls his content from the 50s and 60s.



This new series of paintings for his show at Don’t Come in Melbourne is really fresh.  The girl sitting down by them (after the jump), ain’t half bad either.

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Art Crimes put up a nice gallery of Gaze’s work from the 90’s this month.  His letters and colors were sick.

Ed Templeton in Belgium


Ed Templeton’s Strange New Feelings opens tonight at Tim Van Laere in Antwerp.  Maybe you’ll see Gene P.  Peep some process shots here

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out in LA



Corey Helford Gallery Presents Luke Chueh’s first solo show, “From Light Cometh Darkness.” The Opening Reception is Friday, March 20th from 7 to 10 pm.  I wish I was in LA to see this show. So, if you have the chance make it out there and spread the love of the World’s Best.

Jeff McMillan at Dirty Pilot


Californian Artist Jeff McMillan pulls influences from 80’s popular culture, with a heavy dose of television programming, cartoons,
toys, and movies. His work is on display at Dirty Pilot.

Dave Choe in China


Dave Choe put a bunch of images up on his blog from his current stay in China.  If you ever had any doubts about his skills, put them to bed.

via, AM

Dan Witz opening



This Friday, Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg will host artwork from Dan Witz and -mar-.The opening reception is this Friday Mar. 20th from 7-10pm. Sponsored by Coney Island Lager. Who knew Coney Island had a beer?


(street art)

William Buzzell at Paul Bright


Thumbnails and Fingertips

William Buzzell opened a new solo show at Paul Bright Gallery in Toronto last week. Titled Contact High: Study Aids and Other Drawings, the show features 20 works that use a combination of found wood and latex house paint with the classic wit we have come to know through Buzzell’s work.  All pieces are affordably priced, so click on over to the gallery’s website and have a look for yourself.  A couple favorites after the jump.

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David Ellis in New Zealand


David Ellis just finished up a month-long residency in New Zealand that culminated in a show of new works at Webb’s.  While the show did just close this past Friday, there are still some pieces available.  With the Dollar at the US’s advantage, a piece like Record & Tapes (above) will only run you $1857.00 US, instead of the 3500 $NZ that it was pegged for.  Absolute steals are to be had. See more of the work here, and more information after the jump.

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LET’S Paint TV

Artists got to be multi-taskers in this economy.  John Kilduff has a show on public access called Let’s Paint TV.  In it, Kilduff paints while on a treadmill and then attempts various tasks to keep the show interesting.  In this episode, he paints while on a treadmill, while eating a watermelon, while talking a lot.

More information on the show here

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