Paintings by Bongiovanni

Maurizio Bongiovanni
Bird rib, 2010
Maurizio is originally from Milan, but currently resides in Madrid.

Taylor McKimens

Taylor McKimens lives and works in New York. We’ve been a fan for ages.

Lance Mountain honors the fallen

This Jeff Phillips Doughboy watercolor is one in a series of 8 that are dedicated to the memory of the greats from the skateboarding community who have passed away. Each watercolor is 22″ x 27″ framed with a price of $300.00 You can also pick up a single, illustrated print for $25.00, or the whole set of 8 for $100.00. Check out the site for more details.

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Shera’s world

Take a look at “Birth” by artist Shera (Julien Tran-Dinh). He is an illustrator and painter from Paris, France.

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Oils of Water

Swedish painter Marcus Eek‘s Djupet, 2007, oil on canvas.

Very appropriate considering the BP fuck-up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Julia Randall


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Henrike Stahl

Henrike Stahl is a Paris-Based artist and photographer.

visual illusions from Bridget Riley

Catarct 3 (1967), by Op-artist Bridget Riley.

Whistler’s father


Titus Kaphar, the love of art history

Artist Titus Kaphar describes his love for history as the reason for his work.

Have a look at the collection of cut canvases here, and a video interview after the jump.

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Paintings from Marion Lane

A studio of colors, paintings from Marion Lane are peaceful.


peeling back the skin

Pretty amazing work from artist Xue Jiye, this is just a taste make sure to check out the sculptures after the jump.

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