Details from the Joshua Liner Summer Group Exhibition

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Blu in Warsaw


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Watercolors by Reuben Negron

With subject matter ranging from erotic and bondage to the mundane, Reuben Negron’s watercolors are skilled and beautiful.

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Kelsey Brooke’s Explosion Puzzles

For his new show with Kime Buzzelli, and Albert Reyes at New Image Art, Kelsey Brookes created these two puzzle paintings. They’re pretty much magic.

“Each has 5 interchangeable parts which can be swapped out with each other (you can push the individual pieces out from the back of the frame using a pencil) making 25 unique paintings.”

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Paintings by Bongiovanni

Maurizio Bongiovanni
Bird rib, 2010
Maurizio is originally from Milan, but currently resides in Madrid.

Taylor McKimens

Taylor McKimens lives and works in New York. We’ve been a fan for ages.

Lance Mountain honors the fallen

This Jeff Phillips Doughboy watercolor is one in a series of 8 that are dedicated to the memory of the greats from the skateboarding community who have passed away. Each watercolor is 22″ x 27″ framed with a price of $300.00 You can also pick up a single, illustrated print for $25.00, or the whole set of 8 for $100.00. Check out the site for more details.

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Shera’s world

Take a look at “Birth” by artist Shera (Julien Tran-Dinh). He is an illustrator and painter from Paris, France.

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Oils of Water

Swedish painter Marcus Eek‘s Djupet, 2007, oil on canvas.

Very appropriate considering the BP fuck-up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Julia Randall


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Henrike Stahl

Henrike Stahl is a Paris-Based artist and photographer.

visual illusions from Bridget Riley

Catarct 3 (1967), by Op-artist Bridget Riley.

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