Sex Club


It’s Valentines Day, so why not a post about sex clubs. Last Year, after a yearlong $253,000 to clean up of its frescoes and repairing the 2 story structure the doors are opened to the public. The Lupanare

Art show in SF


We saw this post on Cobain in a Coma, ( a worlds best blog name) looks like it could be a good show. Check out Paintedbird, for information.

drawing exhibit in berlin


Anke Becker from Bl

Shepard Fairey print release


Going up for sale on Tuesday is a new print by Shepard Fairey titled “War for Sale, Red”. This is a follow-up to a cream version he released last week. When the print goes up, you will probably only have a minute to buy it, so don’t hesitate.

reaction to estimate-breaking sales


Banksy, in response to his tremendous sales at auction this week

Bombing Middle England –

use of paper


Dragon God, created by Origami Artist Satoshi Kamiya.

guide for sex


Burke and Hazelden

paint by numbers charity auction


Opening this Saturday at Corey Helford Gallery, CHARITY BY NUMBERS is an art auction on ebay to benefit The Alliance For Children’s Rights. Co-curated by Gary Baseman, artists including Mark Ryden, Richard Colman, Craola, Tim Biskup, Audrey Kawasaki (above), Camille Rose Garcia, Friends With You, Shepard Fairey, Sam Flores, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Dave Cooper, Dave Kinsey, Isabel Samaras, The London Police, and Tokidoki will transform old-school paint-by-numbers pictures into modern underground masterpieces. The auction begins February 10th and ends February 17th at midnight (PST).

miss of the day


Sheppard Fairey, released a new print today. Sold out in oh, 3 or 4 minutes. There’s always next time.

auction of Banksy’s


February 7th & 8th at Sotheby’s Auction houses in London seven of Banksy’s works will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. One of the favorite’s which is set to crush it’s estimate of 20,000 pounds sterling is a painted resin sculpture of a ballerina (above) reminiscent of degas, but wearing a gas mask. To see the rest click here, however you will have to sign in to view.

wire frame line drawing of a nissan


The work of Benedict Radcliffe, head of experiential design at Glasgow consultancy Stand, will be shown at the Paul Smith Mayfair shop on Albermarle Street, W1 from 7 to 16 February. Radcliffe’s work combines engineering and sculpture with graphic and industrial design. The exhibition, Modern Japanese Classics & Other Works, includes full-scale, 3D wire cars inspired by line drawings.

Fashion Portraits


Showcasing the work of the five most innovative commercial imagemakers working in fashion today, Face of Fashion aims to “celebrate the diversity of current fashion portraiture,” whilst cleverly taking the attention away from the clothing.

At the National Portrait Gallery in London from 15 February through 28 May, 2007.

photo: Corinne Day

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