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Photographer CHRISTIAN WITKIN photographed Tyra Banks… Yes that crazy one (the other crazy one) back in 1998. This shot looks like it was for a Ice T album cover. If you’re into buying limited edition prints check out


1981er is a cool internet magazine. Their first issue features a series of photos & paintings by David Ostrowski titled ‘THEY ARE BUILDING MY CANVASES’.  Great work, great builders.

See it here

Go Buy Now: Tauba Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach etching.
‘Yes and No and/or Yes or No’, 2008. Signed Edition of 30.
Image size 28x20in. Paper size 39x30in.

Color Aquatint Etching on Somerset paper, Published by Paulson Press.

Available here

Sourcing Faile’s Material

While trolling the internet, I came across this site, where a person was asked if they knew the source of imagery of a certain ‘Faile Dreams’ print. The writer did not but, a commenter directed them to the font source which was an issue of micronauts.  Apparently finding out the origins of Faile’s images is pretty huge amongst some.

“Not unlike tracking down the sources of audio samples in hip-hop records, a ‘game’ that ensues for Faile enthusiasts is to try and determine the origins of the many visual ‘samples’.”

Which explains this thread in Faile’s Forum. Pretty interesting stuff.

pretty prison ink

Check out the recently released Russian Criminal Tattoo, Encyclopedia Volume III by design duo – FUEL’s, launched at Paul Smith Floral Street.

This is the final volume of previously unpublished drawings and photographs from the collections of Danzig Baldaev and Sergei Vasiliev. It completes the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia trilogy.

What do you think the new tattoo trend is?

a bunch of Obama Hope Poster parodies

This Hope one by 21st Century Filth being particularly Awesome.

See them all here.

via, wired

Banksy Number 63 on Art Review’s Power 100 List

Take that Thomas Kinkade

Dreweatt’s Urban Art Sale

Yes, this auction is today.  No, it should not be taken as a market indicator. Yes, That Gemeos painting is dope.  The good pieces will sell, the not-so-great ones probably will not.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Vivi La Revolucion

Available on the 15th of October will be Shepard Fairey‘s most recent print, Vivi La Revolucion.  The portrait of his daughter Vivienne holding a dove, is really crisp and very family friendly.

World War Two propaganda posters

Headovmetal has a great collection of World War 2 propaganda postersThe world has gone so soft, there is no way we could get away with any of this now. Although now that I think of it, isn’t this a billboard in the south?

photo: current

laser cut papermonsters

The Limited:: PaperMonster Laser Skateboard Deck based on PaperMonster’s “He’s Here” design will be released at 1pm Eastern on October 13th (Monday) click below:

There are a total of 10 original decks for sale, each on 100% Canadian maple with incredible detail.

Read their blog here.

Images from Jose Parla’s Adaptation | Translation show

File this under shows that we wish we could see in person.  Luckily, Wallkandy has an eye for detail and delivers some extensive shots of Jose Parla’s latest show.

See all of the images here

Paper Mag’s For The Love of Art has just published an enjoyable read titled ‘For The Love of Art.’ I especially enjoyed Marc Schiller’s piece on Commerce.

In their words…

“Here our favorite artists and players in the art world tell us who and what they care about now and why, and by doing so, give us much to think about in the wider community of ideas and sensibilities that ultimately bind us together. Terence Koh and Cecily Brown talk about sex and sexuality in art; the inimitable Tauba Auerbach writes a passage of scientific genius; Shepard Fairey visits the increasingly provocative and populated terrain of political art; and more — RoseLee Goldberg on Performance Art, Anne Pasternak on public art, Mark Tribe considers the world of digital art and representation, James Fuentes interviews Rob Pruitt on humor, Michael Nevin explores his love of drawing, Shirin Neshat addresses feelings of exile, and Marc Schiller talks art and commerce by revisiting his earlier thoughts on “The Banksy Effect.””

Read it all here

Outsiders to stay open until october 26th

Good news for the lazy and travelers who thought they would miss the show, Outsiders is extending its stay on the Bowery for two more weeks and will close on October 26th.  This certainly quells rumours of other plans for the space…

See all of our coverage here.

Photos From Lazarides’ Outsiders Show

Artorialust: Hot Chicks at Art Openings

Video of ZEVS performance

Quality of Life

When I first heard of this show, I thought back to my first encounters with the photographers.  It wasn’t in person (as most aren’t these days) but, through the internet.  More specifically Flickr.  Life in New York can be contained to specific neighborhoods as time is never on our side, yet somehow these four seem to be everywhere all of the time.  As contemporaries of each other in a new generation of New York documentarians, they capture moments that are immediately rendered timeless and beautiful.  More deeply familiar with each others persona and work than I am of theirs, I asked Sam Horine, Jake Dobkin, Luna Park, and Street Stars to select a favorite photograph of another and explain what makes the work so good.  Luckily, being the nice folks that they are, they agreed.  After the jump words and photos from them all.

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Mike Giant at White Walls

I first became familiar with Mike Giant‘s work in 1993 when a package arrived in the mail from San Francisco.  The contents of said package included a bunch of 11″ x 17″ photocopies of drawings made on freight trains, from that moment on I was sold.  Fast forward to 2008, those drawings are lost but Mike Giant keeps on.

His latest solo show at White Walls in San Francisco opens tomorrow night and contains a vast amount of his crisp, black on white drawings that have come to define his style.  After the jump, some of my favorites that are still available for purchase.

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Peruvian Spraypaint

Motivation for many burners.

via, hurtyoubad

Josh Keyes at OK OK Gallery in Seattle

Opening tomorrow night at OK OK Gallery is Josh Keyes‘ latest show ‘Mist’.  Half of the pieces in the show reference the areas native population in various studies of totem poles, my favorite being the one above.  If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, make the trek out to see this. No disappointments.

Dan Witz at Stolen Space

Previewing tonight and opening tomorrow is Dan Witz’s latest show ‘Night Paintings’ at Stolen Space in London.  Witz’s oil paintings are unbelievable in person, so if you happen to be in the future capital of finance stop by for a look.  A quick preview and press release after the jump.

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