the kids are all right


We just got word of a show opening tonight in Philly of young artists, some still in training. Either way it should be a good time to get out  and see some art and get your drink on. For more info click here.

Dave Schubert

We are pleased to present another round of photographs from Dave Schubert.  Enjoy.

Opening in New York This Weekend


Phil Frost Paperweight: An Exhibition of Works on Paper

Gary Taxali Hindi Love Song

Jonathan Levine Gallery, Saturday April 4th 7 – 9pm

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Yuko Sueta Art Auction benefit



jersey city hip-hop


What are you doing tonight? Take the path to Jersey City and check out our friend Josh Cheuse’s show at Public School. Josh was there when it all started and was capturing history. Run DMC to Kool Mo Dee, his work is amazing and if your a fan of hip-hop then this is for you.

Photos From American Realities


American Realities opened at New Image Art last Saturday.  It took us a week to post about some photos, so here is a link.

and another link

and another link

Keep an artist in your pocket


Why not buy a 3-inch tall Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, or Pablo Picasso?

get them here for $19.99

The Wii Spray Teaser

It has been a while since we last reported on the WiiSpray and it seems as if things are moving along quite well.  They have sponsorship from Montana and this video above shows the progress.

If you’re interested, there is more info here

the grandeur of European Rococo architecture


We just discovered Free News Projects, who in turn introduced us to Pablo Bronstein.

“London-based Pablo Bronstein is a young artist floating out of time. His is an eye that can, say, synthesize the dripping, ornate grandeur of European Rococo architecture with the juvenile, weird, building-block edifices of the 1980s. In A Guide to Postmodern Architecture in London, a short book published by Walther Konig in 2008, Bronstein made it look obvious, and perfect. Bronstein’s indulgence educates selflessly, for his is an art that encourages others to look harder and draw the most from their own obsessions. In October 2006, the artist dryly guided a coach tour around London to share his discoveries.” Thanks to FNP for the tip.

Lunchtime Laughter

Houston is at least 4 years behind New York and definitely 1 year behind New Orleans

The beginning of this article is classic…

HOUSTON – A new form of graffiti is popping up around Houston, one that has nothing to do with spray paint.

It’s called “wheat pasting,” so named because of the paste used to plaster traffic signal boxes and other vertical surfaces with large sheets of paper which are pre-printed with the artist’s message.

“That’s something new that’s just come into Houston,” said Martin Chavez, who runs the graffiti abatement program for the Greater East End Management District.

Read more at Fox news

Reyes will customize your bed


Reyes sent us over images of a newly completed project he did involving a seriously fresh customization of a japanese flat bed.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Recently I undertook another interior design project, this time on a japanese flat bed. The client loved the work so much they purchased a painting from me to complete their bedroom motif. The interior design projects are a great use of my painting abilities, keep an eye out for a new signature line of tables, benches and chairs by yours truly. thanks to Julio,Ann, and Dylan Maddux”

More info on Reyes here, and a couple more images after the jump

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Os Gêmeos on Handselecta

For those who don’t know, Os Gêmeos are a pair of the finest writers in Brazil.  Handselecta recently caught their handstyles on camera.  Peep the video here and one more (which seems like a brazilian rendition of the philly hand) after the jump.  For those who haven’t seen it or need a refresher, here are also some photos from their show last summer at Deitch.

via, Whatyouwrite

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Pose MSK

Chicago’s own, Pose has been mesmerizing us with an insane color palette featuring letters and characters that put mostly everyone to shame.  Thankfully being the nice guy he is, Pose gave us the total spectrum of work to provide to you in slideshow format. Start taking notes.
More on the man himself over at We Are Supervision, and cop some of his prints here

Gallery 1988’s Idiot Box


Opening tomorrow night in LA is Gallery 1988’s latest show, Idiot Box.

“100 artists take aim at television’s guilty pleasure and celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Save By The Bell””

Mr. Belding will be there.

more info

Department Of Eagles – No One Does It Like You

Marcel Dzama is the man

Adam Wallacavage’s Zoloft


This is available in The Selby Shop at Colette right now.  Kind of creeps me out in a way that I have yet to determine.

Buy it / See more

Art21: Art in the Twenty-First Century on Hulu

Peep it.  4 seasons, 16 episodes.  Great for a rainy Sunday.

“Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century” is the only series on television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States, and it uses the medium of television to provide an experience of the visual arts that goes far beyond a gallery visit. Fascinating and intimate footage allows the viewer to observe the artists at work, watch their process as they transform inspiration into art, and hear their thoughts as they grapple with the physical and visual challenges of achieving their artistic visions.”

picture of the day


by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs.

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