Picture of the Day


Andrew Fladeboe, Graffiti Hill, from his series ‘The United States of America.’

The Albino Alley Cat

This a great/humorous/instructional video by Peat Wollaeger.  Watch it and enjoy.

Not for Toys


These markers are for both display and action.

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Monsieur Poulet

This Week…

We looked at a bunch of awesome bmx bikes.

Girl Skateboards teased the Where The Wild Things Are Series.

A bunch of girls dressed as Storm Troopers.

Minni Havas drew a black panther.

Obama became President!

New Image Art’s 15 year Anniversary Show


Not to be missed if you find yourself in Los Angeles this Saturday.

15 Years of New Image Art
Saturday, Jan. 24, 7-11pm
7910 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Special Live Performance by No Age

Participating artists:
Ed Templeton, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Deanna Templeton, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Thomas Campbell, Judith Supine, Eddie Martinez, The Uncomfortable Jams, Rich Jacobs and Move, Tauba Auerbach, Chris Lindig, Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson, Cheryl Dunn, Geoff McFetridge, Jim Houser, Rebecca Westcott, Jeff Soto, Matt Leines, Swoon, Faile, David Ellis, Bast, Aiko, Date Farmers, Leigh LeDare, Os Gemeos, Neckface, Kelsey Brookes, Megan Whitmarsh, Misaki Kawai, Taylor McKimens, Anthony Lister, Skullphone, Caroline Hwang, Suzannah Sinclair, Clayton Brothers, Christopher Garrett, Sean Cassidy, Liz Young, Cody Hudson, Karen Finley, Johanna Went, Various and Gold, Shay Nowick, Antonio Diaz, Christopher Garrett, Tony Cox and Rich Jacobs.

Lunchtime Laughter


This guys work is real nice.

Steve Powers was right


We asked a question just before Election Day about the first thing Obama would do.

Steve Powers said,

“best case scenario he closes guantanamo, ends domestic spying, and outlaws torture. worst case scenario is he maintains the status quo, as 43 of his predecessors have done before him”


Obama Issues Directive to Shut Down Guantánamo

“Jesus I don’t know.”


Richard Colman gets interviewed on The Citrus Report.

deconstructing historical pieces


Carpenters Workshop Gallery, 3 Albemerale Street, London w1s 4., will be exhibiting Sebastian Brajkovic’s new body of work, entitled Lathe.  Brajkovic’s work, balance between the old and the new.  He uses the computer to create models that are twisted intow “reflective” works, as if you dysected the middle of the and inserted a mirror. There is a private viewing with the artist / Thursday 5 February, 6-9pm. The Show runs from 5 February – 14 March 2009

rod trooper


Believe it or not, someone commisioned this piece, “Man of Tomorrow” by  Brandon Bird. So, someone wanted this one?

Some Afternoon Listening


Shepard Fairey on NPR’s Fresh Air

Go Buy Now: Mark Ryden’s Fur Girl


This new print by Mark Ryden became available this morning. In an edition of 500 and measuring 33″ x 23 1/8″, the lithograph is a copy of a painting of the same name that will debut at Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo, Japan this February.

Available through Porterhouse for $500



Donald Wilson Roller is a well connected artist. For example, his artist statement was written by Robin Williams and the intro to the site by Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. Regardless of who his friends are, his work is interesting.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Job Well Done


What a year. What a career.

photo via hoogrrl

the world is really dirty

We found this great post on this very cool site called the Strange Attractor. Check out British graffiti artist Paul Curtis, otherwise known as Moose. He creates art while blasting away at grit and grime from the walls of our filthy cities. Shot by filmmaker Doug Pray. Visit The Reverse Graffiti Project. This is an amazing video and what’s beautiful about it is how simple the idea was to create something this complex. Enjoy.

Good Monday morning


The art of Alex Sandwell, sexual fantasy

Dave Schubert

Please install Flash to view this feature.
We are happy to present some more work by Dave Schubert. This time in color.

Crash & Oliver Vernon at Joshua Liner Gallery


Opening tomorrow night are two great shows at Josh Liner’s Gallery in NYC. Be There.

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