Artorialust: Best of 2008

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A great year in Art and Artorialust

David Choe signs the Choegal in NYC


Saturday, January 3, 2009 – 4:00 – 7:00

Giant Robot NY
437 E. 9th street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 674-GRNY

Giant Robot is proud to host a “Choegal” release party attended by artist David Choe.

Raised on comic books, affected by street art, and inspired by crime, women, and music, Choe has developed a unique and restless style that is effortless yet meticulous and focused yet dirty. Since the artist contributed his first illustration to Giant Robot magazine in 1997, he has exhibited in solo shows around the world (at all three Giant Robot galleries as well as in Paris, Tokyo, and London) and also been featured on VBS-TV’s popular Thumbs Up! series. Choegal is his first wood figure: extremely detailed, totally hand painted, and featuring a head that rotates to expose three facial expressions. This piece is strictly limited to 1,000 pieces.

From 4:00-7:00 on Saturday, January 3, 2009, Choe will be on hand to sign Choegal figures, as well as the brand new issue of Giant Robot. In addition to writing his regular column, he provided cover art and design elements found throughout the magazine.

Sourcing Banksy’s material


There is an interesting thread in the Banksy forum about where he pulls his reference material from.  Nothing comes out of thin air.

Vandal Squad Giveaway photos

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The following is a slideshow of our favorite pics from the Vandal Squad Book Giveaway.  The winning flick is at the end and what made us choose it was because it was different than all of the others. Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Roy.

Go Buy Now: Aurel Schmidt’s Supernatural


Standing 6 feet tall and measuring almost 3 feet in width, Supernatural is one hell of a drawing.  Lucky for us it has been replicated into a print. Having seen it in person, I can tell you that the image above will not do it justice, so it is better just to cough up some cheddar and let this monster adorn an important part of your household.

Available through O.H.W.O.W. here

via, Slamxhype

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Orwell print set to be sold in the US


A great way to close 2008. Releasing for the first time to the States tomorrow is the print set that accompanied Shepard Fairey’s redesign of the covers to the classic George Orwell novels 1984, and Animal Farm.  The set will be $140 and very limited.  As always, buy it on Obey Giant.

Also, be sure to check out our archive of every Shepard fairey print from 2008 here

The Year in the Street Art Market


This about sums up the early part of the year(and the past couple years) in regards to street art and its hype-driven market.  The latter part of the year, well…
Nick Walker in the Guardian:
“This has been a crazy year for me. First I was on the front cover of a Sunday supplement with the heading ‘Move Over Banksy’, which can’t have gone down that well. Then things really blew up. In February, my show in Los Angeles sold out overnight and people were phoning from all over the world trying to get a piece. While that was going on, people were ringing me up from London saying: ‘You’ll never guess what!’ A work of mine called Moona Lisa had gone for £54,000 – 10 times the estimate – at the first-ever urban art auction at Bonhams. And when I got back from LA, everything had sold out on my website as well.”

read the rest here



The latest copy of Newsweek hit the newsstands last week.  The issue has an eye-catching cover, featuring Obama amongst handdrawn craziness. Illustrated by Lorenzo Petrantoni, it is safe to say that this is the best Newsweek cover I have ever seen.

Vandal squad book giveaway


We recently received a copy of the new book, Vandal Squad. Written by Joseph Rivera and published by powerHouse Books, the book contains some great flicks as well as run downs of various NY Writers.

In the Christmas spirit, we would like to share this book with one lucky reader so we have created a contest of sorts to make it all happen.

For a chance to win a copy of vandal squad, please submit to us your favorite photograph of graffiti (street art does not apply). On December 30th, we will select our favorite photo of the bunch and ship the book out to you the following week. You can enter up to 5 photos, but please adhere to the following guidelines…
Maximum width is 800 pixels

If known, please include name of writer or location of shot.

No Street Art.

The deadline for entries is December 29th 11:59 est. and nothing submitted later will be eligible.

please email the photo(s) to:  giveaway (at)

Robin Soulier reflections


Parisian artist Robin Soulier‘s puddle photography is outstanding. Using the reflection of puddles to capture his subject matter, Robin juxtaposes trash and street debris among buildings and landscapes. Very cool work.  via js

Best Day-After Christmas Sales Online


After Christmas sales, are the new black “friday”, many retailers are trying to recover from slow sales by offering heavy discounts online. Here are a few I found.  Artist Barbara Kruger(image above), was correct with her piece ” I shop therefore I am” We have turned into a society driven by the deal! And the internet makes even easier to find the deal. – Up to seventy five percent off the original retail prices. – Target is also having an extension of their in store day after Christmas sales broadcasted on the Internet. Discounts are expected to be as much as seventy percent off. – The online sale is boasting sixty to eighty percent saving on many of the items on their web site. They are also headlining $0.98 standard shipping on all orders during this sale. – Offering a special holiday sale that features a fairly recent model computer for just $99! – Offering a ten percent discount on your total purchase during this holiday season along with site wide shipping for just $2.95. As an added gift when you get your order, you will receive a gift certificate for ten percent of you total on your next purchase. – Retailers from all over the planet will be trying to liquidate their overstocked merchandise at rock bottom prices. Best yet you set the price to pay for the item.

Read more about the black friday rush here.  Here is a list from USAToday

A Holiday message from the Smart Crew


Smart Crew Cares

SWOON on Artnet TV

Picture of the day


Dana Lauren Goldstein

Steve Powers Video on BKRW TV


BKRW TV caught up with Steve Powers at his latest exhibit at Colette.  The video is in two parts.

Part One

Part Two

Fresh Thoughts


There is a girl in Brooklyn named Katie who started putting up random thought bubbles around her neighborhood and then photographed people as they walked by them. “Do you ever wonder what people are thinking about when you pass them on the street?”  This is great execution and it seems she never had any intention involving fame or cash, just love and discovery.

I have a prediction for 2009.

Those street artists who milked the gallery system will return to working on the streets once the collectors udders are empty.  Those who do not return, they were never about the art on the street anyway.

via, gothamist

Go buy Now: Dalek’s Winter 2008 Print


I was at a gallery booth at Scope where they were selling some Dalek originals and prints a couple weeks ago.  They told me Dalek wasn’t making any large edition prints, and that the reason they were pricing the prints like photographs (the more prints sold the higher the price) was due to Supply and Demand.  Well, what the fuck is this print then?  Huh, Gallery? A gorgeous, large edition print by Dalek that will stay the same price (affordable) until they are sold out.  You should buy one, and also I should buy one.

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Every single print from 2008

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Quite a productive/successful year for Shepard Fairey and his studio. A lot of trees felled too.

(If I missed any, let me know)

All images courtesy of TheGiant.Org, where you can also find more information than anywhere else about Shepard Fairey

picture of the day


James Stroud, Viktoria. This is an entry for The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2008. The Contest showcases emerging young photographers through anonymous selection. Entries are currently being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.

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