It’s nice to be nigo


Nigo shares with the internet one of his “Kimpsons” commissions by Kaws.  The painting is massive.

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Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Information Overload?


While you may feel a bit overwhelmed from all of the coverage on the internet Shepard Fairey has been getting recently, take a look at our chart. These numbers are the results that came up through a blog search on Google between the dates of February 3rd and approximately 8:48pm February 9th, and they prove that there are other people who are being talked about more on the internet.

2,306,482 Barack Obama
670,921 George Bush
48,368 Kanye West
47,632 Miley Cyrus
25,957 Kate Moss
23,853 Bono
13,670 Shepard Fairey
10,339 Andy Warhol
3,978 Sean Combs
2,443 Olivia Munn

The point of all of this? Nothing, I just wanted to make a chart.

picture of the day


Flickr user tetheredto

Artorialust: SoHo

It’s been cold out but, El Toro braved the winter weather and brought some back some images of lovely looking ladies to warm the internet up.

17th Century Dutch Graffiti


Before writers and street artists had cameras, the only way to document and prove their ups was to get it into a painting.  Pieter Saenredam’s 1644 painting, Interior of the Buurkerk at Utrecht.

more at the Guardian

Chris Johanson: Totalities, the book


Chris Johanson’s exhibit, Totalities, was one of the best of 2008.  We’re glad to hear that Deitch Projects has published a book capturing this moment in time.

“This board book documents Totalities, Chris Johanson’s recent “contemporary living installation” at Deitch Projects, New York. The theme of the work is the planet Earth and its place in the universe. There is also a meditation on the natural world of plants and animals—how they live within themselves, and how they are affected by humans—with an emphasis on conservation. All of the wood used in the exhibition was recycled, either from New York State, from dumpsters near the artist’s Brooklyn studio or from discarded art-shipping crates. The artist even asked his friends and acquaintances for scraps of wood, endeavoring to give his materials a third life. In this volume, he alludes to the degradation of the planet and the beauty of the world through art—reminding us all of our terrestrial responsibilities.”

Buy it here

Kaws on CBS Sunday Morning News

Much easier to watch on a Monday at any time, than a Sunday at 9am.

If you’re not into video, there is an article here as well

Interviews from the Past: Shepard Fairey in While You Were Sleeping circa 1998


I can credit Roger Gastman for first introducing me to Shepard Fairey.  His magazine While You Were Sleeping was ahead of its time in all aspects of culture and taste (or lack thereof).  I dug through my old stacks recently and decided to reproduce this great interview with Shepard Fairey from the 4th issue of WYWS.  Long before Museum Retrospectives and Obama posters, Fairey was paying his dues just like every other artist.


From: While You Were Sleeping, Issue 4, 1998

Why Andre The Giant?

I saw his picture in the newspaper and saw it as something that I could show my friend how to cut a stencil. I was just amused by it and we decided to make it our inside joke, that it was going to be the new cool skate posse. It makes fun of the popular culture, but it is a popular  culture phenomenon. It makes fun of consumerism but then I encourage people to buy a t-shirt because it funds me making more stickers. It was just a really funny memorable picture. He is an oddity. This was around 1989. We put the stickers around town. I thought it would just be a joke that lasted a few weeks. I made the original sticker with a ball point pen and a photo copy machine. For some reason people kept asking where that sticker came from. They wanted to know if it was a band, a cult or what? I was even in the line at the super market and heard people talking about. That’s when the plan started to unfold. The more you put out there, the more people are going to think it means something important. It was just something funny to do. The local indie paper had a contest that anyone who writes in and says what the Andre the Giant sticker campaign was really about would win tickets to a show. This was going on in Providence, Rhode Island. I had a few friends who were doing it for me in their cities.

I was even in the line at the super market and heard people talking about. That’s when the plan started to unfold. The more you put out there, the more people are going to think it means something important.

You don’t have a sick fascination with giants?

Not at all. It’s just the power of propaganda.

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Matthew Palladino at White Walls


Matthew Palladino‘s watercolors are super-confident and very engaging.  Those readers who reside in San Francisco should stop by White Walls this Saturday for the opening of his latest show with Ryan Shaffer.

Also, check out the fecal face interview with him for more information.

phone booth art


Inspired by the diminishing need for phone booths, artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino created The Aquarium Phone Booth for the Lyon Light Festival in France.

For more photo’s and info check out pirata.

This Piece blew me away


Steve Powers, Detective Movie, 2009

Enamel on aluminium, 61x61cm

From his latest show, Semaphores of the Soul, at A.L.I.C.E.

little people


thomas-keeley2Brooklyn based artist Thomas Keeley.

steel lines


Barcelona-based American sculpture Frank Plant draws with steel. Check out his work here.

The piece above is titled “One day you too can work in Advertising”

Black Book Blog

Elbow Toe has started Black Book Blogger, which looks into the process of artists black books.  Above is the work of Gaetane Michaux.

Shepard Fairey at the ICA

By now, everyone in the blogosphere has mentioned Shepard Fairey’s 20 year retrospective, and it is much deserved. We were extremely lucky in getting invited to the VIP opening this past Tuesday, an opportunity that allowed us to take in most of Shepard Fairey’s career works to date (although on a personal note, there were a bunch that the curator should not have left out, and one or two that had more than suitable replacements for). The beauty of visiting a Museum or Gallery for the first time to see a show is not knowing what to expect, which enables you to be surprised. With that in mind, we have decided to show you only a few shots of the work featured in the ICA. Running until August 16th 2009, you have plenty of time to see this in person.

Ben Jones at Deitch


Ben Jones’ latest show, The New Dark Age, opens at Deitch Projects grand street space tomorrow night (February 5th) from 6 to 9 pm.

More info after the jump

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This made me laugh


The photography of Piper Ferguson.



Following up on the successful and much talked about Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, SWOON will be taking the crew up the Adriatic to Venice, just in time for this summer’s Bienale

The Swimming Cities of Serenissima is a fleet of three intricately hand crafted vessels that will navigate the Adriatic Sea from the Karst region of Slovenia to Venice, Italy in May of 2009. Designed by the visual artist SWOON, the floating sculptures are descendants of the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea (Hudson River, 2008) and the Miss Rockaway Armada (Mississippi River, 2006 and 2007).”

To kick things off, there is a benefit in Bushwick this Saturday, more info after the jump.

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Smart, Beautiful, and an art dealer


The New York Times Profiles Nicola Vassell

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