Yoshimoto Nara on Being Jailed for Graffiti last week


It’s…”a nice experience in my life,””like in the movies,” a small space filled with all manner of people he would not otherwise meet.””

Read more at Art in America

photo: TAC

Fecal Face goes to the clayton Bros studio


The Clayton Brothers work is dope. Their studio is in LA, and I bet it’s warm there.

See more at Fecal Face

Shepard Fairey Tuesday: Link dump


When this whole thing began it was just about the prints releasing on Tuesday, now it’s tough to keep up.  Here are a couple links that are worth your while.

BlackBook inquires about what would have been Shepard Fairey’s DJ Playlist at the ICA had he not been arrested


Dante Ross takes a look a some of Shepard Fairey’s art collection


”If you put up tacky Christmas decorations, is that a nuisance?”

—A couple in Boston may be fined and forced to buff a mural that was put up on their home with their approval.

Dave Schubert

We are happy to present a fresh set of photographs by Dave Schubert from the streets of San Francisco.

Steve Powers is interviewed for the Glob


Always entertaining

Faile gets classic on Supreme’s new Posters


I was over on Grotesk’s blog and caught these images of Supreme’s latest street campaign with a welcome addition.  Good to see Faile back to their old tricks.  A source close to the duo when pestered about it simply answered “how could you not?”


darth triangle


Rafa Jenn creates images with series of shapes that conglomerate to form a familiar images. The series of images is titled “Triangles and Rectangles”.

Buy now for $99.00.

via, josh spear

Anthony Lister’s Midnight Man


Anthony Lister has a new print available through our friends at Paper Monster.  Signed and numbered in an edition of 45, “This print mixes traditional and more modern printing styles including etching, aquatint, stenciling, inked pen along with the tried and true white-out pen.”

Real nice, buy it here

Banksy puts up some fresh new pieces in England


Over the past couple days, Banksy has blessed the public with two new pieces.  This miniature b-boy (above) is picture perfect and the fact that Banksy integrated the wall into the piece makes it that much better.  Check after the jump for a detail shot, as well as the other piece Banksy put up.

All Photos by Romanywg

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Dinosaurs Fucking Robots


This is a great user-submitted site.

Saturday Night in LA


Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money featuring our friend Pose as well as MSK and AWR staples, Augor, Aloy, Bert Krak, Dame, Ewok, Jersey Joe (Rime), Krush, Norm, Risk, Retna, Revok, Saber, Tyke (The Witnes), Zeser, and more.

Go to this

Tonight in Bushwick


Morning Breath and Cycle at Ad Hoc


The Grand Opening of Eastern District

Chasing Butterflies


This print is available over at a paper tiger, pick up a copy of Joshua Petker’s Chasing Butterflies.

Yoshimoto Nara at Marianne Boesky


Yoshimoto Nara is debuting new Paintings, drawings, and large-scale sculptures at Marianne Boesky this Saturday.

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Droog in New York


Droog opened up their largest retail space to date today in NYC.

Droog New York
76 Greene Street
between Spring and Broome

See some pics of the inside here

The 1 penny Banksy


With the English ‘Urban Art’ market collapsing, an interesting marketing concept has popped up across the pond.  Brahma Beer and something called Artichoke have teamed up to raffle off the chance to buy a signed Banksy print, Trolleys, for 1 penny.  This really takes the phrase ‘Art is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it’ to the max!

More info here

LET’S Paint TV

Artists got to be multi-taskers in this economy.  John Kilduff has a show on public access called Let’s Paint TV.  In it, Kilduff paints while on a treadmill and then attempts various tasks to keep the show interesting.  In this episode, he paints while on a treadmill, while eating a watermelon, while talking a lot.

More information on the show here

Jeremy Fish at Fecal Face Dot Gallery


For those lucky enough to be out in the Bay Area tonight, stop by Jeremy Fish’s latest show The Ambush which opens at Fecal Face Dot Gallery.  Those in attendance will have the opportunity to buy the print above (which measures 22″ x 34″ in an edition of 30 and is priced at a realistic $200) before it is available to the internets tomorrow.

more information after the jump

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Blah Blah Blah


SKEWVILLE – “Blah Print Radio”

1 Color hand silkscreened on roofing felt. Edition of 15 in silver. Each piece varies in texture. 22″ x 6″

buy it here

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