25 Grams: Todd James

25 Grams is a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite instagram feeds.

Todd James is an artist living and working in New York City.

He can be followed on instagram at @toddjamesreas

Go Get’Em Boys


REVOK, REYES and STEEL are suing Roberto Cavalli for ganking their artwork, using it for his own profit on pieces for his Just Cavalli fashion line, and then ironically going over them with his own wack tag. All the proof is in this exclusive document we’ve received, which you can view after the jump.

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The Ed Templeton Scrapbook

A three-part series from HUCK magazine to coincide with their 45th issue.

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As Nasty As He Wanna Be


ARE YOU A BEER??? A new print by Neckface to accompany his current show “Drinking on the Job” at New Image Art.

Dalí En Vogue

Vogue covers by the surrealist master

Help Make The New Issue of Hamburger Eyes Happen


America’s favorite photo magazine is raising dough for issue 16. You’ll end up buying it anyway, so think of the pledge as a pre-order. If that doesn’t help, the trailer (below) will.

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Keep Fresh, Stay Rad


Friends of Type are prolific. For this new box set produced by Princeton Architectural Press, the cross-continental design collective have compiled 100 of their favorite designs produced over the years and turned them into postcards. Featuring slogans, sayings, and salutations, the set is as much a study in letterform as it is a place form letters on.

Available today

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Cruel Summer

Really late on this one as the exhibition curated by Roger Gastman at Jonathan Levine Gallery closed last Saturday. But hey, the show can still live on via the internet.

Openings & Parties: Never Too Young

Last night, our intrepid photographer Christos Katsiaouni headed down to No Romance Galleries in TriBeCa to check out the opening of “Never Too Young,” a group show featuring works by Harry Mcnally, Mike Krim, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez and PJ Monte. Here is the scene that he encountered.

A Baseball Umpire Turned Accidental Folk Artist

Painted baseballs by George Sosnak (1922 – 1972)

Is This The Most Famous Mural in New York City?


Probably. Here’s a nice history of Keith Haring’s ‘Crack Is Wack’ piece on a handball court next to the Harlem River Drive.

Fun fact: The park where it’s located is officially named the “Crack Is Wack Playground.”

Beats by Gaddafi


Artist Petro Wodkins’ Sound-of-Power series consists of handmade porcelain speakers made to resemble busts of infamous political leaders from around the globe. While the selection of figures is surprisingly limited and random (where’s Sadaam? no Bush?), buying into this idea will give you some type of ability to “Smash The State.”

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Lunchtime Laughter

Amy Poehler as an art dealer



Stressed: The Life & Art of Matt Reid by Michael Gonzales

“it’s virtually impossible to talk about Organized Konfusion’s genre-busting album without waxing poetic about Matt Reid’s bold mix of graphic design, comic books, collage, sci-fi, animation and surrealism. Sharing rack space beside scores of eye-catching rap covers, including Daniel Hastings’ disturbing cover shots for Gang Starr (Hard to Earn) and Jeru the Damaja (The Sun Rises in the East), the far out beauty of Stress stood out. Before one even listened to the record, Reid’s image served as an introduction to the left-of-center urgency of the group.”

Flash Us: Tom Chippendale

For our series, “FlashUs,” we ask some of our favorite tattoo artists to create a design based on a classic theme—naked ladies. This week, Tom Chippendale sent us the above. 
What was the first tattoo you received?

Luckily I waited until I was 18 for my first tattoo and didn’t get any of the stupid stuff I wanted when I was young. I traveled to the next city and got some script down my forearms. ‘No love’ ‘No hope’ from the Converge song ‘home wrecker.’ I thought I was hot shit after getting my first tattoo. Years on, I wish I had saved my forearms for something better, but they’re a reminder of my youth. My brother introduced me to the band and it shaped my formative years and a youth spent at Hardcore shows with my friends. So although it looks out of place, they now hold a lot of memories.
What made you get into tattooing?

I wasn’t good at anything but drawing. I used to buy every tattoo magazine I could just to see over the things tattooists were doing. I started drawing tattoo designs before I was young enough to get them. Drawing dragons on my schoolmates arms. I got my apprenticeship whilst in university studying illustration, so it seemed like a viable career whilst we were in a recession.
Where did you learn the craft? Was there anyone you apprenticed for?

I started learning at a local shop but was given the boot. I then hung around One Shot Charlie’s getting tattooed and asking the boss Lee Pound for help getting a portfolio together, never thinking I’d get a job there. He told me what to change with my portfolio and when I came in next offered me an apprenticeship after seeing I could do what I was told. After 2 something years of mopping floors and another 2 of working as a full artist I’m here now.
What was the first tattoo you ever did? 

A rose on my leg during my apprenticeship. I was a nervous wreck and dropped my machine half way through. For all the nerves it didn’t actually turn out too badly and it’s good to look at to see how far I have progressed.
How did you come to settle on a style and do you have any favorite motifs?

I learned to draw a tattoo the right way from tracing everything Sailor Jerry has done. If you really want to learn traditional tattooing the right way then study the masters. After a while I started getting the hang of where shading should be and how to draw something that will stand the test of time. I don’t do tattoos with 20 shades of colour, I do solid lines and 4 colours. Something so bold it’ll be carved into your bones when you’re gone. Motifs wise, I read and study a lot of Wild West history and fiction. This has seeped its way into my tattooing. I try to put as much research into the subjects I tattoo as to not mess with anyone’s culture—especially with the Native American, which I use a lot in paintings and tattooing. I get a lot of positive feedback from the native community, so I can’t be doing too bad.
Is there one tattoo that you really want to do?

Anything western or with tits.
Tom tattoos out of One Shot Charlie’s in Stourbridge, UK, and you can follow him on instagram here.


The Christ of Patience aka The 300 year-old Mexican Jesus Statue With Real human teeth


Such devotion!

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It’s Not An Edition, But It’s One Hell of a Print


Andreas Gursky’s large format racetrack landscape Bahrain I, 2005. Part of the MoMA’s collection and now available for yours.

Sad Drawings & Bad Drawings

New work by Aurel Schmidt in 2014. The “Sad Drawings” are currently on view at Antisocial Skate Shop in Vancouver BC.

Street Art That Kills


‘Yarn bomber’ turned underwater activist, Olek, is wanted by Mexican environmental authorities after she crocheted over sculptures at the environmentally protected Cancun Underwater Museum, resulting in the possible deaths of marine life growing on the subaqueous works of art. While Olek explained that her stunt was performed “to bring awareness to the state of the world’s oceans and promote the preservation of #marinelife” she herself became part of the problem. As noted by the museum director “believe it or not, there is a lot of marine life growing, incrusted in the sculpture, and we gather that this has killed it.”

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