All of the Art Shows You Need To See In The Month of September


Culture season is upon us.

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Pre-modern Man


Nice “Boulder” tee by Matt Craven for Mishka.

Neon Cleon

From an artistic upbringing in Seattle to an addict’s lifestyle in NYC and SoCal, Cleon Peterson has the experience to draw on as he creates his ultra-violent works of art. Here in this episode of The Creative Lives, we learn about the life of the artist, and what propels him forward.

X-Wave No.13, the Scarf


Andrew Jeffrey Wright collaborated on some wearable artwork with NYC-based designer, Anna McCraney. For those who don’t want to look like a horror film reject, the scarf is available here through Wednesday (9/2)

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Mickey Fickey

Dismaland’s well-planned media burst continues.

Pioneers of Artistic Vandalism


Listen in as Riff 170, Jester, Coco 144, Flint Gennari, and members of the Tats Cru reminisce about 1970’s graffiti in this 30-minute BBC program, Graffiti: Kings on a Mission.

Doggy Style, The Building


‘Domestikator,’ architected by Atelier Van Lieshout for the Ruhrtriennale in Bochum, Germany.

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Roger Goes 2 DISMALAND


I have known about Dismaland for awhile. I was excited, curious and so many other things I won’t talk about. I was just happy to be attending an event that I was going to as a fan and a supporter. I didn’t have to work the door, deal with clients or even collectors—I could just have fun. And what fun did I have. BANKSY really has outdone himself AGAIN. Dismaland shits all over the art world without even trying. It shows what hard work and believing in yourself and doing things on your own terms does. Not only does BANKSY bring together a terrific group of artists old and new, he makes us look at their work in a different setting. This is the show that art needs, that galleries and curators are going to be striving to stand up to. Well, it ain’t gonna happen is the news I have for them.

An important thing to note is that no where through out Dismaland did I see BANKSY branding and marking things. It wasn’t “BANKSY PRESENTS.” Again another WIN.

Another important note is they did have pizza – and yes I got one and it was good. I don’t have pictures of that. I know, I suck.

—Roger Gastman

From the Guy Who Made ‘The Natas & Gonz Book’


The Neil & Lance Book

An Art Show for the 99%


Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ opens up for a five-week run in Weston-super-Mare.

Read an interview about the project here

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Artists In Residence


A look through the art-filled homes of some contemporary superstars.

Chihuly Red


The one thing missing from a recent visit to Chihuly Gardens—the immense exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures under the towering Space Needle in Seattle—was a glass of wine to encourage some extra lingering amongst the artwork in the galleries. While the fragility of the space probably helped dictate this lack of vino, it was missed. There is something about sipping something excellent while seeing something exceptional that enhances an experience. Even when you’re on tipsy toes. Anyway, those wanting to celebrate Chihuly with a toast of great wine will have to wait no longer. To commemorate the 20th vintage of Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Artist Series, the Washington state winemaker worked with the artist to present his work on the label of their 2012 vintage, “a unique, collector’s wine that represents the highest quality and pedigree from Chateau Ste. Michelle.”

Available this month.

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