Installation View: Aurel Schmidt at 200 Stanton

On view through the end of the month inside a converted bodega in the Lower East Side.

Installation View: Todd James at Cooper Cole

On view in Toronto, Canada through December 7th.

Installation View: ICY Signs – Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra

It’s the last week to see the magic created by Justin Green, Matt Wright, Stephen Powers, Lew Blum, Dan Murphy, Alexis Ross, Sean Barton, and Mike Lee at Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea. Open through November 16th.

Installation View: Anders Oinonen & Misaki Kawai at The Hole

It’s the last week to see these two fun shows! On view through November 2nd.

Installation View: Matt Mignanelli – Nonstop

On view through November 2nd at Dubner Moderne in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Installation View: Barry McGee at Cheim & Read

It’s the last week to see this show, as it closes on October 26th.

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Installation View: Bjarne Melgaard – Ignorant Transparencies

The pink panther is on the prowl in the Norwegian artist’s first solo show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. On view through October 26th.

Installation View: Ed Templeton – A Gentle Collision

On view through November 22nd at Jerome Zodo Contemporary in Milan

Installation View: David Ellis – Hudson River Alley

On view at Joshua Liner Gallery through October 19th.

Installation View: Raymond Pettibon – To Wit

This massive, word-filled exhibition is on view at David Zwirner through October 26th.

Installation View: Brian Adam Douglas – How to Disappear Completely

Elbow Toe kills it in his new solo show at Andrew Edlin Gallery. On view through October 26th.

Installation View: Ryan McGinley – Yearbook

On view at Ratio 3 in San Francisco through October 19th.

{note: nudity}

Installation View: Eric Yahnker – Ebony & Benghazi

On view at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles through October 12th, 2013.

Installation View: Seventh-Inning Stretch

This group exhibition co-curated by Carlo McCormick and Eric Firestone is on view at Eric Firestone Gallery through September 9th.

The Return of David Choe

SNOWMAN MONKEY BBQ, on view at Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico City through October 27th.

Installation View: FOLKLORE – curated by Evan Hecox

A calming group show on view at Joshua Liner Gallery through August 2, 2013.

Featuring: Andrew Paynter, Andy Jenkins, Benjamin Deberdt, Cody Hudson, Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox, Geoff McFetridge, Nathaniel Russell, Nigel Peake, Peter Sutherland, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Stephen Powers, Stevie Gee, and Thomas Campbell.

Installation View: Apparatus

Curated by Tim Barber and on view at M+B in Los Angeles through August 31st.

Installation View: Cody Hudson — Salad Days Days

New works by Cody Hudson on view at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago through July 25th.


Installation View: POSE + REVOK – Uphill Both Ways

This electric show is on view at Jonathan Levine Gallery through July 27th.