KRINK takes a tip from the White-out Pen

These are sure to be a lot more permanent.

Available in the 12oz store

Stainless Steel Sharpie

Nuff Said

Ballpoint Anatomy

No clue who Mileanme is but, they’ve certainly got an imagination.

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The Coolest Feature to Interact with Today

Al Jaffee’s fold-ins for Mad magazine, from the 1960s to the present

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Subtly Erotic

Check out Kathryn Garcia’s work featured in the new issue of Work

Ugly Booty

Illustrations from Jenna Mallet.

Marvel Third Eye Posters

I got sent this link the other day. Marvel Comics Black Light Posters, uploaded to flickr by Nick Derington. Sick

Some Days are better than others

Nice drawings from artist John Kenn

via Escape into Life

Julia Randall


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Skin’s the new canvas

Lynn Palewicz’s skin drawings are very interesting for sure.


skin & bones

The Helpmeat series by Toronto-based artist Brett Despotovich.


Lou Patrou’s game

Lou Potrou’s characters evoke a twisted world. A board game gone to hell. I am feeling the B&W work.

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