The Sparrow series featuring Pushead

PUSHEAD will be featured in the 15th edition of the SPARROW series available March 24th.  The book will be split between color and black & white, and published by IDW.


Jason Polan is trying to draw every person in New York

Jason Polan’s ambitious challenge of drawing every person in New York seems to be working out.  His blog is now filled with pages of great sketches, from celebrities and friends to random strangers in Taco Bell. You can even get drawn too. Just email him “a street corner or other public place that you will be standing at for a duration of two minutes.”  Sound good?  Looks great.  More info here

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drawings from Jeff Hurlow

Anything with a reference from Star Wars is hard to pass up. Check out the drawings from Jeff Hurlow.

jules julien

Jules Julien is a Paris-based Artist and Illustrator. He currently has a solo show in Zurich.

Aurel Schmidt at the Whitney biennial

Damn this thing is a beast.

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Holy Fuck

Eric Beltz‘s new masterpiece will be displayed at this years Pulse Fair.

I asked Eric what is what about, and this is what he said…

“It’s a witch’s sabbath/rape-sacrifice in a woodlot. Medicinal and the typical witch’s herbs grow around the tree stumps. Fertility, perversion, humor, horror. The text behind the witches refers to the weedy habit of medicinal and psychoactive plants growing where no one is paying attention and how those spaces where weeds grow are also a place for all kinds of anti-social behavior: Where Every Heresy Sprouts & Is Green. The title at the top is written backwards as a simple obfuscation to create a coded language that isn’t all that coded. Hands between the witches are shadow puppets. Monsters hiding in the floating black trees are different depictions of the mouth to hell which might also be seen here at the vagina dentata as their throats are turned into a vagina/cervix.”

Eric will be showing with Morgan Lehman at Pulse, you have to see this beauty in person. Details after the jump

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Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos is an Artist and Illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Pearls of restraint

By Spanish-born, London-based illustrator Adriana Muñoz. See more of her work on her tumblr, The Pearls.

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The work of shohei

Shohei-“I draw a picture with a ball-point pen.”

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Albert Reyes

Albert Reyes opens up a show with our homeboy Andres Guerrero this Saturday at Subliminal Projects in LA.  Here is a little primer on Reyes’ work.


Meet French. A death metal loving, tea drinking artist based in Brixton.

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Original Art for Fucked Up Blind Kids

These decks were great. Anybody know who did the graphics?

images from Skateboard Graphics

Laurie Lipton

Amazing drawings by the London-based artist, Laurie Lipton.

David Shrigley

If the work of David Shrigley does not bring some happiness to your day, well, that’s just not right.

Go Buy Now: Mike Giant’s Unicorn


Somebody out here has got a thing for Unicorns.  The price is right, and Mike Giant is on point.

Buy the original here

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

Great video from No-Mas and James Blagden.  It actually reminded me of this amazing Eric White drawing I wanted to buy when I was low on cheddar, I wish I had bought it…

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check out scarboy

Drawings by Chris Scarborough

scribble bots

Designed by John Cumberpatch, Scribblebots help people who can’t draw, draw.

Robert Crumb’s History of Women


For their Annual Art & Design issue, W magazine commisioned Robert Crumb to illustrate his take on the History of Women.  See the full spread here, and a couple examples after the jump.

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