The Gravitron

The third installment of Drawing Stories with Travis Millard

A Simple Lesson


How to Draw a Cat

via, fecalface

Installation View: Jeff Ladouceur – Amen

On view at ZieherSmith through July 12th, 2013.



The Penis Drawing Machine

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An imaginative series from Scott Teplin

Drawing Stories with Travis Millard

These are great!

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Conceptual Art: Peter Saul

Picture Box recently introduced a new series of drawing books, and kicked it off with Peter Saul. Signed & Numbered in an edition of 300.

Morning Dose of The Deep End

Nice hand drawn animation by Jake Fried.

(thanks Caleb!)

Draw On Trains


The ProFreshionalism! New York City Subway Black book

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Jonny Negron

Thanks to this newly published book through PictureBox, I’ve been introduced to the work of Jonny Negron. The best way to describe Negron’s art is if you took Robert Crumb, dropped him in on the border of Bushwick with a stack of King magazines, Japanese comics, and art supplies and told him to get to work. The results are colorfully addictive.

Pick up Negron on PictureBox’s website

Dog Show

A series from way back in 2004 by Aurel Schmidt.

Todd James – Yield To Temptation Limited Edition

While the regular edition of this great little book won’t out until the Fall, there are 35 customized copies with a drawing by Todd James that you can buy now. And you should take that opportunity, because drawings by Todd James are not that easily obtained on the regular.

Available through PictureBox

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