Riding High


Fiat’s old Lingotto auto factory in Turin, Italy was a real bottom-to-top operation. Raw materials were delivered on the ground floor and after going through many levels of manufacturing, finished automobiles exited onto the rooftop test track for a drive.

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Venezuela’s Tower of David

The world’s tallest slum.

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Ian Strange: FINAL ACT



The Heart of Hale County by Rob Walker

For 20 years, young design idealists have descended on this sad and gorgeous place with the best intentions. What have they wrought?

Oceans, Forever


SeaOrbiter is a futuristic, semi-submersible aquatic research vessel designed by “sea architect” Jacques Rougerie. With construction set to begin this spring, the SeaOrbiter will feature 12 separate decks, containing a mixture of pressurized and un-pressurized labs and living quarters. With a goal to be actively exploring 24/7, the crew of 18 will definitely be living with the currents in this, the first “nomadic international oceanic station.”

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Radiating Agreeable Tranquility


Frank Gehry has been chosen to design a 300-unit residential building in Berlin that will become the city’s tallest skyscraper. Rising to nearly 500ft, the twisting stone tower looks as if Gehry had chopped up his original model for New York’s Beekman Tower into four parts, thrown out the top piece, and glued the rest back together with his left hand. That being said, it still looks nice.

Things Got Flipped-Turned Upside Down


For his site-specific installation, “Miner on the Moon,” artist Alex Chinneck turned a London building upside down. “I’m conscious that when a person walks through the doors of an art gallery they do so through choice, but people do not make that choice when presented with public sculpture,” Alex says. “I wanted to create an artwork therefore that offered spectacle but was simultaneously subtle and by using the material and architectural language of the district the artwork has the ability to disappear into its environment without dominating it.”

The Finishing Move For That Exceptionally Curated Life


Hudson Woods is a dreamy green development taking form in the Hudson River Valley. Consisting of 26 beautifully curated parcels of land on 131 acres, the community’s design-driven homes are architected from locally-sourced materials with a forester deciding optimal placement in nature for each residence, making homeownership a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Available lots begin at $665k, so maybe we’ll be neighbors once I get my “creative escape” money up.

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Very Useful in Today’s Climate


How to build an igloo in 5 steps

1. Find somewhere snowy

2. Make snow bricks out of a mold (rectangular plastic container)

3. Draw a big circle and build the igloo body

4. Cap it off with a single block

5. Cut out the door

Crawl in and enjoy!

Detailed explanation at the Modern Farmer

Betelnut Beauties

A photo series by Magda Biernat about Taiwan’s scantily-clad hustlers and the glass boxes they work out of.



The Opportunity Artist by Ben Austen

Can the social sculptor Theaster Gates turn inner-city Chicago into art?

Closed Cities

For his Closed Cities series, photographer Gregor Sailer captured cities that were, for various reasons, kept secret and off maps until very recently. His photos feature places in Siberia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Chile, Algeria and Argentina.

— Zio / @zioxla

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