Sunken Pleasures

The return of the conversation pit.



Just Add Water

The Growroom is a piece of food producing architecture designed by Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum in collaboration with SPACE10.


Modern Narchitecture

Pablo Escobar’s son is now an architect who knows how to build a panic room.

The swimming pool that changed the history of skateboarding


Finnish Modernist architect, Alvar Aalto’s kidney-shaped swimming pool at Villa Mairea, built in 1939.

Eco-Regenerative Subdivisions


ReGen wants to make the communes of the future.

A Tree Fort in the Ocean

Secluded Cove Life, Vancouver BC

Frenetic Aesthetic


Documenting the Architecture of Pot Shops

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One of the Greats…


Zaha Hadid, Rest in Peace.

Doing a lot with a little

That Geodesic Life with Buckminster Fuller.

Trophy House


The Millenium Falcon-esque ALKIRA home in Queensland is a beautiful $15 million place to be extremely happy with your lonesome self.

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Barreling through the VR Tunnel


Social Galaxy is a new installation by Kenzo Digital and Black Egg that was commissioned by Samsung for the Samsung 837 space.

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“I think Trump’s sort of cheap, though”


Andy Warhol reflects on the Donald after a failed commission in the Mid-1980s.

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